Ranveer reached airport waiting for his boarding pass he got direct flight from Mumbai
Then he started towards london

The day was routine for ishani with vihan and amba
After dinner around 8 pm she came to her room change herself in purple satin nighty rested her head in bed rest

She kept her phone next to her started to sleep but she is not getting sleep later she saw Ranveer photo which was kept next to the lamp stand took it in her hands miss you Ranveer
Ranveer reached Heathrow around 6:30 got the cab with manas had lunch discuss about tomorrow meeting he came to room around 9:30 it was 4 evening in London .
Ranveer sat on the bed took his mobile insert the At&t sim oh no…forget to inform ishani

He dialled her number in what’s app laying down on the bed waiting for her to lift the call
Ishani getting new number she guess it might be Ranveer so she lift the call

Ranveer :seeing ishani in night oh it’s night there …
Ishani:Ranveer when you reached can’t you informed your wife…at least

Ranveer :hmm sorry ishani. .forgot stuck with some work
Aur now I called to talk with my girlfriend. .ishani too smile at his reply.

Ishani:she is busy Ranveer. ..
Both laughing …talked about the food and Ranveer was tellin her early morning in India will be midnight here
Ishani too told haan even ragini will be sleeping so we can speak..
She asked Ranveer to have dinner and sleephe might be tired.
He nodded as well and slept

Next day was routine for ishani she was talkingto bua informed that Ranveer is in UK once she came back they will come to pune

Afternoon 12 she came to her room vihan was smiling to her..baby let’s call papa it will be morning over there.

She called him Ranveer lift the call in second ring good morning. …Ranveer
Rv:love you ishani
She smiled and you woke up
Rv:nahi have too…Wat you were doing

Ishani :am playing with vihan
Ranveer has informed her that will be busy he can call him around night 1 of clock as per the Indian time

Ranveer got ready himself with black suite with blazzer he reached office with manas was getting readyfor the presentation
Naina got ready with grey mini skirt with formal thick shirt in white with stole she dressing quite awkward leaving her top three buttons of the shirt to be open

She came and greeted rv as usual he was very formal to over
Presentation has started she was lost in rv often
Looking at him
While Ranveer was presentING she was just looking at him alone .

Once the meeting was over they moved for lunch with business clients so Ranveer was unable to call ishani

Evening he wents to office with man’s was working seriously to make everything done within a week since he doesn’t want to be here for long time

Naina came while Ranveer was getting ready to go to inn where he stayed
Manas was worried about krish so he was talking to parul.

Naina asked Ranveer to come with her for dinner but she denied

Precap: Naina overhears Ranveer conversation over the phone in parking area.
Rv:hmm am missing my girlfriend a lot will call you sunny once I reached Naina got shocked

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