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ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON-so far but so close episode-11

ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON- so far but so close episode-11

Recap: arnav waiting for khushi to continue with the rings ceremony and while talking to his di khushi comes………



ARNAV: khushi please listen to me nah{he holds her}

KHUSHI: arnavji leave me………all are watching us

ARNAV: toh????what’s wrong your are mine and I love you so much{that’s it these three magical words from his mouth will definitely makes the great kkg blush}

KHUSHI: arn….arnavji………

ARNAV: I love you khushi

KHUSHI: I ……….i love you too arnavji……….

PAYASH: {closing their eyes}

AKASH: payal close your eyes and don’t watch them

PAYAL: nahi akash I’m not watching them{saying this they both laugh which brings arshi out from their imaginary world}

ANJALI: arey!!!!stop you both we didn’t tease you this much right

PAYASH: di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NANI: come lets start the rasam

NK: arey arey dadi zara rukiya na ithna haldi kyun hey???

KHUSHI: haldi nahi hey nanheji jaldi jaldi

NK:{holding his ears} ha jaldi jaldi I mean why to hurry this much

AKASH: arey nk bhai what will do now

NK: arey nachengi bhai……….aur kya???

AKASH: kya????? Phar we

NK: ha yes
KHUSHI: wow!!!!!!nanheji your brain is so good

ARNAV: ha ha exactly like you only

KHUSHI: did you said anything ??

ARNAV: no no nk start your performance

NK: phar hamhe ek radha chahiya……to perform

GIRL{in a veil}: come I will be your radha

NK: haan????

ARNAV: only for some time nk…

The performance starts
Radha on the dance floor……….
Radha likes to party……..

KHUSHI: arnavji I know this girl she is …….

ARNAV:{ slightly chuckles} oho khushi wait for some time you will get to know that

After the performance

NK: oh radha……..oh radha you danced very well can you please show me your face ???

GIRL: yes ofcourse!!!!but my chamkeli was so eager to see me

KHUSHI: lavanyaji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LAVANYA: {lifts her veil} khushiji {she runs and hugs her}

KHUSHI: lavanyaji aap…….aap

LAVANYA: oy bas kar asr will kill me to make you cry……….i missed you so much khushi………

KHUSHI: I too missed you so much lavanyaji………

LAVANYA: ohho stop otherwise your arnavji will get angry on you

KHUSHI:{blushes} ji

NANI: arey lavanya did you remember us or not????

LAVANYA: yes nani how can I forget you …..you are the main important person who teached me morals with khushi{shegoes and hugs everyone}

ARNAV: khushi I fulfilled your wish right

KHUSHI: what?? My wish

ARNAV: ha once I heared your conversation with lavanya that she should definitely attend your all marriage rituals .so,see she is here{when khushi comes to know the break up of arnav and lavanya she consoles her and lavanya says she cant attend her marriage as she know that will definitely happen with asr}

KHUSHI: arnavji……..what if she feel bad that seeing us together


LAVANYA: what are you talking khushi why will I feel sad…….infact I was happy to see you both and you know one thing

KHUSHI: what

LAVANYA: I know that your marriage will definitely happens with asr

KHUSHI: but how???

LAVANYA: oh khushi{she was cutoff by the great asr}

ARNAV: by the way lavanya how was your flight??? It was comfortable right??

LAVANYA: ha yes asr……..and tq for inviting me

ARNAV: no mention you are my friend how can I not invite you

LAVANYA: I didn’t know that the great asr can lie….say the truth that you invited me for your khushi’s khushi…..

ARNAV: woh woh {he stood like that as he was caught for his lie like a child}

LAVSHI{lavanya khushi}: hahahaah{laughs loudly}

NANI: achha achha bas bahut hogaya lets start the ritual

ARSHI do a ring’s ceremony with a raksha dagha that was tied to arnav

ARNAV: khushi we have done this before also

LAVANYA: really but when??

KHUSHI: ha but when??

ARNAV: that day on mandir your hand got cut and I tied a bandage to you and we promised that we will never talk to each other did you remember

KHUSHI:{with little tears} ha yes

LAVANYA: yeah kya hey asr you made khushi cry

ARNAV: what the

KHUSHI: lavanyaji woh

LAVANYA: khushi I’m so happy for you and asr and I know he didn’t love me and in fact I too didn’t love him now because of me you don’t be sad

KHUSHI: thank you lavanyaji………..

LAVANYA: now stop lets enjoy your function{they all share a huge smile}

PRECAP: no idea

Friends sorry sorry sorry I cant update for so long as I already said I was having exams and even my main examination is not yet started and I thought to not update but I cant stop myself without writing this………..so please adjust with update for one month and afterwards I will keep continuing the chapters as usually……..so please do remember my ff till then please friends…………………………………love you all………..

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