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#Ishqbaaz #Vivah #Part 13

Hello peeps…. Happy me back with next part of Vivah FF… Hope you all like it… And yeah thanks a ton to all of you for your comments…

Part 13


Anika’s eyes are stick on Shivay’s face in search of some emotion whether its hate for her though she does not wanted to see that or care for her and love for her for which she is craving a lot right now but Shivay being Stone singh Oberoi on temporary basis do not let any expression come on his face… Along with Anika all eager eyes are on Shivay to know his reaction but he do not give any so Shakti told Rishi

Shakti: Can we have conversation with our son for few minutes in alone if you do not mind???

Rishi: Are its okay we do not mind… Chalo Anika beta… And he signalled Jayshree and Ishana to step out from room…

And with heavy heart Anika drag herself out of room with her father… As soon as Shekhawat step out of room Shakti signalled Rudra to close door but before he can Shivay stand up and walk towards door and speak

Shivay: I want to talk to Anika.. (And all sense anger in his voice)

Shakti: Listen Shivay she is already suffering from a lot so do not you dare spit out your anger on her.

Pinky: Shivay she is you to be wife and you are huggings her befores few minutes then why are you angry on her now???

Rudra: Bhiya, plz na… I am allowing you to be angry on me instead of Anika bhabhi…

Shivay do not give head to their pleads and bring Anika inside and all are shocked to see him like this and Anika finally speak in barely audible voice.

Anika: I am sorry.

Shivay: Why are you sorry Anika??? (Yet all find anger in his voice)

Everyone is stunned with this… But before Anika can reply anything Jayshree speak

Jayshree: Shivay beta Anika is not aware of her own real identity, We’ve adopted her when she is 6 and all she know is that Tia and Robin are her siblings and they have some problem with her. But in reality we come to know her identity at the time of my sister’s death and at initial I am to angry on her for breaking my sister’s married life but soon I realized it not her mistake and later we come to know truth that this all is because of my brother-in-law and I am feeling guilty for my behaviour with her and I planned to adopt her as I am never gonna be mother and fortunately same time I find out ill behaviour of my own niece and nephew towards her and my adoption plant more revenge seeds in their mind and apart from that my brothr-in-law have named 80% of his property on Anika’s name so they are blinded in rage of revenge…

And along with Jayshree Anika and Pinky and Ishana all are crying hearing such past of Anika and Shivay finally broke her silent and speak

Shivay: Anika, I am neither I am angry on you nor I’ve any doubt on you. I was just blank at that time and I do not know how to react on truth. And I do not want it to sound like sympathy for you. And when I said I am there for you and with you I mean it… Then why are you being sorry??? Actually I am sorry because at the time you need me the most I was blank please forgive me if you can…

Anika in reply hugged him tightly and Shivay to reciprocate to that hug and every one are happy seeing them and Pinky speak

Pinky: Shivay to mera heera beta hai hi but Anika you are my platinum beti… And both of you are mades for each other…

Everyone smiled listening her and later Shivay promised Jayshree and Rishi that he’ll always protect Anika from each and every thing and take their blessings… And he hugged Rudra and Ishana and thanks them for their plan but same time warned them to never leave Anika alone like this else he won’t spare them if anything happened to Anika due to their plan… And in reply Rudra and Ishana give what-the-wuck wala look to Shivay and they smiled at each other and finally Shivay come to Anika and without worrying for anyone he take her in his arms and kiss her forehead and speak

Shivay: Anika, Just keep trust on me and please do not cry, your tears are my weakness I do not like them.

Anika silently nod and hugged him. And later elders told them to have food at downstairs with them and later all have their food with chit-chat and having happy and quality family time… And same time Shivay and Anika are stealing glances of each other and Rudra and Ishana tease them with song “do dil mil rahe hai magar chup ke chup ke” and they stopped it after earning dead glares from Shivay and Anika respectively…

All guests are left from farmhouse now both families are standing in lawn of farmhouse. All are discussing about different-different matter but centre of each and every discussion is upcoming engagement of lovey dovey adorable couple and same time both of they have locked their eyes as well mind and heart in an intense eye lock which is broken by Aninka because Ishana pinch her as she is not replying to Jayshree and after that all Anika heard is her mother’s word
Jayshree: Actually Anika can’t join all you in shopping so do not send Shivay…

Okay done with this update… Hope you all like it??? (*finger cross*) Please leave your feedback whether its positive or negative. And yeah I need all of your suggestion…
Actually I am confused as few readers have request me to write romantic courtship period of ShivIka and some want direct engagement and marriage so now I am leaving it upto you all so please leave in comment your vote for either of them and I’ll go with higher vote wala point.

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  1. nice episode.actually i was a bit tensed about shivayes reaction.now i loved this side of mr.sso. Anyway once again it is a superb episode.

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