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Jamai Raja 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Satya saying medicine…He comes to Mahi. Mahi breaks the stuff and tells that she kept her mum’s things safely, and when she came infront of her alive, she couldn’t remember her. She says I will burn this memories. Satya asks her to listen to him once. Payal comes and asks do you need Maa? Mahi folds her hands and asks her to return her maa. She asks what did you do with her? Why she is not recognizing me. Payal says I didn’t do anything till now, but can do much more. She asks her to think if she needs mother and asks her to name all property on her name. She shows the injection and says may be Ria can get fully mad for some money. Mahi agrees to transfer her property and everything on her name. Satya asks have you gone mad? He says once she gets the property, she will not leave you or your mum. Payal come sto Ria and says now everything is working as per our plan. Ria gets up and says thank god, I am tired of all this. Woman removes her fake mask. Payal says I will give your shares once she signs on the papers. The woman turns out to be fake Ria. Satya tries to stop Mahi, but in vain. Mahi calls lawyer and says she wants to transfer all her property on her name. Mitul tells Payal have hidden Ria for so many years. Satya shares his plans with Mitul and praises her.


Payal waits for lawyer to come. Satya sings aaj main upar…..Payal makes him fall down, and says very soon your wife will join you too. Satya gets up and gives example, and tells that 1000 Rs is gone/demonetized and 100 Rs. note is still working. He says I am like 100 Rs note, and you are like 1000 Rs. note.

Payal calls Lawyer. Lawyer says papers are ready and I am coming there. Mitul comes to Lawyer indisguise of a beggar and stops him asking to give money. He says I don’t have change. Mitul asks him to give 500 Rs. note. She insists, and the papers fall down from his hands. Lawyer calls Payal and says beggar woman have spoiled the papers. Payal blames Satya. Satya says he is here and haven’t gone mad. Mitul’s recording is still playing. Payal tells Mahi that Satya is playing the game, but she will be the one who lose. Mahi asks Satya if he has done this. Satya says no. Mitul comes back to house and thinks Satya will get happy. She hides her beggar costume. Payal gets doubtful and comes to her room. Mitul is shocked, as the recording is still playing at other side.

Mitul starts acting as if she is singing song, and says she likes to record and hear her own song. Payal searches in her cupboard and gets the beggar clothes. She says you are staying her and supporting enemies. She goes. Satya and Mahi hear Ria shouting and Payal telling Ria that she will give her injection. They run towards the room and ask her to open the door. Payal signs her. Fake Ria acts to get unconscious after Payal pretends to give her injection. Mahi and Satya come inside and see Ria unconscious. They are shocked and asks what did you do with her.

Payal accuses Satya for sending Mitul for spoiling her papers, and says you are responsible for Ria’s condition. Mahi begs infront of Satya and asks him not to do anything. She asks Payal to get property new papers made and says I will sign. Mahi runs to Ria and hugs her. Fake Ria opens her eyes and signs Payal. Payal smiles looking at her. Satya sees them signing each other and is shocked.

Satya tells Mahi that he wants to show her truth. He says your mum has a mole on her foot and asks where it is.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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