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Its all about DESTINY (intro)

Hi everyone…..
Inspired by ur ffs I too tried to write a fan fiction on THAHAAN
Please do comments as if should I continue or not….
OK so my ff is very much similar to the original TPK
The characters are same….
First of all our
THAPKI – A girl like a moon beautiful charming n attractive….. but her
stammering weekness always being noticed instead of her
positives .
BIHAAN – Our hero as shown in TPK , smart n handsome. But his mom not
accepted him yet(as he is adopted). So he always tries to
be the best son. He praises his mother as God. He is Illiterate.
And the best son of his dad.
VASU – Dhruv’s n Bihaan’s mother . Can do anything for the sake of
Dhruv(as we saw in earlier episodes of tpk).
BAUJI – Dad of Dhruv n Bihaan. Loves both of them . Extra concerned for
Bihaan .
DHRUV – Loves n trusts his brother most. Ladla of Vasu.

And other TPK members.
Other characters may further be added.
Well it was the intro part. Do comments what u think should I continue or not…..? Plzz do comments as they are really valuable …☺

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