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Jamai Raja 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mahi hugging Gangu Tai and telling that she has become lonely. Satya asks her not to cry and says he has exposed Payal for their happiness. Mahi asks Gangu Tai not to leave and stay with them. Gangu Tai hesitates, but Mahi convinces her. She says I wants to become Mahi’s mum and not of Satya. Satya hugs them. Gangu Tai says although Satya is mischievous, but he is hers. Satya says I am of Mahi also. He hugs both ladies. Everyone smiles. Aleena gets sad. Later everyone gather at the dining table. Aleena tells that she made food for everyone. Satya makes Mahi eat kheer. Aleena asks Dida and others to have food and says she is going tomorrow. Dida says she can’t eat food today, because of the happenings at home today. Others also don’t eat food. Mahi asks Aleena not to get

sad and says Satya made everyone have kheer to cheer them up. Aleena says it is okay and looks on. Mahi asks Satya to make Aleena have kheer too. Satya makes her eat and jokes.

In the morning, Satya tells Mahi that he will take tea and rest. He says let me enjoy jamai hood. Mahi pats on him. Satya says he will work, and kisses on her hand. Gangu Tai comes and says that Mahi and Satya are going on a honeymoon. Mitul says Aleena is also going today. Satya offers to drop her. They drop Aleena. Aleena hugs Satya tightly. Satya says you have made me indebted to you, and asks her to call him. They leave her and go in their car for their honeymoon. Aleena gets teary eyes.

Satya and Mahi reach the honeymoon place and see the decorated bedroom. A song plays…..Dekha hazaron martaba aapko…………..Satya and Mahi get romantic. Satya lifts Mahi in his embrace and takes her to bed. He hugs her…Suddenly wires catches fire due to short circuit. Mahi opens her eyes and is shocked. Satya and Mahi see fire all around in the room. They knock on the door asking help, but nobody can hear them because of the baraat going on from there. They see Aleena coming there….She tries to set off fire, and takes Mahi and Satya out. She asks Waiter to bring water. She asks Mahi, if she is fine. Mahi says she is fine and thanks Aleena for saving them. Mahi says you went to airport naa. Aleena says their bags was exchanged, and her passport is with her. She says when she came there, saw the smoke and thought something is fishy. Payal is seen cleaning the hotel as a waitress. Satya scolds the manager. Manager says it is someone conspiracy. Satya scolds him. Gangu Tai calls Mahi and asks about them. Mahi says they are fine and coming there. Mahi sees Payal there.

Mahi tells Satya and runs after Payal. Payal also runs. Aleena comes behind her and makes her fall down. Payal gets up and looks Aleena. Mahi and Satya come there.

Aleena tells Satya that her passport is burnt in hotel fire. She says where we will go? Mahi and Satya ask her to stay in their house, and says it is your house too. Dida says we will go on a picnic. Mahi gets happy. Aleena looks on tensed. Shom informs Payal that they are going on a picnic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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