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Jab we met – Episode 7

At manali
Sambhav is standing far.
Suhani waves to him.
Suhani – yuvraj come met to sambhav
Yuvraj – no suhani
Suhani – but yuvraj …
Yuvraj hugs her .
Yuvraj – bye suhani
Suhani – bye yuvraj and thanks for everything
Yuvraj – bye suhani and thanks for giving me new life .

Yuvraj leaves from there.


Yuvraj goes to mumbai in his office
Yuvraj – sorry guys i know our company is very down our new products are failed but now everything will be good .
Everyone claps.

Yuvraj thinks of suhani everywhere .
Tumse hee tumse plays in bg .

Yuvraj gets a award for best bussiness .
Anuj and saurav sees it on Tv and goes to meet yuvraj

Anuj – yuvraj suhani didn’t came Home where is she ??
Yuvraj – i don’t know where is she
Anuj – what !!
Yuvraj – yes
He tells everything to anuj and saurav
Yuvraj – dont worry i will get her in 10 days
Anuj – ok

Yuvraj goes to manali and meets sambhav .
Sambhav – hii yuvraj
Yuvraj – hii sambhav where is suhani ??
Sambhav – who is suhani
Yuvraj – dont say lie
Sambhav – ohh yaa yaa that suhani oh god she is a tsunami
Yuvraj gets angry and shouts – she didn’t go to her Home and its being 9 months
Sambhav – i didn’t said her that we will get married she want to get married
Yuvraj – u know what you are cheap Really cheap
Yuvraj leaves from there .

Yuvraj followes suhani everywhere.
Yuvraj pov
Ohh suhani u r not that suhani i never thought that u will be changed this much u r quite really quite now but why ??
End of pov …

Yuvraj meets suhani
Suhani – ohh yuvraj hii
Yuvraj – hii suhani
Suhani – how are u ??
Yuvraj – i m fine u
Suhani – good
Yuvraj – i know everything Suhani now come with me
Suhani – no yuvraj u did very much for me
Yuvraj – i did no suhani no u give me a new life my business is just bcoz of you i m succesful just bcoz of you
Suhani – ok yuvraj i m ready to come with you

Plz guys suggest me if you want some changes in jab we met or not and plz do comments

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