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#Ishqbaaz #Vivah #Part Eight

Hello peeps…🙋🙋🙋🙋 Do you miss this ff???


Part Eight…

As soon as Shivay enter inside home he is about to rush to his room to avoid Rudra and his tantrums as he is not able to bring Anika’s number but to his bad luck Rudar is waiting for him.in living room enjoying his hot chocolate and sawing his phone to Shivay and a wide smile is not leaving Rudra’s lips which soon irritate Shivay and he speak

Shivay: What Rudra???


Rudra who assumed that Shivay is hell angry do not play more game but even he can’t let go of this opportunity so he speak

Rudra: Wo I know you do not get Anima bhabhi’s number and I’ve it and I’ll give it to you there is no doubt in it but but let me say according to bet you’ve to fulfill my one wish so are you ready bhiya to fulfill my wish???

Shivay who come to know that Rudra have Anika’s number soften a lil and speak

Shivay: Okay, fine say whatever you want…

Rudra: Oh my god just for bhabhi’s number you are ready to fulfill my wish I can’t believe it bhaiya…(dramatically)

Shivay: Shut up Rudra, I never said no to any of your wishes han…

Rudra: Though this one is quite instant, seems like welcoming bhabhi will be more beneficial for me…

Shivay: Nautanki…

And they continue their chit-chat for few more minutes in which Rudra tease Shivay and later he give Anika’s number to Shivay and let Shivay leave to his room with his wish that he have to go to pick up Anika tomorrow morning for their farm-house for which Shivay happily agreed (Who won’t agree to go to pickup his would be fiencee…😉😉😉)

On other side Ishana is more then happy seeing her best friend happy and content and she forcefully make her sit for while to take rest and she is running from.here and there to help Jayshree in packing every gifts and same time helping Anika in some beauty treatment.

And same day at some place a girl in mid twenties dialled some ones number and order to visit her and soon she welcomed that person and she speak

Girl: Robin, tomorrow there will be some function and your duty is to find out how to hit them first time which will remind them my presence.

Robin: Tia, I want to say something to you.

Tia: Shoot…

Robin: Tia it will be fine to harm them in other way.

Tia: How?? (Curiously)

Robin: Tia befriend to Anika and her so-called parents and then you’ll be able to know each and every step of them and it will be was for us to harm them and do you know whom she is marrying????

Tia: Some Shiavay right????

Robin: He is the Shivay Singh Oberoi business tycoon.

Which stunned Tia and soon she speak

Tia: Then we like to play game in your way baby Shivay can be more helpful in making our coming life more levies…

And they thought of plan and decide how to execute that plan….

Scene shifted to Shivay’ home

After entering in room Shivay first all of save Anika’s number and WhatsApp to her and he receive reply more faster then he thought and their conversation went like this…

Shivay: Hi Shivay here.

Anika: Hi…

Shivay: So you tried that dress???

Anika: Yeah and that dress is beautiful and fab and I love it…

Shivay: And, how rather to say who tie and untie your blouse’s strip???? (With naughty emoji)

As soon as Anika read that message her face turn into crimson red and she remember that moments and once again heard beep indicating an unread text and then she read Shivay’s text

Shivay: Seems like someone is blushing ya suffering from blush attack…

Anika: Nope I am not blushing and by I’ve some work and then have to retire to bed as I’ve to get up early in the morning…

Shivay: Okay my blushing baby 😍😍😍 and take care…

Anika: You too take care…

And then Anika check Shivay’s DP and status which is reading

“You’ve to see that smile of mine when you’re in front of me”

And Anika smiled seeing this and soon she change her status to blushing smiley and completed some task which she have to do and then she drift to sleep…

Precap: Some message of Shivay shocked Anika… 😵😵😨😨😨

Tia’s entry at ceremony place…😠😠😠 Anika scarred seeing her and Shivay sooth her… 😍😍😍😘😘😘

BDW how many of you are angry on me for bringing Tia????

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