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Jamai Raja 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naina praying to God to save Mahi. Satya tells Naina that his Mahi’s life is in danger and these people are doubting on him. He asks God to save Mahi somehow, and asks him to do this for him. He asks him to save Mahi and says he needs her life. Payal brings Inspector there and asks him to arrest Satya. Naina is shocked. Payal says Satya has tried to kill my daughter. Satya says it is all lie, and this lady is lying. Inspector is taking Satya. Payal thinks she got a chance to accuse him. Doctor comes out and asks who is Satya. He says she is taking Satya’s name. Satya stops hearing that. Naina smiles. Satya runs inside the ICU. Satya is teary eyes seeing Mahi’s burns. He says I am Satya. Mahi says this is not Satya’s mistake. She says I have always misunderstood Satya

and haven’t understood his love. She says actually he loves me so much that he risked his life for me. She says I am alive today, just because of him.

Payal asks Doctor what happened to her voice. Doctor says because of burns, her vocal cord is damage. Mahi apologizes to Satya and says someone is trying to bridge gap between us, and have attacked me. She says Satya is innocent in my accident. Satya asks her to forget everything and become fine. He says I will make that person cry blood tears. Payal asks him to stay away from Mahi and asks Inspector to arrest Satya. Inspector says sorry and says now we can’t arrest Satya because of Mahi’s statement. Payal says this guy is behind the accident. Mahi says Mamma…please. Payal says you are doing mistake again. Mahi’s condition worsens. Doctor asks them not to make noise and stress Mahi. They all come out of ICU. Payal says once Mahi is fine, then I will make you go behind bars Satya….Satya looks at her. Payal goes.

Satya is in the hospital…Tu mera khuda song plays…………..days passes by. Satya stands outside ICU. Doctors monitor Mahi and talk to Satya.

After few weeks.

Doctor tells Payal and Satya that they have to operate on Mahi’s face as her face was burnt. He says Mahi can look differently. He asks whom she wants to see? Mahi says she wants to see Satya first as he is love of her life. Doctor removes the bandage from her face. Everyone is shocked to see her new face. Satya says Mahi as her face is completely changed. Doctor asks Mahi to open her eyes slowly. Mahi opens her eyes and sees Satya. Satya is shocked and says your face….Mahi asks what happened to my face and asks Satya to tell. She sees her changed face in the painting mirror and is shocked. She asks who is she? Payal is also shocked. Mahi says this is not Mahi, not me. She cries and shouts this is not me. She breaks the painting frame in anger. Satya asks Doctor, what nonsense. Payal asks Doctor where is her daughter. Doctor asks her to calm down and says Mahi is having identity crisis. He shows her Mahi’s report and DNA report. Payal checks report and says she is Mahi.

Satya brings Mahi home and says Mahi this is your home…He says when you was not here, this house was deserted. Mahi keeps her head on Satya. Payal tells her that nothing is changed with face change and asks her not to fall weak. Mahi nods her head. Mahi comes inside and hugs Naina. Koel and Mitul are removing all photo frames so that Mahi doesn’t see her face. Mahi looks at her face in the mirror and asks herself to go away from her. She asks who is she? This is not me…and gets hysterical and cries. Satya consoles her and asks her to remember only one face, that’s him. He says I won’t let anything happen to you and hugs her. Mahi cries hugging him.

Payal talks to lawyer and asks him to get the papers ready. Lawyer says papers need to be signed within a week. Payal says she will get it signed and will not let her hardwork go waste. Someone hears her (may be new Mahi).

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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