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Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 6]

hey, guys…. Neeti/Neeto/Nets/Neetu back….. today I will directly move to the part 6….


Part 6
Rudra- Soumya hug each other…. Ishana was talking to Om on call, suddenly Ishana shouts…. Annika sees Tia hugging someone….
“kuch samay pehle” “some times before”

Scene 1 (Shivaay’s room)
Annika again comes without knocking… Shivaay was just coming out of bathroom (wrapped in towel?) {and now I am going as I am very young to watch it, you all njoy, I will be back}
Annika: Shivaay ap…… (Shivaay you…..) “looking at his condition”: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Shivaay: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Annika and Shivaay shouts, Shivaay shouts loudly…. they both turn around…..
Shivaay: Anni….Annik….Annika tum aha kya kar… kar… rah…rahi ho!!!??? (Anni…Annik….Annika what are you do….doing…. her…here!!!???
Annika: ye….ye ap bat….bataiye ki aise…aise bina kap…kapro ke kiu ghu…ghum rahe hai??!!! (you te…tell th…that… why are you roam….roaming around lik…like this without clothes??!!!)
Shiv: mai… mai ghum raha hu! (I…I am roaming!) “turns around” tum aha knock kiye bina andar a gayi!!! (you came inside without knocking!!!)

Now they get into a fight forgetting Shivaay’s condition….
Ani: ha.. to kya hua, apko to patahi haina ki mai bina knock kiye ajati hu phirbhi ap aise nange ghum rahe hai! (so.. what happened, you too know na that I always come without knocking still you are roaming without clothes)
Shiv: what’s…. what’s nange…. Annika language….
Ani: “turns around” apko is wakt vi mere language se taklif ho rahi hai, apni halat dekhke bat kijiye…. (you are concerned about my language now, see your condition first….)
Shiv: tum pehle apni language thik karo (you first improve your language)
he moves a bit saying this and his towel was about to come out….
Ani: “shouts very loud” Shivaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shiv: ahhhhhhh!!!!!! “he fixes the towel again”
these two are alone but how could this happen, so Omru’s entry is needed na! and I am going again….
Omru: Shivaay/Bhaiya……!!!
Shivika gets shocked!
Annika leaves embarrassed….
Omru: aha pe ye kya ho rha hai!!!??? (what is it happening here!!!???)
Shiv: Om, Rudra! tum…tum dono aha….kya kar…doing…do….I.mean rahe ho??? (what are you…you both… does….do…. I mean doing here….???)
Rudra: vaiya kya haina humare pas do kan hai, iss kan se hum logoki chikhe vi sun sakte hai (bro actually we have two ears, we can hear screams also by using it) “Omru smirks”
Shiv: tum…. tum…do…dono vi ajkal bin…bina…kno…knock kiye chale ate ho……. (u…..you…. bo….both also come with…..without…. kno….knocking now a days…….)
Om: kya hai na hume sapna nahi ata ki ajkal kiske bedroom me kya chal raha hai (actually na we don’t get dream of what’s happening in someone’s bedroom now a days) “Omru gives hi-five to each other”
Shiv: kya…kya..chal rah….raha hai? wo Annika mere kamre me…bin…bina knock kiye chali ayi thi….. (what…what… is hap…happening? Annika came to my room…. with….without knocking…..)
Rudra: bhaiya ap hume explanation dene ki wajai kapre pehen le to accha hai, warna kya pata koi phir ajaye….. (bro instead of giving us explanation you go and wear clothes, else who knows someone will again come…..) “gives a naughty smile”
Shiv: Anni….Annika…phir….phir kyu ayegi?… wo… nahi…nahi ayegi…..! (Anni….Annika….. why will she come aga…. again?… she…. wi….will…. not come again…..!)
Om: lekin humne kab kaha ki Annika a jayegi??? (but when did we say Annika will come???)
Shivaay hurriedly takes his clothes and go to bathroom to escape from further questioning…..
Omru laughs…..


