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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suman asking Ravish to fill sindoor in Vividha’s maang. He thinks she is ready to get sindoor applied for Atharv’s sake, but I will not let her get sindoor applied in helplessness. He makes the sindoor fall intentionally. Suman worries. Aditi says we don’t believe in superstitions, leave it. Ravish says yes. He asks Vividha to come along to talk, and they leave.


They go to room. Ravish asks Vividha to sit. He says you would be knowing Atharv’s medicines and evert detail to take care of him. He shows the files. She looks at him. He says if there is change in medicine, I will inform you. She thanks him and says I m sorry. I know this is tough for you. He says no problem, our marriage was not for long time, I did not fall in love with you, so just relax,

its good this matter came out soon, else its easy to fall in love with you, it would have been tough if I fell in love with you. Jaana na dil se door……plays. He smiles.

Vividha goes to Atharv and holds his hand. She says you did as you said, you came back, now see everything will be fine. She cries and says she could not love without him. Sujata tells her not to think of her silence as her forgiveness. She says I did not forgive you, my son needs you. Vividha says I know, wrong happened with you and Atharv because of me, but I will not let wrong happen with Ravish and family, I will make Atharv fine and support Ravish also, even if I have to shatter. She goes.

Later, Vividha dines with everyone. Situram takes food for Atharv and Sujata. They all hear some sound coming from the top floor. Atharv made the food fall. He says I want to go to her. Sujata asks him to have food. He refuses and says I want to go and meet her first. Situram and Sujata try to stop him. Vividha and Ravish see each other.

Vividha tries to go. Suman says wait, I will go. Ravish makes an excuse. Sujata calls Ravish and says Atharv is not having food, he wants to meet Vividha, I want to go temple and pray for him, can you send Vividha for some time, I gave him medicines, he will sleep. Ravish says fine. Everyone leave from dining table. Ravish asks Vividha to go to Atharv.

Vividha goes to Atharv. Fake Atharv holds her hand and touches her dirtily. She gets away and shouts. He shuts her mouth and tries to molest her. She takes a music drum and hits on his head. She takes a diya and pours the hot oil on his face. He gets his hand in between. He gets away and runs. She cries in shock.

Atharv is also there behind the bed and gets up. She sees him and get shocked. She says he was that man. Atharv asks why are you crying. Ravish comes and sees Vividha crying. He pushes Atharv away. She says Ravish, he did not do anything. Atharv says I did not do anything, bad Atharv did that. She says he is saying true. Sujata comes there. Ravish asks who did this, what happened. Vividha says that man looked like Atharv, like his lookalike, he attacked on me, he is also in this house.

Sujata says how can this happen. Vividha says he looked like Atharv, this is truth. Ravish recalls Atharv’s words. Sujata asks are you sure. Ravish says I trust Vividha, what reason can she have to lie, Atharv was also saying about other Atharv, we did not trust him. Atharv asks shall I beat bad Atharv. Ravish says the fraud guy knows you both are also in this house.

Vividha says he tried to molest me even last time, that’s why I said he is not my Atharv, he will use this chance again. Ravish says he is inside the house, take care of Atharv. Atharv tells Sujata that guy have run there, he is there. Ravish goes to check home.

Ravish comes in lawn and sees the broken flower pot. Vividha comes and asks did he find anything. He shows her the pot and says I think he has run away. She says I know its hard to believe, how can anyone look exactly like Atharv, its true, sometimes I get cheated. Ravish says once we know who is this and how he does this, we should find him first, he used smartness to harm you, I will not let this happen on any price, I mean he is a criminal and needs to be caught, did you notice anything strange in him.

She says I can feel when he looks at me, when he touches me…. I understand he is not Atharv. He asks her to recall well, if she noticed his behavior or mark on body. She tells him that she has burnt his left hand with diya, burn mark should be there on his hand. Fake Atharv washes his hand and sees the burn mark. He removes the mask from his face.

Ravish says he is very clever, we have a clue, his left hand has burnt mark, we have to catch him cleverly. Ravish and Vividha see someone coming and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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