Ishani was cutely turned since she got disturbed by sleep she saw ranveer in half sleepy opened eyes ranveer you came.
He was hugged her she touched his cheeks when you came. …
Ranveer in a low tone just now. .
He hugged her so close am missing you a lot

Ishani realised and came out of the huge. Acme angry on you leave me…
You didn’t call me yesterday and you haven’t inform me that you have started
She cutesy turned on the other side ranveer with a smile hugged her from behind kept his cheeks on her cheeks ishani I want to give surprise to you. Listen to me here slowly turned her and told everything what ever happened over there
Ishani was seeing him he hits his nose with her
Hugging her dis 5 days was like 5 months for me.


.both were hugging each other ishani came out of the hug touched his cheek sleep for some time
He noddded as no She was looking at cutely kissed her cheeks slowly came to her lips she held him ranveer sleep now

She turned other side…he was hugging her from behind. .smiling to her she saw vihan showing his nose see exactly you ….nowadays he is not sleeping wanted to play .
Ranveer saw both of them hmm he is fair like you. Wen I will get my little ishani.
Ishani turned to him …itni jaldi?
Ranveer :hmm abhi nahi
Both were hitting forehead cutely laughing
And drifted off to sleep

Naina was eagerly waiting for tomorrow he is here only. Ritika called her Naina .
Naina:I want to know ishani reaction she exclaimed

She got call from nirbhay so she hung up and a attend his call

Nirbhay has planned for naina wedding
He asked her to come back to India but he didn’t inform her

Naina was confused and asked for two days time thinking that ranveer is in UK but she doesn’t know he already left

Precap : naina was shocked to know about her wedding

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