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Ishqbaaz – The love life of oberoi brothers (Part 1)

Hey guys,, This is Ruchitha,, Do u guys remember me? Actually I am a fan of Ishqbaaz,,and the current track is really very interesting,,,, and this is my new FF,,, This episode iis from the current track of ishqbaaz,,

Daksh proposed anika this is known by shivaay, Om&Ridhima break up, Soumya and rudra got married unknowingly.,but om& accident is not involved,, here comes the episode,,
Daksh : anika , I really love u yaar,,,, ( knees down)
anika in a shocking expression,,
scene shifts to shivaay , he is walking here and there in a tension wala look,, meanwhile omru comes near him,,
Ru : bhayya, I cheered u guys with much effort but ur still in tension,, what happened,,?
Om : haan shivaay, anything serious?
shi : wo actually,,,daksh,,,,
ru: hey daksh bhayya had come,,,,hi bhayya,where ou went,,,,
( Daksh comes there,,,actually anika said something to daksh when he propsed her,,, she might have said yes r no,,, no one knows it except daksh and anika,,, we have to wait to know it, but now lets see shivaay struggles to know the anika’s answer)
Shi : Hey daksh,,what happened ? ( he asks in a very worried look )
Daksh is smiling,,and his face seemsto be much happy. seeing this shivaay gets tensed.
Om : What? what what happned? ( kya ? kya ,kya hua ? )
Dak: Nothing,om,, and I will get fresh up and I wil come back,,
Daksh goes to his room,, OMru also leaves from there,,shivaay gets a call,, he gets busy,,
scene shifts oBeroi mansion front side,, Anika is just entering in,,,then she sees a couple standing infront oberoi mansion,,
Ani : hey,hello,,,who r u? ( hey hello,, aap koun hai ? )
they sees her,,
Man : HI, actually this is Arjun,, I am shivaay’s friend, and she is my fiance Anika,,
Anika : hein ? Oh beti ki,, Her name is also anika?
WOmen : Means ,, Ur name too ……?
Anika : ha ,, Hi ,,this is anika,,come in ,,,
man : no actually,, we are here to invite shivaay to our wedding,,but he seems to be busy,,we too had another works,,willl u please give this wedding card to Shivaay?
anika : ya sure,, we can’t disturb him while he is working right,, I will give it,( ha,, waise bhi jab wo kaam karte hai,hum usko disturb hi nahi karna chahiya,, mai usko deti huin )
She takes the card and they leaves,,,
Anika enters into Oberoi mansion,, in hall,,shivaay is talking to someone in phone,,but he sensed anika,,he did cut the call,,Anika came near shivaay,, shivaay saw wedding card in anika’s hand,,he gets shocked
(Shivaay in his mind : What the wuck ? I know daksh is faast but I didn’t predict he is tooo fast,, that means,,anika accepted daksh’s propsal and evn wedding cards are printed and she came to me to give the card,,,,)
Anika to shivaay : Billuiji,,,this is for u (yeh aapke liye)
(shivaay in his mind : but how could she do that,,she can’t accept his propsal in this way,,,,,, because she loves me right? that means,,she don’t love me as she acptd daksh’s propsal,,, but I love her ri8,, she could wait for my confession,,wo,,wo,,shivaay,,U dont love her,,but,,)
Meanwhile Anika says Billu ji billuij,,,,,,,, he comes into senses
Shiv to ani : but anika,,u can’t do this, oK?
(anika to herself : Oh,, billu ji is getting angry as I didnt make his friend to meet him,,,,and he is saying i cant do this)


