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Ishra n Raglak: We didnt marry fr luv episode 5

The epi starts with Kirti coming to Ragini who’s crying 😢..
Ragini wipes her tears and holds Kirti’s ears. “What plotting r u doing? You know how bad papa must b feeling?”
“What abt ur feelings ma?”
“why did you do tell papa d truth?”
“you had asked na”
“I had asked bt not in this way, don’t know where Laksha has gone, how’ll you find him, say..??”
Kirti goes away crying 😢.. Ragini cries thinking she has scolded her more than enough.
Laksha is walking and walking and walking… Tearful eyes and broken heart.
Rags goes to kerti and asks her to forgive her ma. Kirti hugs Ragini and says on one condition.. Ragini says anything for my daughter..! Bt she didn’t know that Kirti will ask her something that’ll put her in dilemma. “Ma, tell me, tell me what’s the dark secret.. Why did you hate papa? What happened 10 years ago?..?”
Ragini stumbles in shock while Kirti asks her not to break her promise.
Ragini wipes her tearful eyes and tremendous sorrow.
“OKAY 👌 AS U WISH.. 10 years ago. Me, Ishu, swara n mihika studied in the same college 🏫. All d girls of our batch had a linking for Laksha, who was jus an year older than us.. Bt only sum of them knew that Laksha used to send goons from his gang to trouble them and then he tried to become the hero. I never minded nor did i loved him. But one nyt ..”
Rags n swara r returning back from extra classes while a red 🚗 car blocks their way. Four terrific looking men step out of the car wid knives in their hands n surround swaragini… Swara whispers to Ragini – I’m upto sum trick… jus then swara sprayed chilli in the eyes of the goons recalling how shomi had given it to her her safety. She held onto Ragini’s hand ready to run while one of the goons caught Ragini’s other hand and pulled her. Laksh is enjoying all of it from behind the bushes, thinking they’re his goons and won’t harm Ragini, bt the reality was far away from that. Swara puts her hand in her purse 👛 to find the chilli spray bottle gone.. The man behind her had the bottle and he sprays it into swara’s eyes. Swara falls down rubbing her eyes while the four men had kidnapped Ragini and rushed away…… Laksha comes and runs behind the car shouting you’re my men, you’ve to fyt wid me to impress that lady, I’ve told u not to kidnap anyone or trouble, it’s jus a game, where’re u going..? Swara says ur men cheated u Laksha, n you’ve cheated us, u cant get anyone’s luv lyk this….” Fb ends. Kirti curiously asks what happened then ma, did papa save u..? Ragini nods in the negative…
Swara asks sanskar to go and find Laksha.. Sanskar nods and takes the car keys. Swara says its evening find him b4 nyt.. Sanskar nods n goes.
Meanwhile Laksha has reached the cliff.. “sorry Ragini I couldn’t save u wen u should’ve saved u, I know I’ve spoilt ur life, u still luv me alot over these five years bt I always kept troubling you all tym,I never imagined that I’ve hurt u sooooo much, I’ll end my life this very moment…” Laksha jumps off the cliff…
Ishita gets a phone call 📞..
It’s swara..
S-Ishu, u r free, there’s big problem..
I-Big problem..! What happened now..?
S-Laksha came to know Ragini loves him and now he’s nowhere to b found..
I-What..!!!!!!!!! Okay dont worry I’ll ask Raman if he’s there..
S-Plz tell him go find Laksha, Ragini is totally shattered, and to add Kirti asked her what happened 10 years ago…
I-Oh no, that’s complicated but don’t worry, everything will b Fyn..
Ishu calls Raman 📱..
R-What’s it Ishita u r troubling me I’m busy
I-what busy Raman u’ll forget ur work wen u’ll hear my news
R-What’s it, I hope not considering ghosts in the house
I-Shut up Raman it’s abt ur Best friend get serious
I-Yes lakshya, he’s missing.. Is he there in ur office?
R-what’ll he do here?
I-Then go n find ur Laksha…
Swara goes to Ragini n says Ragini I’ve asked sanskar to go n find out where Laksha is, he’ll b back soon.. N Kirti dear u go n sleep it’s abt to b nyt otherwise finish ur homework…
Kirti nods n says masi papa would b Fyn na??…
Sanskar reaches the garden and sees Lakshya’s car. He gets off his car bt doesn’t find Laksha in his car..
Precap:-Laksha is in hospital 🏥.. Raman says Ishita u don’t try to commit suicide lyk him bt I luv uuuu….
Guys I’m really really sorry for such a late update bt I’ve my exams so that’s y this delay plzzzz forgive my me for any typo errors as well as grammatical mistakes made in a hurry b plz leave a comment everyone 😊😊👇👇👇

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