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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ravish scolding Situram. He says I left everything on you, my life and secrets, what did you do. Situram says I know many secrets. Ravish beats him. Vipul comes with police. Situram gets arrested. Ravish apologizes to Vipul. Vividha cries and says sorry. Suman says I can’t believe Situram was doing this, I thought he is loyal, we can’t believe anyone else. She looks at Sujata. She apologizes to Vividha and says I m really sorry, you had to bear all this here.


Vividha says no, everyone has to bear for deeds. Suman says I lost trust on my judgment, I found Situram loyal, he did this, if anyone else comes, how will I believe. Guddi comes there and greets Ravish. She hugs Vividha and asks how are you. Vividha says fine, how are you, how did you come suddenly.

Guddi says I wished to meet you and came here. Suman says you did good by coming here, its your house too. Guddi sees Sujata and cries. She takes Sujata’s welfare. She asks Atharv how is he and hugs him. Atharv pushes her away and asks who are you. Vividha says she is our friend Guddi. He asks who. Guddi says your friend, Guddi.

He likes the shades and asks shall I take this. He wears shades. Guddi cries. Suman asks Vividha to take Guddi to room. Vividha takes Guddi and asks her to take rest. Guddi says I did not know Atharv’s state is so bad, will he not get fine. Vividha says we all are trying, Ravish arranged good treatment for him, lets hope for the best, how is mum and Dadi. Guddi says they are fine, no Papa’s news. Vividha asks did I ask you about him. Guddi says there was a time when he was your Lord. And today you are like he was nothing for him. Vividha says cheat is like termites, which can end any relation from life. She asks are you fine. Guddi says yes, I will freshen up and meet.

Its morning, Suman and Bhoomi make breakfast. Atharv comes and greets them. He takes a knife. Suman asks him to be careful, give it to me, it will hurt. He calls her mad. Sujata comes and stops Atharv. She asks him not to trouble Maa. Suman says I m not his Maa and gets angry. Ravish looks on. Atharv asks Suman why does she get angry. Ravish asks Sujata to take Atharv. Sujata takes Atharv. Doctor treats Atharv and says now Atharv will get injection to get fine. Atharv refuses and runs to the top of the sofa. Everyone ask him to come down.

Atharv asks Suman to see, they are asking me to take injection. Suman says take it, it will be better for you. Atharv says I don’t want, you take it and pushes her. Sujata asks whats this bad behavior. Vividha and Guddi come. Atharv says Vividha, I don’t want the injection. He hugs her. Everyone get shocked. Kalindi and Bhoomi smile.

Atharv does not leave Vividha. Suman gets angry and looks at Ravish. Vividha moves away Atharv. Suman goes. Kalindi asks Bhoomi did you see Atharv’s hug. Vividha asks doctor to give injection to Atharv. She tells Atharv that he is brave and can take injection. He looks at her, and doctor gives him injection.

Vividha says injection is given, you did not realize, I will take chocolate for you. She goes. Sujata goes to Suman. She says Atharv is not in his senses, you know his mind is like a kid, don’t feel bad, did you get hurt. Suman says this wound is very old, just manage your son and keep him away from my son.

Guddi talks to Uma on phone. Uma takes care of Ankit. Guddi says I m fine, you also take care. She sees someone and ends call. She sees Kalindi. Kalindi says sorry, are you fine, I m happy you came here, Vividha needs someone close, there can’t be anyone better than sister. Kalindi talks sweet and says it will be help for Vividha, about her and Ravish’s breaking marriage. Guddi gets shocked.

Ravish talks to Vividha. Guddi comes to them. Guddi greets them good night and asks them to sleep. She goes. Ravish says I will leave, you sleep. He leaves from room. Guddi gets shocked seeing this.

Vividha asks Guddi to sleep and goes. Guddi sees someone and goes to window. Chintu/someone catches Guddi and shuts her mouth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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