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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Uma lighting diya. Dadi says when house has anyone’s death, Diwali is not celebrated. Uma says we all know Kailash is alive. Dadi asks what about society. Uma says we will not be scared of society, Atharv taught us to stay happy and believe in oneself. Dadi says yes, can we tell Atharv that we have left our thinking back, can we thank Atharv for this ever.


Vividha lights diyas and talks to Bhoomi and Aditi. Suman comes and says I took painkillers, I m feeling better, you all are there to take care of me. She thinks its one more Diwali, don’t let anything bad happen. Vividha thinks what is Suman hiding, what happened in her past. Sujata asks Atharv not to go out, Ravish has got sweets, I will play with you. He says I want to go out, I want crackers. She

says no, have sweets. He says I will go out. Suman thinks why does she feel something bad is going to happen.

Vipul wishes everyone happy Diwali and asks Bhoomi about the lights. She says its local ones. Vividha stops Ravish to talk. He says I need to talk. Ravish asks Situram to take sweets with dinner. She thinks to talk to Ravish. Atharv colors the diyas and gives to Sujata. Situram comes with dinner and sweets. Atharv rushes and it all falls down. Situram and Atharv pick sweets.

Atharv leaves from there silently. Vividha runs upstairs to talk to Ravish. Atharv sees the lighting and decorations. He sees someone and hides. Vividha passes by. The power goes. Someone wearing the mask scares her. She screams.

Sujata asks Situram where did Atharv go. Situram goes to find him. The mask man ignites lighter and comes close. She runs and collides with someone else. Light comes. She sees Ravish and holds him. Everyone come there and see the mask man. Mask man is actually Captain Avinash. He says sorry Mam, I was doing a prank by ghosts drama on Diwali night. He jokes. He scares of ghosts and spirits on this house land. Suman says enough, Vividha is already scared and you are scaring her more. He says sorry. Suman asks all of them to come for puja.

Atharv gets the mask and wears it. Daddy ji does the aarti, Everyone pray. Suman and others also do the aarti. Situram looks for Atharv. He does not see Atharv and goes. Vividha and Ravish do the aarti. Pandit asks them to pray for house peace and happiness. Atharv comes there, wearing the mask. He sees them praying and stands praying behind them. Vividha senses Atharv. She sees mask person and does not know Atharv is wearing mask right now. She touches his hand and thinks he is Atharv. She sees Ravish. She removes the mask and sees Atharv. Jaana na dil se door……plays………..

Atharv recalls Vividha and memory flashes are shown. He runs from there. She runs after him. Vividha follows him and goes to some storeroom type place. She asks Atharv, why are you running away, come out. Fake Atharv comes smiling and acts like mad. She asks where did you go, I m with you, don’t get scared. He holds her close and makes faces. She feels his touch wrong and says listen to me, leave me, please. She pushes him away and says you are not my Atharv. She shouts for help. He gets close forcefully. She pushes him.

Fake Atharv holds her saree pallu. She asks him to leave her. He pushes her and gets on her like an animal. She gets a box and hits on his head. She tries to run away and he holds her foot. She falls down. He drags her. She shouts Ravish. He slaps her hard on her face, that her lip bleeds. She says no, you can’t be my Atharv. She gets dizzy. He gets close to her. Someone hits on his head with a wooden stick. Vividha sees the other person and gets a big shock. She sees the real Atharv, who saves her. (I just felt this would happen, but its more interesting to know who is that fake Atharv). Vividha gets in shock and looks at him.

Vividha says I don’t understand what is happening, don’t be scared. Atharv smiles and says how much do you talk, are you mad. She cries realizing he lost his mental balance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What happening.. who saves Vividha.. tell me any one.. he is Atharv or someone else ?

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