ANika to shiv : But billu ji,, you were busy,,, and I cant wait for u,,,( here “I” insense “they” ,the couple,,but unknowingly she said “I” )
Shivaay takes the card from anika ,,and he is shocked to see ,, Arjun weds Anika,,
(Shiv to himself : What? She is not marrying daksh,, she is marrying someone else named arjun)
SHiv to ani : Ok, you can’t wait for me,,as I didn’t say you,,,but bichari daksh,,what about him?
(Ani to herself : Arjun ji said he is friend of billuji,,it means he is friend of daksh ji too,, so biillu ji is asking why can”t I make arjun ji meet daksh ji ,)
Ani to shiv : But billu ji, ,,,,
shiv : what anika ? ok, you don’t like daksh so you didn’t accept him,,but don’t you think of me once,,,?
ani : Hein??? what ji ?
shiv : ha,,,,, See ok,, I didn’t confess you about this,,,but you know na,,
ani : what I know ? ( she gives a strange vala look )
shiv : ah,, you love me,,,,,,,, But you are marrying some other Arjun,,ok I didn’t propse u but you can’t leave me like this ok ?
anika understand the whole thing,,she gets angry , irritated,,,,
ani : aap,,,,what should I do this billu ji,,,once open the wedding card,,open nd see I say!
shivaay opens the card , he finds his friend photo and someothers other than his anika, he smiles ,,he understands whole thing,,,,,,,
shiv : so,,, this means you r not getting married,,,
ani : what, ? and what now-a-days,,you r more interested in my marriage,,yesterday you have propsed me behalf of daksh,, I should break your head for that,,,ji billu ji,,first see about ur marriage,, i have said you that tia is cheating on u ,but u don’t care about it because you are interested in my marriage plans right?
shiv : Hey,, I thought you can’t accept daksh’s propsal because you love me ok?
Ani : Ghantaa,,,,,,,
shiv : anika,, see your language,,what do u mean by ghanta?
ani : wo actually,,, wait,, we are not talking about it,,we are talking about Ur interest in my marriage right?
shiv : see anika,, I am not interested in ur marriage ok, Tia is interested about this,,,
Ani : achaaa,,,,,,,
shiv : and I just wanted to ask you something
ani : what?
shiv : What did you answered to daksh over his propsal ?
ani : why you are so muh interested in this?
shiv : No, actually he is my friend right,,
ani : then listen,he did propose me today,,and I,,
Dadi : anika puttar,,come here once..
ani : haan dadi,,am coming,,
she is going towards kitchen,,,shivaay cathces her hand,
shiv : but you didn’t answer me at?
anika comes near shivaay releasing her hand from him
ani : You are much interested in this right? so i am not going to say for u,, and she smiles, and leaves
(SHiv to himself : hey paanika bhi na,, but why i am so much interested in this,,whether she say yes or no,,who cares?by the way , I am not going to care.. But,,,what did she say??)

and it became evening now,,,, all gathered from puja,,this is finished
rudra : SO ,,now crackers time,,, all family memebrs ,,excited?
om pats on rudra’s head
shiv : you are still a kid??,,anyways if you want to burst so,,you can,,,
rudra gives crackers to everyone,,they starts bursting,,,every family member is there except anika,, shivaay starts searching for her,,,daksh comes to him
daksh : shivaay , did u see anika? I am searching for her from so long!
shiv : yeah me too,,
daksh : what?
shiv : I have some work with her so,, ( absolute lies,,but he want a excuse )
dak : oh,, ok,, I am going out,,,, if u find her say to me,and he leaves,,, meanwhile he is still searching,,,, then tia comes infront him
tia ; shivaay baby,, I know you are searching me na,,,
shiv : yeah tia,, and i have some work
and he leaves from there,,,,
Rudra : yeah why did this lady baba came here ? ( in slow voice )
Soumya listens this
sou : rudra, what do you have problem with tia?
ru : I don’t know yaar,but I like to see bhayya with anika di
so : I too wish the same,, and she gets lost in thoughts wile seeing om with priyanka, Rudra notices this
ru : you are missing your brother right?
so : ha rudra,,in our childhood we used to burst a lot of crackers together,,and he used to take care for me much,,, and she get tear eyed
ru : see sumo,, now you r with your husband,,even I will take care of you in the same way as your brother does,,,after all I am your husband right?
soumya smiles and they burst crackers together,,,
meanwhile our shivaay finds anika near the pool,,,,
shiv : so ,you are here,,, Iam searching for u so long
anika turns back,,
ani : But why, is anything wrong,,,but I did all the things in the correct way,,that you should not need me,,, Oh I think the oil finished in deepas,, I will fill it,,
and she just stepped forward trying to leave,,, shivaay holds her hand ,,pulls her towards him,,her hands on his chest,,his hands in her shoulders,,,, they are close,,,,near the pool
shiv : No,, they are fine,, I didn’t came here to say you that,,,
ani : then what??
they have a eye lock,,,,,

PRECAP : Anika is afraid in her home,,,shivaay feels she is unsafe,, SHivika 1st HUg,,,, Rudra takes ring from riyan and makes wear it to soumya,,, Om meets a girl,,,,,

Hey guys ! PLease do review this episode,,and sorry for grammatical mistakes,, I think the episode is somewhat long and if u find it boring please say me,,,,,SHould I continue this FF or not,,, please do comment…………

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  1. on this episode i would like to say that it is super se bhi upar wala episode and i am so excited to read the next one as u told om will meet a girl who will that be? is it ishana? anyways di u wrote superb and i request u update the next one quickly plz and yes i am nidhi of class 9 wanna do friendship with me? hope u say yes and once again that the episode was simply awesome! i loved it to the core! don’t make us wait more update fast

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