At Night ranveer came he even had his dinner at office when he entered the room he saw ishani was sitting on the bed making the baby sleep he went to take his night dress
Amba: ranveer change yourself go and sleep in opposite room let me sleep with ishani baby will be crying at night time

Ranveer :it’s okay ma let me. ..


Amba: arrey tum jao na
He showed a puppy face to ishani and left the room.

Ishani was smiling at him she carefully make the baby to sleep next to her
Amba was sleeping. .after a while ishani took her mobile text to ranveer
Ishani:miss you baby…
Ranveer heard the beep sound took his mobile started smiling he replied her
Miss you my sunny….a lot

Ishani: gud nyt
Ranveer : am not getting sleep. ..
Ishani : ranveer. ..tomorrow u have office know common sleep
Ranveer :okay let me. .but text me for some time
She smiled. .was about to text baby starts crying she kept the mobile away took the baby and starts feeding

Ishani : ur son has woke up so…bye sleep well.
Ranveer got the message and slept

After 2 week Saturday ishani was able to walk slowly Saturday night ranveer entered the room amba was having the baby
He got a plan to be with ishani
Maa. ..you go and take rest tonight tomorrow leave for me know I will take care

Ishani who was folding the baby bed was smiling because she knew him very well somehow ranveer managed and sent amba to her room when ishani was taking some clothes from cupboard turned towards bed
Baby was sleeping well
Ranveer came and hugged her well without hurting her…she too hugging him ten mins ..i was missing you like anything after 7 month’s I am able to hug you
After hearing this ishani came out of the hug caressed his cheeks with her hands he kissed her forehead love you. ..
Both slowly walked towards the bed ishani kept the cradle near the bed kept pillow then turned to him
He was cutely looking at her she was in a simple orange saree

She rested his head on his chest her put his arms around her
Ishani :ranveer you have cancelled the deal ..you dint went to London
Ranveer :nahi ishani manas went on my behalf
Ishani: you came back because of me..
He kept his forefinger on her lips
I came back for us

Ishani raised her head smiling kissed his chin
Ranveer looking at her they shared a eyelock his phone got rang

Ranveer took Mobil from his one hand was new number from UK
He thought manas so he lift the call
But it was naina

Naina:hai rv how are you
Rv:am fine may I know who s this
Naina got disappointed I’m naina

Rv:oh okay yeah tell me naina
He talks to her very formal
Since his mobile had low battery got switched off

Ranveer took from his ears and saw then ishani also moved away from him he took the phone and kept charge in between ishani arrange the pillow they laid together

Naina shouted at ritika both were fighting and arguing

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