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Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 1]

Hey, guys. I knw I said I will post it nxt mnth bt I am overjoyed with ur cmnts plus I forgot to mention some major points, which may confuse u all later.

* Shivaay nd Annika r main lead as I mentioned bfr.
* Ridhima will b opposite Omkara
* the stry strt frm September, 2011 (no 3G, hehehe) as I will take leap
*Sahil nd Anika have blood relation
* there will b no Svetlana, Roop or Gayatri as there r already many grey charecters
* Sundari Bua will play a major role
* there will b no mystery of Annika’s sister, like real show.


Part 1
Scene 1 [OM]She steps into the house, her hairs r tied
hr lips r curved into a beautiful smile.
her eyes r covered with a lil kohl
in hr face she has a lil mole.
she is like a fairy, she is like an angel
in frnt of hr any1 would fail.
she is Anika.
She comes inside the home. She is busy in looking into a file, she keeps walking. Suddenly she bumps with some1 nd is abt to fall, she closes hr eyes been scared of falling bt the strng hands hold hr. She is still scared of falling bt then realises sme1 holding hr. She slowly open hr eyes.
There comes the blue eyed man
any1 who see him will become his fan.
no1 knws what he can
bcz he does evrything without any plan.
he is Shivaay.
They share a sweet eyelock nd get lost in each other
Shivaay’s POV
donno knw where hr mind is. She always bumps with me. Bt before I used to get angry nd nw I feel vry nice. I like to hold her in my arms. I like it when she is around me. I like it when she is close to me. I like to go close to hr. I always want hr to b with hr like this. Donno y bt I want to b, I really want. I am very much lost in hr eyes. Suddenly she broke the eye contact saying, “Billuji, choriye mujhe”. “haa…” I said been lost in hr beauty. “mujhe choriye” she said again to me. “oh, yeahhh…” I said nd we both got back to our nrml position. There was a akward silence between us. “sorry, wo mai samne nai dekh rahi thi” she said breaking the silence aftr sometime. “its okay” I replied to hr. Then she gave me an angry look. May b she was expecting me to say sry.
Anika’s POV
really!! I mean really! I said sry, when it was nt my mistake. Ok, I was looking into the file bt I was doing work, he could have notice me. He didnt notice me, it was his mistake, evn then I said sry, at least he could have say, “ye tumhari galti nai hai” bt frm whom am I expecting aftr all. He is the grt Shivaay Singh Oberoi, hw can he say sry or thank u. Why I am even thinking of it. I sld better leave
Shivaay’s POV
she looked at me fr sometime nd left frm there. I knw she wanted me to say sry then she must have though hw can I saw sry or thank u to any1. Like always I disappointed hr even today.
Part 1 ends.

I knw it was vry vry vry short bt my Ammu is calling me to revise my lessons or I can say she is scolding me:-D. Nd again sme imp. notes:
* currently Anika is the wedding planner of Shivaay
* I am starting frm the time aftr Shivaay’s misunderstanding fr Anika gets clear
* Anika dont knw abt Tia till nw
I wanted to write dialogues bt as it is the 1st prt so I wrote POV to express how they feel abt each other. Nd pakka nxt1 there wont b much POV, I wanted to write full prt in Hindi bt then TU wld hve rejected it so I just wrote their dialogue in Hindi.
I hope u all will cmnt on this prt also. I just started to read ur ffs, I am reading them frm 1st so I will nt cmnt on them nw, I will b a silent reader. Plz plz plz, cmnt. I really need them. If u tell me abt my flaws only then I can improve my writing, nd good cmnt will surely encourage me. So good nd bad both cmnts r acptd. Bye bye, luv u all- Neeti

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