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Ishqbaaz: The Royal Love episode 18

Hii guy’s ayesha sorry I didn’t posted actually I m not well I have fever yesterday its 108 today its 106 😷😷 no problem let’s start:

Recap: Shivika moment Ishkara panibaazi.

They r studying in collage rudra didn’t complete her studies there coz he can’t live alone so he is studying in collage in same collage in whih soumya study with her friends[Priyanka,Priya,shaza,jazz,Ann’s(aarion & cuteprincess)]@ Royal collage (In this collage all Prince & princesses study)
Soumya is with her friends talking one boy enter every girl is looking at him he is handsome dashing and smart every girl is falling for her soumya see her and went near
Somo: hii Rudy y u came here
Rudy: hello y u came here
Somo: to study
Rudy: i m also came here to study only
Somo with friends gang: we know y u came here
Rudy: y i came here
Somo: to flirt with girls
Rudy: ooh no I came here for studies
One girl came near rudra
Girl: hii I m Tina & u
Rudy: hello beautiful I m rudra u can call me rudy
Somo(slowly): flirting start.
Friends gang giggle
Girl: u know her (pointing toward soumya)
Somo: ya he know me any prob….. (rudra intrupted)
Rudy: no I don’t know who r u ??
Soumya & friends gang is shock
Somo: Rudy……
Rudy: u can’t call me Rudy only whom I say they only can calls Rudy
Somo: i hate u u….Rudy pudy
Rudy: i hate u to Somo momo
They glare at each other angrily and went opposte side

Singhania sisters is in oberio mansion only so shivaye message anika come near pool I m waiting
Anika get nervous y he is calling me ishana enter isha: what happend di everything is ok na
Ani: hmm everything is good
Anika looking at phone nervously & little blushing ishana see that & smirk and[kuch na kuch toh zaroor pak raha hai let me check]She get up from bed and went near anika
Isha: di & suddenly he snatch her phone from her hand and said let me check anika run behind ishana. Ishana went outside & lock anika inside
Ani: ishu my lovely ishu open the door
Isha: di butter is to costly now a day
Ishana check her phone & saw shivaye message
She open the door anika get up from bed & take her phone
Isha: y ur hidding from me I m know everything
Ani: ishu it’s nothing like that how ur thinking
Isha: what I m thinking
Ani: nothing & she went out blushing
Ishana smile and said I m so happy today coz my di is happy

Anika come there shivaye is waiting he can feel anika so he turn and saw anika and smile
Shiv: anika u came I m waiting for u from(he look at watch) 15 minutes
Ani: u r looking at watch from 15 minutes
Shiv he noded yes no yes no at last no
Ani: ok sorry
Shiv: hmmm it’s ok
Ani: y u call me here anything special
Shiv: no actually after I came back I didn’t talk to u when I want to somebody will come so I call u here
Ani smile
Ani: say what u want to say I m here only
Shiv: ok close ur eyes
Ani: y
Shiv: what I said do that
Ani: ok she closes her eyes
He take out something from her pocket
Shiv: now open ur eyes
She open her eyes
Ani: wow earing for me
Shiv: no no for ur ghost
She laugh
Ani: ok ok nice I love it and she hug her tightly
He also hug her she realise what she is doing she break the hug
Ani: aaah I m sorry
Shiv: u have a sorry box everytime sorry sorry say something different
Ani: ok thank u
He look at her angrily then suddenly they both start laughing
Ani: can I ask u something
Shiv: ya ask
Ani: really u don’t know what happened 4 years ago or ur just acting that u don’t
Shiv: really i don’t remember anything what happend before 4 years
Ani: nothing leave that say u enjoy in america
Shiv: ya it’s so beautiful place it’s superb
Ani: u miss me
He noded her head in yes
Shiv: u didn’t miss me
Ani: i miss u sooooooooooooo much I can’t say how much I miss u
Shiv: y u can’t show show
Ani:how I’ll show
Shiv: kiss me on cheeks don’t think that just as a friend
Anika is looking down
Shiv: leave if u don’t……
She kiss on her cheeks and ran from there shivaye smile & ishkara see this from far and smile

Precap: Ishkara fight

Thanks for reading and sorry for no ishkara in next episode pakka ishkara actually this is for small Diwali gift from my side to Shivika fan and next gift for ishkara fan I know yesterday it’s Diwali and giving gudt today actually I m not well so I can’t I want to give this at day beore yesterday but I can’t
Happy belated birthday dear aarion(ann)
May God bless ur every wish come true 🎊🎊🎉🎉 sorry I m wishing u late
By……take care
Ur ayeshu or ayeshu di

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