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Jab we met – Episode 8

At hotel
Yuvraj – i m going in second room
Suhani – no this room is Big u can stay here
Yuvraj – no if you will try to do anything to me then what about my respect
Suhani smiles
Suhani – nothing will happen
Yuvraj – ok
Suhani – yuvraj i want to know why soumya leaved you ??
Yuvraj – bcoz she didn’t loved me but she loved my money
Suhani – means u r succesful
Yuvraj – at that time i was not succesful
Suhani – means ??
Yuvraj – after my papa ‘s death our company was not succesful our new project were failed and we were nothing and soumya was my
childhood friend but when she knew my condition she left me and said that now u cant give me expensive gifts , u cant afford my luxary and she leaved . After a week she invited me on her wedding with krishna i went there and after that u know only what happend ….
Suhani – ohh so sad
Yuvraj – hmm
Suhani – krishna is rich like you ??
Yuvraj smiles – no he lied that he is rich but actually he is a taxi driver
Suhani – Really !!!
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – love is blind
Yuvraj – yes but now Say me about u and sambhav
Suhani – no yuvraj
Yuvraj holds her hand
Suhani – he just leaved me bcoz our cast is not same
Yuvraj – what !!
Suhani – yes he is coward
Yuvraj – hmm i meet him
Suhani – what was he saying ??
Yuvraj – he doesn’t love you but you love him
Suhani – what he is so…
Yuvraj – he is so …
Suhani – nothing
Yuvraj – do you have he ‘s pic ??
Suhani – no
Yuvraj – ohh wait i have one idea
Suhani – what ??
Yuvraj – call him and Say whatever you want to Say to him
Suhani – no yuvraj
Yuvraj – do it
Suhani – ok

Yuvraj calls sambhav
Sambhav – yes sambhav speaking
Yuvraj – i m yuvraj now suhani wants to talk to you listen to her
Suhani – hello sambhav
Sambhav – yes
Suhani – idiot , duffer , stupid , cheap , donkey ,u basterd ,what did you think u will leave me and i will cry for you no u will cry for me just wait and watch
Sambhav keeps the phone
Suhani jumps and hugs yuvraj .
Yuvraj her more tightly
Suhani – thanks yuvraj
Yuvraj – welcome suhani
After 2 min
Yuvraj – ok now go and sleep we have to go to Home by tommorow train
Suhani – ok


In morning
Yuvraj and suhani sees train leaving .
They run and catch the train
Yuvraj – finally we catched the train
Suhani – yes we catched
Yuvraj – lets sit
Suhani – u love me a lot na
Yuvraj – yes i love u a lot
They smile

After an hour .
They reach a hotel .
Suhani sees sambhav
Suhani holds yuvraj hand and says – what is he
doing here ??
Yuvraj – go and talk to him
Suhani – no u hate him
Yuvraj – give him one chance
Suhani – ok i will talk one time
She goes
Sambhav – i m sorry suhani
Suhani – hmm
Sambhav – now lets go to your Home and lets get married soon
Suhani ok
They reach bhatinda
Bhavana welcomes them
Bhavana – hold your hand and come
Yuvraj – what but …
Suhani holds his hand
They come inside
Lata takes sambhav in guest room for freshning up

In evening
Anuj declares that yuvraj and suhani wedding is after 2 days
Yuvraj also dances with anuj and saurav.
Suhani smiles seeing yuvraj dancing .

At night.
Sambhav and yuvraj are in one room.
Suhani – Sambhav sleept ??
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – ok i will talk tommorow
Yuvraj – ok bye gn
Suhani – gn.

Its morning .
Yuvraj is sitting in farm
Suhani comes
Yuvraj – bye suhani i m leaving for mumbai
Suhani – no u cant
Yuvraj – be happy with sambhav
Sambhav comes
Sambhav – suhani lets go and talk to your parents about our marriage
Its starts raining .
Suhani recalls all her moments with yuvraj
Suhani runs from there sambhav followes her .
Suhani sees yuvraj dancing in rain happily.
Suhani runs to him
Yuvraj – what happend suhani ??
Suhani – is sambhav coming ??
Yuvraj – yes why ??
Suhani – is he looking here ??
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani hugs him and kisses him .
Yuvraj is shocked
Yuvraj – what are u doing
Suhani – idiot since the day which we spended in hotel i started loving you bcoz u r care your love ur love to soumya and how she ditched you everything when i knew i started loving you and i m not soumya who will leave you i love you and i will never leave you
Yuvraj – i love you too Suhani
They hug each other and they share a liplock
Sambhav sees everything from far .
Sambhav gets a call .
Man – sorry to Say but your office is now my office and ur Home is also my now and for taking someone else properly u r areested and u have to be in jail for 5 years
Sambhav shouts no

After 3 years…
Suhani and yuvraj comes to meet dadaji with yuvan and Yuvani.

——–_———————–the end ——————————–

Thanks you guys for your support and love i will be back with new ff soon .

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