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Jab we met – Episode 5

Suhani and yuvraj reached bhatinda.
Yuvraj – bye suhani
Suhani – no yuvraj you have to come inside
Yuvraj – no suhani
Suhani – come now my family is coming don’t do any drama here

Anuj and saurav are suhani ‘s cousin.
They come to suhani and hugs her.
Suhani introduce them to yuvraj.
Bhavana comes and hugs suhani and asks who is he ??
Suhani says i missed my train he only helped me to reach here.
Bhavana – ok now go and meet your dadaji
Suhani – ok


She goes with yuvraj to meet her dadaji.
Dadaji – do you love each other ??
Suhani – no no
Dadaji – ok fine .

At dining table.
All makes yuvraj eat food
Yuvraj – now its enough
Anuj – no you have to eat more

Suhani goes to yuvraj room.
Suhani – tommorow come to meet me in morning in farm
Yuvraj – ok i will come

Next morning in farm .
Yuvraj – why you called me here ??
Suhani – they are getting me married to rohan
Yuvraj – till yesterday it was sambhav now who is rohan ??
Suhani – he is my childhood friend i was not thinking about him but mom said that tommorow he is coming for seeing me tommorow .
Yuvraj – ok
Suhani – so thats why i m running away
Yuvraj – no suhani never talk about running away its not good
Suhani – then what will i do ??
Yuvraj – if your family is thinking something for you it will be good only
Suhani – ok fine.

Next day
Suhani gets ready . She wears a blue sari with golden border . She looks quite beautiful.

Rohan enters with his family.
He goes to suhani and they have a talk.
Suhani starts finding yuvraj .

Rohan – whom are you looking for ??
Suhani – nothing i will just come.

Suhani goes and rohan followes her .
Suhani sees yuvraj and goes to him.
Suhani – is rohan coming here ??
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – is he looking here ??
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani comes near yuvraj and kisses him and hugs him.
Yuvraj – what are you doing ??
Suhani – ( in action ) be quite

Rohan is shocked seeing it.
He leaves from there.

Precap – suhani and yuvraj runs away…

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