Scene 2 (OM garden)

Annika comes to garden quickly…..
Annika: hey Bhagban, ye subha subha kya dikha diya tune…!!! accha dikhaya to dikhaya lekin Omru ko bhejne ki kya jarurat thi, ab pata nahi kya soch rahe honge wo log….. are aj to Tia ane wali thi na, usse lene koi airport nahi gya kya??? (Oh God, what did you shown today…!!! ok if you shown it’s ok but what was the need to send Omru there, now donno what they must be thinking….. 1min, Tia was supposed to come today, didn’t anyone went to pick her up???)
Annika calls Tia, phone is ringing but Tia is not receiving… Annika hears phone ringing somewhere, she follows the sound…… She sees Tia hugging someone, 1st she thought it to be Shivaay then she realises that Shivaay is in his room, she gets shocked
Annika: Shivaay to apne kamre me nange ghum rahe hai to phir ye kaun hai!!!??? (Shivaay is roaming without clothes in his room then who is he)
She tries to see the person’s face but fails, the person goes from there
Annika: ab to lagta hai tujhehi pata lagana padhega, Annika….
(now it seems you only have to find out, Annika) “she goes from there”

Scene 3 (OM)
Om is talking to Ishana, convo:
Om: Ishana, maine tumhara gift dekha kal, it was very nice but tumhe kaise pata chala ki mujhe wo kitab chahiye thi (Ishana, I checked your gift yesterday, it was very nice, but how did you get to know I wanted that book?)
Ishana: Om kuch cheeze bolne ki jarurat nahi parti….. (Om we need not to say few things)
Om: accha Ishana kya hum aj mil sakte hai, lunch pe? (can we meet at lunch today Ishana?)
Ishu: koi occasion? (any occasion)
Om: nahi bas aise hi, tumhe date pe le jana chahta hu…. (no just like that, I wanna take you out for date)
Ishu: Omkara Singh Oberoi mere sath date pe jana chahta hai (OSO want to go to date with me)
Om: Omkara Singh Oberoi nahi, sirf tumhara Om tumhe date pe le jana chahta hai… (not OSO, only your Om is taking you to date)
Ishu: accha thik hai, mai ab phone rakhti hu….. (ok I am cutting the call now)
Om: thik hai (ok) “he was about to cut the call”
Ishu: Om ruko! (Om wait)
Om: ha bolo (yeah, speak)
Ishu: hum jaldi milenge na? (we will meet soon na?)
Om: ha Ishana, hum jaldi milenge (yes Ishana, we will meet soon)
Ishu: accha thik hai…. (ok fine)
Om was about to cut the call again….
Ishu: Om ruko
Om: ha (yes)
Ishu: humare pas time haina? (we have time na?)

O sathiya sad version plays….

Om: ha Ishana, humare pas bohot time hai… (yes Ishana, we have a lot of time) “again he was about to cut the call”
Ishu: Om…..
Om: ha bolo, ab kya kehna hai? (yeah speak, what do you wanna say now?)
Ishu: ummm….. kuch nahi (nothing)
Om: pakka kuch nahi (sure nothing)
Ishu: nahi, kuch bi nahi (no, nothing)
now when Om was about to cut the phone he hears Ishana’s scream {it’s type of filmy, it reminds me of Aashiqui 2, M.S. Dhoni: the untold story and Ek Villain}
Om: Ishana…. Ishana…. Ishana kya hua tumhe Ishana!!!!!
he cuts the call and calls back. this time a man answered the call
Om: hello! Ishana tum thik to hona, tum chikhi kiu, tumhe kuch hua to nahi na??? (are you ok, Ishana, why did you scream, did something happened to you)
Poc: bhaishab ye jiska phone hai unka accident ho gaya, ap inke koi hai kya? (Mr. the owner of this phone met with an accident, are you someone to him?)
Om got a big shock, tears start flowing from his eyes, he sits down on the ground.
Poc: hello, hello bhaishab….
Om hears the sound: Hello…. wo wo kaisi hai? (how is she?)
Poc: bhaishab unhe bohot buri tarhase chot lagi hai, hum inhe hospital le ja rahe hai, ap jaldi se City Hospital ayiye….. (Mr. she is injured badly, we are taking her to hospital, you come to hospital quickly)
Om: thik… thik hai… ap log unhe jaldi hospital le jayye, mai avi ata hu….. (ok…..ok…. you all take her to hospital, I am coming)
Om rushes to hospital…

