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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vividha calling out Guddi and asking her to come out, else she will never see Guddi’s face. Guddi falls down and is injured severely. Everyone hear the sound and rush. Vividha sees Guddi and gets shocked. Vividha says nothing will happen to you, don’t be scared, I will call doctor. Guddi signs to someone. Vividha turns to see and does not see anyone.


Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Guddi. Vividha asks Sujata to see what happened to Guddi. She cries. Someone takes the pendrive. Ravish comes. Vividha asks Ravish to see Guddi. She asks Guddi to have courage and keep eyes open. Atharv gets scared seeing Guddi’s state. Ravish holds Guddi’s hand to check pulse. Guddi dies. Vividha asks everyone to call doctor and ambulance, no one is doing anything,

I will take my sister. Ravish says she is dead. They all get shocked.

Vividha says Guddi is acting, you don’t know her. Jo mai jaanti……. plays………….. Guddi’s moments are shown. Vividha shakes her. Ravish says she is not between us more. Vividha says no Ravish, get up Guddi. Ravish closes Guddi’s eyes. Vividha says Guddi is fine, she is alive. She asks her to get up. Ravish asks Vividha to come to senses, Guddi has left us, she is dead. Vividha cries and hugs Ravish. Everyone cry.

Police comes to investigate the matter. Atharv looks at Guddi. Ravish and Daddy ji talk to the police. Uma and Dadi come there and get shocked seeing Guddi. Dadi and Uma cry. Uma asks Guddi to get up. She asks Vividha to ask Guddi to get up. They all cry. They take Guddi away. Atharv looks on. Vividha hugs Uma and sees Atharv, thinking our Guddi left us forever.

Guddi’s final rites are done. Vividha, Dadi, Uma, Ankit cry. Ravish and his family stand sad. Atharv signs something to Sujata. He asks Sujata why do they cry. He says Guddi is gone…… Uma cries seeing Atharv’s state. Vividha recalls Guddi and cries. Sooraj tera………………plays…………She thinks of Guddi signing to someone, and promises Guddi to find out who has done this, even if I have to pay any price.

Uma cries and says Guddi has done. She hugs Sujata. Vividha says Maa, police has come for investigation. Inspector asks them if they have seen anything, any details. Atharv says yes, I have seen. Inspector asks what did you see. Atharv shows someone.

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