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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Atharv asking shall I beat Suman. Sujata says no, she is elder, sit quiet, sometimes mistakes is not of humans, like its not Suman’s mistake now, its our situation. Atharv says I have seen you hiding and crying, I did not feel good. Sujata says yes, I was crying for myself. She sees Ramakant’s pic and says today I was crying for someone else, Suman stayed infront of Ramakant and was much far, she would have bear a lot. Ravish hugs Suman.

Guddi thinks of Ravish and goes to Atharv. She hugs Atharv. He asks do you want to play. She says you used to say one day I will get love, the man who respects me, cares and loves me, you know I got that man, I love Ravish. Atharv says captain saab is good. She says I know, he is very good and loves you, Vividha has no

feelings for Ravish, I really love him and can make a relation with him.

Atharv takes a binoculars. Sujata asks him to keep it back. Daddy ji says its our family’s special thing, its for you Ravish. Ravish says let Atharv keep it, its same thing I have it or Atharv have it. Guddi smiles seeing Ravish. Atharv does not take medicines by Sujata’s hands. Vividha comes and says she will sing a song for him, then he has to take medicines. She sings surmai ankhiyon mein….. Guddi looks at them sadly. Atharv sleeps in her lap by listening the lullaby. Ravish comes and looks on.

Vividha sees Ravish and tries making Atharv sleep on the bed. Ravish signs her to stop and not disturb Atharv. He gets a pillow and keeps under Atharv’s head. She gets up and stumbles. Ravish holds Vividha. Guddi says I will take Vividha to room. They go.

Its morning, Kalindi talks to Suman about army association exhibition. Ravish comes and greets everyone. He asks Guddi how is she. Guddi says I m fine. He asks about Sujata and Atharv. Vividha says they are in their room. Sujata asks Atharv to come. Atharv says its very cold. Vividha comes and asks Atharv to come and have breakfast, he will feel good. Atharv pulls her and they have an eyelock. He says he will not get up. She says I will see and tickles him. He laughs and asks are you mad. Sujata comes. Vividha says I got breakfast for you.

Sujata asks Atharv to freshen up. Suman comes and says no need to have food in room, you can have food downstairs, kitchen will have just my rights, but I promised my son that you will get equal rights, you can have food with entire family, this jail acting will end, I can do anything to fulfill my promise to Ravish and Ramakant, I can’t just keeping promise, not breaking, come. Suman goes downstairs. Ravish sees Sujata and Atharv coming. Atharv dines with them. Ravish asks for juice. Guddi says I will give it. She pours lots of juice in the glass and it overflows. Vividha notices Guddi staring at Ravish.

Vividha shouts Guddi. Atharv laughs seeing this. Guddi says sorry, and passes juice to Ravish. Aditi gets a message and goes making some excuse. Kalindi thinks something is wrong. She goes out and meets Avinash. She says this is too much, everyone is at home, you called me to meet. He says I took this risk for you. She hugs him and says I don’t like to hide this relation, Suman and Ravish think I m young. He jokes. She says you look stupid, its your good fate that I like stupids. He says fine, lets see what can this stupid do. He gets her close to kiss. Kalindi comes there and does not see them.

Kalindi goes ahead and sees Aditi along. Aditi makes excuse. Avinash gives a flying kiss and goes. Kalindi understands there is something fishy. She gets Avinash’s bracelet on the ground. Guddi recalls Ravish’s words and smiles. She comes to Ravish’s room. She takes his pic and hugs it. She sees his medals, his uniform and accessories.

Vividha sees Gudddi hugging Ravish’s shirt. Vividha asks Guddi what are you doing. Guddi makes a work excuse. Vividha asks her not to worry for these things, and goes. Guddi takes Ravish’s pic.

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