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Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [proologue]

Hey guys, I am new on IB page. I had a idea on my mind nd I wanted to share with u all. I hope u all like it.

So characters r same. If I add any new character, I will inform u later.


Scene 1 [at a dark isolated place]boy: hume ye karna parega. (we have to do this)
girl: par ap…(bt u…)
boy interrupts: hume ye karnahi parega, mai apni family k liye kuch v kar sakta hu. (we will have to do this, I can do anything fr my family.)
boy looks at girl, girl nods. Boy fills hr hairline with sindoor, girl closes hr eyes.
Scene 2 [aftr 2 mnths]Her pov:
I donno if it ws a ri8 decision or nt, bt the ni8 changed our lives. We r happy, bt in a corner of my heart, I feel pain. Each day, each hour, each minute, Each second.! “I donno y, bt may b it is better to die!!!”

so is it? I hope it is fine. I knw it ws too short bt I cant add anything mre. Nd the POV, I wanted to ri8 it in Hindi, bt didnt understand what to wri8. So it is my 1st IB ff, in the show all 3 bros r main lead bt in my ff Shivika r the main lead, so I will wri8 mre fr Shivik, sry.
Suggetion needed, I cant strt this frm this mnth as my exms r going on. So shld I start it frm December or nxt yr? Pls cmnt, I need ur support. Shld I continue or stop? Pls cmnt, good or bad, both r accepted.
Bye bye, luv u all- Neeti

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