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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vividha putting light on Aditi’s face. She recalls hearing Avinash’s plan. She says you are finding right thing at wrong place, I have your phone, now you will tell in front of the family, why you killed my sister. Everyone come. Suman asks why did you ask us to come here after 10mins. Vividha asks Aditi will she say or shall I say. She tells everyone that Aditi and Guddi had a fight for her phone that night and then Aditi killed Guddi unintentionally. Everyone get shocked.


Suman asks what are you saying, its impossible. Daddy ji says why will Aditi do this. Ravish says Vividha I know you are stressed and doubting everyone, I guarantee that Aditi can’t think of doing this, not for anything. Vividha says she did this for the thing that’s in this phone.

She shows Aditi and Avinash’s pics. They all get shocked. Aditi cries.

Ravish looks at Avinash. Atharv says its good pic. Aditi says its nothing like that. Daddy ji asks is this not your and Avinash’s pic. Ravish asks what’s this and holds Avinash’s collar. Avinash says calm down Ravish, listen to me once. Daddy ji stops Ravish. Ravish says I was mistaken that you are my friend, when enemy does not do this. Atharv asks shall I beat him. Vividha says great, Ravish is angry as no one told you about Aditi and Avinash’s affair, maybe you all can see well, but can’t hear well. I m saying they both have killed my sister.

Ravish says Aditi did not do such thing. Vividha says you are forgetting you said you will give the culprit to police, now when its about sister, you forgot your responsibility. Ravish says Aditi can’t do this. Vividha says I heard everything, now they want to know from you Aditi, was the fight not because of this phone, were you not hiding pics from the family, say truth, don’t try to lie, you did this, accept it, tell me. Aditi shouts yes. They all get shocked.

Aditi says I have fought with Guddi for the phone, but I did not kill her. Vividha says you killed her, when Guddi did not listen to you, you have thrown her down, tell the truth. Suman asks Aditi to tell truth. Aditi says no. I did not kill Guddi, trust me Maa, I will say truth. She tells them how Guddi got Aditi’s phone and was troubling her. Guddi says I want to expose all the truth. Aditi says she started laughing and went upstairs, I went after her asking her to give my phone. Guddi and Aditi fight for phone and Aditi’s phone falls down. Guddi pushes Aditi and goes.

Aditi says till I turned, Guddi went. Atharv asks Sujata why is she crying. Aditi says I tried finding my phone and did not get it, I did not lie. Vividha says when you were finding phone in hall, when Guddi fell down, where were you, this story is not matching as you are lying even now, you got angry and you have pushed Guddi, this is the truth Aditi. Aditi says no, I did not murder Guddi, please trust me. Ravish says when Guddi fell down, why did you not come down. Aditi says I was stressed, I was hurt and went to room, when I heard sound, I came and saw Guddi. Kalindi asks when inspector asked everyone, why did you not say. Aditi says I was scared, everyone would have felt I killed Guddi, I swear I did not kill Guddi, she has pushed me and I got hurt, trust me.

Avinash says sorry Ravish, Aditi did not do this, I told her that I will support her, Aditi was worried for pics, she did not kill Guddi. Ravish says we will talk later. Ravish hugs Aditi and consoles. He says Aditi and I raised with same upbringing, I know my sister well, I know she did big mistake by hiding her love, but she can’t kill anyone. Suman says Vividha, we don’t cover up anyone’s mistake, even if the culprit is part of our family, the one who did crime will be punished.

Aditi apologizes to Vividha for hiding this. Vividha says I understand you are innocent, but my sister got killed, please help me, stay here. She shows the animal fur and asks how did this come on your scarf. Aditi says no, I don’t know, its Bhoomi’s scarf, I borrowed this from her.

Atharv makes drawings. Vividha asks what did you make. Atharv says Bhoomi had knife, she was seeing Guddi, when Vipul was with Guddi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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