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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vividha cursing Kailash aloud. Kailash comes out of Sujata’s house, all wrapped in bandages. Sujata is shocked seeing Vividha’s pic. Atharv says I have to go to her. Sujata says come, we have to go far from her. Atharv says I have to go to her.


Sujata says whatever happened is because of her and her father, she is blaming you, you are taking her name in madness. Situram asks where are you going, that way is main gate of the house. Sujata says last time we went like thieves, this time I will save my son. Situram tries to stop them. Ravish comes home and stops them. He asks where are you going. She says don’t know, but far from here. He says I m bearing all this and keeping you here, after Atharv attacked her. She says don’t do favor, let us go. He says not today, I will drop you tomorrow, my wife is missing. She says pray she never comes back, your fate is getting fine.

He asks how can you say this. She says she is a curse, I thought you are the enemy, but she is the enemy whose bad sight was around my son. Ravish asks how can you talk like that about my wife. Vividha comes home and says because this is true. Ravish gets shocked seeing her back. Ravish goes to her. Atharv says Vividha….. Ravish stops and looks at him. Vividha smiles seeing Atharv and says Atharv…….. Ravish gets another shock and looks at both of them.

Atharv walks to Vividha. Kho na dun mai paake tumko……plays………….. Atharv says you got hurt and holds her face, asking does this hurt. She says no, its not aching, I can’t see tears in your eyes. She holds him and says don’t cry please Atharv. She hugs him and cries. Ravish looks on shocked.

Sujata goes to them and pulls Atharv away. She slaps Vividha. Atharv and Ravish come and get between Sujata and Vividha, to protect Vividha. Sujata taunts Vividha that she may have done some good deed in last birth, that she got two lovers instead one. Ravish gets shocked and looks at Vividha.

Ravish says I asked you, you could not tell me, I could not hear it. Vividha says I m sorry Ravish, I could not tell you, before marrying you, I and Atharv loved each other a lot. Ravish cries. Vividha says we still love each other, we were separated, but no one could separate us, I can’t think of anyone else, so I did not join relation with you. He recalls how Vividha reacted in mandap and after marriage.

Vividha says this secret was like burden on my heart, I did not get chance to get rid of this burden. He recalls her words. She apologizes and says I could not tell you anything before marriage, I did not know I m going to marry you, I love Atharv, he taught me meaning of love, he is not just my love, but my strength also. He gets away and says if Suman knows this………

Vividha tells Atharv and her love story to Ravish. She says I was blackmailed to deal for Atharv’s life, this marriage is just a deal, Atharv was beaten up badly and I was forced to marry. She says but I got good people here, a loving mum, and you, I was dying with guilt, but I did not get chance to tell you, I m really sorry Ravish, see the fate, you married me and you were taking care of Atharv. Atharv plays and smiles.

Vividha says you are bearing this by my decision, I know I did wrong, one side is marriage and other side is love, whatever decision I take, many lives will be ruined in it, sometimes decisions bring a loss, maybe you kept some last birth relation, Atharv always had self esteemed, and just helped others, he did not like to take help, he has a house and his own life. She tells Atharv that he has to fly high. Atharv says I have more plane drawings, come I will show you. Vividha says no, we will go back to your home. Atharv says no, I can’t go out, else Ravish, Sujata and Situram will get annoyed, you come with me. He holds her hand. She says no, no one will be annoyed with you, I promise. Sujata takes Atharv’s hand back. Vividha looks on shocked.

Vividha says till Atharv does not get fine, you are my responsibility. Ravish says Atharv is my responsibility, you don’t know our this birth relations, Atharv’s and my father are the same man. Vividha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally ravish came to know everything……I wish he should leave her n start a new life, how come she will hug atharv in front of ravish. I felt very very very sad for ravish?????????

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