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Jamai Raja 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone searching for Satya in the jungle. Satya holds Mahi from back side. She gets scared. Satya says he called her there to romance and jokes. Mahi asks him to leave her and says you have become naughty. Someone is holding knife in her hand and is about to throw it on Satya and Mahi, but stops seeing Gangu Tai coming there and pulling Satya’s ear. Satya says I am with my wife and asks Aayi to go. Gangu sees Payal running away and wonders why she came there. Gangu Tai bring Satya back and tells that he was romancing with Mahi, and we were worried here. Aleena gets jealous. Mitul says how romantic. Mahi feels shy. Gangu Tai scolds him teasingly. They see some guys and girls coming there for picnic as well. Mahi and Satya join them to play football. While they were playing football, Mahi makes Satya’s team lose with her romance. Satya says this is cheating. Gangu Tai says she is clever. Satya and Mahi romance continues while they are playing football. Satya romances with Mahi to make her lose the game. Aleena tries to interrupt them. Satya wins. Mahi says this is cheating. She goes to drink water. Gangu Tai thinks she has to be careful and wonders if she really saw Payal.


Mahi drinks water and shouts Satya…save me. Satya runs to saveher and sees her falling down from the cliff. Payal holds Mahi’s hand and tries to pull her, but she couldn’t. Satya holds Mahi’s hand and saves her. Mahi hugs Satya and cries. Payal makes an innocent face. Satya asks what you are doing here? He asks if you have done this? Payal says no. Gangu Tai says I saw her, but kept quiet thinking it is a misunderstanding. She slaps Payal and says you have pushed Mahi and then acted to save her. Payal says no. Gangu Tai warns her and says if you try to harm Mahi then I won’t leave her. Payal tells Satya and Mahi that they have kept snake/enemy in their house. Mahi says you are snake in the sleeve.

Satya asks someone to bring water. Aleena says she will bring from the car and goes. She breaks the glass with her foot and adds glass pieces in the water. She says I will see you in pain now. Sunil asks Satya and Mahi to leave, and says he will bring Aleena there. Payal comes and snatches bottle from Aleena’s hand. Aleena says if you will ruin my planning and says she will separate Mahi and Satya. I will get Satya and not leave Mahi. Payal looks on and says my doubt was right, so you are the one who is trying to harm Mahi. She says nobody can harm Mahi until I am here. Aleena laughs and says unbelievable…heart changed. She says you are right, and says that is me only….A fb is shown, Aleena opens the wires In their hotel room and puts it near the circuit box. She then makes heavy stone fall on Mahi, and try to throw knife on Mahi, but stops seeing Gangu Tai, then pushes Mahi. Fb ends.

Aleena asks Payal what is wrong with you today. Payal says that was my past and now I want to rectify my mistakes. Aleena says I won’t give you a chance, I am a thunderstorm, don’t try to stop me. She says your past will not leave you and nobody will trust you. Payal asks how dare you and holds her neck. Aleena also holds her neck. Sunil looks for Aleena. Aleena sees him and acts as Payal is harming her. She shouts Sunil. Sunil asks Payal to leave else he will send her to jail again. Payal goes.

Satya and Mahi fight in their room with pillows. Satya says from where Durga Mata came in you. They have a cute pillow fight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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