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Jamai Raja 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with fake Ria asking Payal where they are going? Mahi agrees to sign on the papers. Mitul asks Mahi to wait till Satya comes. Mahi is about to sign on the papers. Satya comes and takes the papers. He tears it. Payal asks Mahi to tell her husband. She threatens to walk out of house. Ria asks where we are going? Aleena comes there and asks Payal what is the hurry. Gangu Tai comes there. A fb is shown, Satya gets Gangu Tai’s phone and saves her from Payal. Fb ends. He holds fake Ria’s face. Mahi says she is my mum Satya, don’t do this. What you are doing? Satya pulls the mask from her face and says she is a imposter. Mahi and Mitul are shocked. Satya says real imposter is this woman, Payal whom you have loved as your mum. Her mask is fixed to her skin, and says her real face is so dangerous, that you couldn’t bear to see. He says 22 years…she has betrayed you and acted to be good. He says I am ending this 22 years old game now itself. He says you have made me do a big sin, and says Mahi thought that this woman (fake Ria) will give her motherly love.


He wishes her real mum would have stayed with her, and says this woman is my mum…He says this is her values that I am fighting against injustice. He says I kill the person whoever raise hand on my mum, but I drank my anger as Mahi loved you as her mum. He warns her not to do this mistake again, and apologizes to Mahi. He says today I made you an orphan. Mahi sits in shock.

Naina cries Mahi and tries to move her legs. She stands up on her feet finally. Payal is shocked. Naina goes to Mahi and hugs her. Mahi is in shock still. Naina says I used to think why I am alive…why God made me live? She looks angrily at Payal and goes to her. She then slaps her hard. Payal is shocked. Naina says God wanted me to punish you with my hands and that’s why made me stand on my feet. Mitul stops fake Ria from going and says you have hurt everyone of us, and asks her to come inside with her. Naina says I have never seen such a clever and cheap woman in her life, and says you have give your sister’s identity with a cheap woman. Mahi asks Satya to kick Payal out of house, says this is my house and this woman have no place in my house. Payal cries and asks Mahi, how can she kick her out, and says you call me mamma naa. I will be alone. Koel asks Payal not to beg infront of her. Mahi asks Koel to leave as well.

Satya asks Koel if she will manage without costly clothes and life style. Koel leaves Payal’s hand. Satya says this is your values, your daughter left you for money. Naina smiles. Satya claps and says game is over. Payal says this house is mine…you can’t do this. Satya holds her hand and pushes her out of house, then closes the door. Payal says Mahi..and cries.

Satya tells Mahi and Gangu Tai not to cry. Mahi asks Gangu Tai to stay with them. Gangu Tai agrees. Aleena looks on jealous, as the new negative character.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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