Scene 4 (in a park)

Soumya is waiting for Rudra
Soumya: iss Rudra ne mujhe is wakt park me kiu bulaya? aur ab ye kaha reh gaya? mujhe bulakar khud gayab ho gaya! (why did Rudra asked me to come to park at this time? he disappeared after calling me!)
suddenly many children come towards Soumya with balloon in their hands, they give it to Soumya, Soumya couldn’t understand anything…. more children came and one by one gave roses to her…. Soumya gets more surprised, now along with the children here comes our Cry baby Rudy boy, he comes infront of Soumya and bents down, he takes a bouquet of roses from behind and starts
Rudy: Soumya mujhe nahi pata ki pyaar kya chiz hai, ya pyaar kaise hota hai, kab hota hai par ek chiz hai pyaar jovi hai bohot khubsurat hai, iss khubsurat si feeling ko explain karna bohot bohot muskil hai, mere liye to aur bhi muskil, mai Shivaay bhaiya ki tarha nato pyaar ko thukra sakta hu aur nahi Om hu jo words ke sath khel ke jahir kar sakta hu par itna jarur keh sakta hu ki mai tumhe bohot chahta hu,…. I really like u, infact I love you, I love you a lot, mai tumhare bina nai ji sakta, kya tum mujhse shaadi karke mujhe ek nayi jindagi dogi??? (Soumya, I don’t know what is love, or how love happens, when but one thing is sure love is very beautiful, it is very very difficult to explain this beautiful feeling, it’s more difficult for me, neither I can reject love like Shivaay bro, nor I am Om who can play with words and express feelings but I can only say I like you a lot,…. I really like u, infact I love you, I love you a lot, I can’t live without you, will you give me a new life by marrying me???
Soums gets emotional, she remains quiet for sometime.
Soums: ha Rudra,
Agar tum stha ho plays….

Soums: I love you too, I really really love you (yes, Rudra)
she takes the bouquet, Rudra stands up, they hug each other….. everyone claps for them
they come to reality… suddenly Soums remembers yesterday’s incidence
Soums: nahi Rudra mai tumse shaadi nahi kar sakti, maine Reeyan ka proposal accept kar liya ab mai tumse Shaadi nahi kar sakti, I am really sorry Rudra! (no Rudra, I can’t marry you, I accepted Reeyan’s proposal now I can’t marry you)
Soumya cries and Rudra gets shocked!

Scene 5 (Shivaay’s room)
Shivaay remembers Annika calling him Shivaay. He was also a lil embarrassed by the incident.
Shivaay’s heart: Annika ne mujhe Shivaay bola! kya usne mujhe Billu bolna chod diya? uske muo se Shivaay sunne me kitna accha lagta hai na! (Annika called me Shivaay! did she stopped calling me Billu? it feels so nice to hear Shivaay from her mouth na!)
Shivaay’s mind: tu ye kya soch raha hai, usne bhalei tujhe Billu bolna chod diya ho par uske Shivaay kehnesehi tujhe apne bhaiyo ke samne itna embarrassment jhelna para…. aur uske muo se koi accha waccha nahi lagta bas pehli bar bola iss liye tujhe thik laga!!!! (what are you thinking, even if she stopped calling you Billu but you had too bear embarrassment infront of your bother because she called you Shivaay…. and it doesn’t feel nice from her mouth, it is because she called Shivaay for the first time that’s why you found it was ok)
Shiv’s heart: teri waja se ye The Great SSO apni feelings se bhag raha hai, isliye tu chup rah! (because of you The Great SSO is running from his feelings, so you shut up!)
Shiv’s mind: tu chup reh, jyada bolta hai tu! (u shut up, you speak too much)
Shiv: shut up you both, mai uske bare me nahi soch raha hu!!! (I am not thinking about her!!!)
O jaana plays…..

Precap:Rumya marriage, Ishkara emotional moment and Ishana’s exit, Shitia’s marriage date gets fix, Shivika cries….

sorry if there is any typing or grammatical mistake, I could proofread it only 1 time, as it was late update, so forgive me…..

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