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#Ishqbaaz #Vivah #Part Ten

Hello peeps…🙋🙋🙋🙋 Here I am up with another part of Vivah FF but before continuing I would like to answer most frequently asked question that where is Om??? And am I thinking of pairing Ishana with Rudra??? Here is answer

On is their in story but his entry will take lil time and me readers not in my wildest dream I can pair Ishana with Rudra cause for me Ishana is perfect with Om only so relax as of now do jot take tension trust me and keep reading… Hope my answer is satisfactory for all… And if not then feel free to ask question… Now enjoy update…


Part ten

As soon as Anika and Shivay enter in side scared Anika shocked Jayshree and Rishi and seeing her like that surprise Shakti and pinky and they rush to them and ask Shivay

Both ShivIka’s parents: What happen Shivay beta??? Anika aise kyu hai???

But before Shivay can reply anything Jayshree and Rishi stunned seeing Tia making her entry and Shakti and Pinky become more confused seeing them stunned but soon Jayshree recover and speak to Pinky

Jayshree: Wo we want few minutes if you do not mind…

Pinky: Its okay take your time..

After that Jayshree drag Tia by her hand Rishi hold scared Anika’s hand and follow them and they enter in a room and angry Jayshree directly asked Tia

Jayshree: Tia, why are you here now??? Can’t you be happy with Anika’s happiness??? Already you have harassed her more then enough when she is no even know what harrasing is??? Just leave her alone…

Listening her Tia gritted her tea the out of anger and reply

Tia: Mrs.Shekhawat today I am here to be part of sister’s happiness and you’ve to thnak me because I am keeping my mouth shut and not bringing out her real identity in front of Oberois.

Jayshree: Just shut up Tia and leave us.

Tia: Everything have their cost and cost of keeping my mouth shut is 2 lakh so…

Before she can continue Jayshree take out her two bangle throw on her face and speak

Jayshree: It cist more then two lakh now leave and do not you dare come in front of my daughter…

Tia smile evilaly and took that bangles and come out from the room and soon Oberois joint Shekhawat and Jayshree coon some story and feed to Oberois and Anika is sobbing uncontrollably so Shivay asked everyone to give five minutes to him and he’ll be bring a happy Anika… As soon as everyone left Shivay bend down and look into Anika’s eyea and speak

Shivay: Anika, I do not know who is she???? And what happened but I cab guarantee one thing to you that you are not alone now… I am there to support you in whatever fight is??? I’ll stand by your side and I’ll fight with whole world for you but you know this tears if your is making me weak so will you please bring your that dazzling smile which is making my heart run into formula one race….

Crying Anika hugged Shivay suddenly after listening him, never in her thought she think that soneone will be there to support her like this and this turn of her destiny make her shedd happy tears and Shivay break hug and cupped her face in his hand and wipe her tears by kissea and kiss her forehead assuring her… And once again Anika hugged him and he too reciprocate and hugged her back and after bringing normal Anika baxknthey come out hand in hand and now Anika notice that whole decoration is done with keeping their clothes in mins and she feel blessed to have him in her life and her lips curve into content smile… And seeing their daughter happy her parents too smiled and hugged her blessed them but Pinky smiled and speak

Pinky: Are wow you both looking like mades for each other… And Anika you are looking like fairy in this dress…

Ishana jump in between and speak

Ishana: Shivay jiju’s fairy right Jiju???

Anika blushed listening this and elders make them sit on their place listening Panditji and whole ceremony happen with happiness…

Same time at some place

Tia enter inside home adoring that diamond bangles and she don’t notice Robin who is standing at entrance and this anger Robin and he shout

Robin: Tia, why are you back early??? And whose bangles are????

And Tia told him everything happened there and this make Robin angry and he speak

Robin: Already our dear younger sister have snatch everything from us and this time you spoil our plan… But Tia I’ve another plan and this time no mistake okay????

Tia nodded in approval and they discuss their plan in mute…

So done with update…. How it is??? Plz do leave your feedback whatever it is… And yeah Tia ch.will be shut in next two three updates and I’ll update It started with dare on Saturday or Sunday because for that I need time and time and calm mind and calm mind… 😉😉😉😉 which I do not get in week days… Hope you all understand…☺☺☺☺

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