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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 23


Hii guy’s ayath here and i want to say i read everyones ff shama,tulasi,aarion,sahana,sanaya,shivika,nithu,
Rithik,azizul,sat,nirali,Luna,ayath(not me) and many more u all r superb writer actually I m busy so can’t comment but really u all r great
U know what my favorite ff is…………y should I say to u 😉😉😜😜 leave let’s start:


Recap: Angry friends gang and family members

Om: what to do now
Isha: we can’t do anything
Shiv: it’s all just coz of u sister’s
Anisha glare at her angrily 😡😡😡
Ani: what we did
Shiv: u play that photo slide and coz of that photo slide everyone got to know we r married
Ani: we r not married it’s just an incident and (mare sapna mai koye aaya nahi tha ka beta anika photo slide on mat karna warna tera bhanda phoot jaye ga)
Shiv: what is this bhanda
Ani: nothing
Isha: guy’s stop fighting and think how persuade everyone
Om: ya they r very angry
Ani: friend gang is also angry
Shiv: just coz of u sister’s
Anika is about to say ishkara interrupted
Ishkara: guy’s don’t start again
They both look at each other
Isha: guy’s we should persuade friends gang first they will understand us
Om: ya she is right

@friends gang
Tula: how can they hide
Shama: they thought we will tell to everyone
They come and peep into the room
Shaz: i hate them
Pri: me too
Shiv: they hate us coz of u sister’s
Ani: u shut up shivaye please
Shiv:(loudly) no I’ll not

Friends gang listen
Isha: gaye bhass pani mai
Om: yaha koun bhass h (who is cow here)
Isha: tum (u)
Nithu: what r u doing here
Shiv: woh aaah…..anika want to say something say anika say
Ani: ha toh woh…..ishu want to say something
Isha: no om want to say something
Jazz: guy’s if u want to say say or else go from here
Aksha: we have other works to do
Anishom: sorry (shivaye is standing he didn’t said)
Nan: no we will not talk to u
Shama: & shivaye didn’t said sorry
Everyone look at shivaye
He give them what I did look
They give her nothing look
Shiv : how can we say that we r married
Pink: it’s simple through mouth
(All giggle)
Anika went inside and sit on the sofa shivomish also follow her

They 4 sit and anishom again said
Anishom: sorry
Ann(cuteprincess): shivaye muh mai dahi jama kar rakkhi hai
Shiv: no y
Ann (aarion): coz ur not saying sorry na so
Shiv: Shivaye Singh oberio will never said sorry to anyone
Tulas: we will also not talk to them who will not say sorry
Shama push her(shivaye) out and close the door
He is standing outside
Nithu: wait what u 3 r doing here
They all push them out
Shivaye laugh seeing them They(anishom) glare at shivaye angrily and goes from there
He also goes from there.

How is it guy’s
Boring, To much boring, that much boring that u can’t say ??
Sorry for no couple scene and actually after 2 or 3 episode surprise for u all and i don’t know when will I post next one it can be tomorrow or on Friday or after 1 week or after 1 month 😜😜 not 1 year it’s tooo late na so next episode takka
Take care
Love u all

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