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Jab we met – Episode 4

Yuvraj smiles at suhani.
Yuvraj starts singing .
Hum jo chalne lage chalne lagein hain yeh raste
When we started walking these roads also started walking

Haan haan manzil se behtar lagane lagein hain yeh raaste
Yes , yes these roads behan to seem better than the destination


Yuvraj and suhani are sitting near lake.
Suhani – i will only start talking
Yuvraj – sure
Suhani – you sing good
Yuvraj – thanks
Suhani – you should be a singer.
Yuvraj – what we want in life everytime we dont get
Suhani – if actually i m ean really you want you will get
Yuvraj – hmm
Suhani – water is good in lake
Yuvraj – hmm
Suhani – did u jumped in lake ??
Yuvraj – what ?? You need a doctor for your brain
Suhani – no lets try . She holds yuvraj hand and jumps into lake. Yuvraj screams .
They start playing in lake.

They reach bhatinda.

Precap – suhani kisses yuvraj in front of rohan…

Sorry guys for short post as my school are started i have lot of work . Thank you guys for your support.

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