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#Ishqbaaz #ShiVika #OS #Epilogue #Few things left unsaid

Hi hello peeps…🙋🙋🙋
I am extremally sorry for making some of you cry by my OS…😔😔😔😔 And thank you all for your support too… On public demand here I am with epilogue for that OS… hope you all like it…


Oberoi mension is decorated beautifully and reason is Godbharai if their elder bahu Anika…

Every one is happy because Anika who is in Trauma is now started behaving normally though yet she is not that happy and lucky go Anika but that smile for few seconds which us creating in Anika’s face now-a-days is enough for them and apart from Shivay she is even interacting with other family member too which us enough for them…

And today every one is running for here and there to make everything perfect and in this all chaos Pinky take out some time and make Anika eat her breakfast and after Janhavi make her swallow her medicine and Dadi come and informed her to get ready in red saree which kept in cupboard Anima nod and getup from bed open wardrobe and take out red saree and she is searching for matching jewellery but before she can find it something hard hit her hand and she found it weird because none if her jewellery box are such hard so she take out that thing and it is dairy and she go through few two three pages and she read Shivay’ve written about Tia and his feeling confusion and soon her mind and heart fight a battle whether to read it or not further and soon her mind win and she choose to read dairy and before she can settle on bed to read Prinku come to call her so Anika kept dairy below her pillow and get ready all the while ceremony in going in her mind in itching to go and read that dairy to know about Shivay because now she is thinking that Shivay may have sacrificed his love for her and her unborn… (Only if she have thought this while he greeting her married off to Dhruv then story have been different)

As soon as ceremony got over Prinku and Ishana bring Anika to her room, and as Shivay is out of town due to an urgent meeting they make her have dinner and due to Shivay’s strict instruction of letting Anika rest Ishana and Prinku skip their thought of gossiping and leave from there.

As soon as Ishana and Prinku left Anika take out dairy and started going through pages and soon she find words for her

“Okay, for the first time someine replied back to me, her guts😈😈😈😈 and she break my car’s windscreen 😈😈😈😈 but she is something…😱😱”

Anika smiled reading this and remember her first meeting and smile at her destiny too ciz she go married to person whose face she do not want to see and even.

As soon as page is moving she read more about their meetings and Shivay’s confused feeling for her and their relationship and that remind her about her confused feeling for her which she have for Shivay before Dhruv enter in her life and she remember that beautiful and small small moments which they had before Dhruv’s entry and she murmur linking at Shivay’s photo kept on side table
“Those moments too were most beautiful moments of my life may be if Dhruv not happened to me then I’ve fallen for you may be”

Soon she come out from her ShivIka dreamland and soon she a photo gain her attention it is from Janmashtami celebration they are sharing an eye lock and below he have written how much I wish time stop at this moment…😍😍

Aniks shocked reading this she hurriedly move further pages almost are fill with Shivay’s feeling for her and his regretting words for all the blame and insult he have done of her and that bring tears in her eyes and she wiped it and continue reading and more time a picture which is from Shitia’s patch up party where they both are holding each other and there Shivat have written

“I would love to stay under effect of fruit punch only my Anika is with me like this”

Anika once again started moving page and there she find Shivay and her photo from Dhanteras pooja where he is holding her hand and there he have written

“Due to situation I’ve to be shattered but I wonder I am not shattered even after knowing Tia is cheating on me may be because now I am able to propose live of life Anika..😍😍😍” Anika wait soon I’ll let you know my feeling and I am sure you too are feeling same for me and if not then I’ll make you fall in love with me…😍😍☺☺☺

Anika is stunned reading this because till that day she was confused about her feeling but one thing is for sure that she is feeling something for Shivay but that night Dhruv proposed her and she choose him over he confused fewlin for Shivay as Shivay never reciprocate his feeling for her to her.

And once again she moved page and that page have her, Dhruv and Shivay’s photo from her marriage and he have written

“She is someone else but Anika no one can stop me from loving you. I’ll love you till the last breath of my life…💔💔💔

Once again she turn pages almost are narrating that how her friendship make him feel alive and how broken he feel seeing her happy with someone else then him now this broke that dam bridge in her eyes a d she is crying and she keep reading and she once again find their picture from their marriage and there he have written

“You are mine a part if my heart is happy knowing that you are mins but other is shattered because you are in love with someone else”

And today she asked me have you ever loved someone???

How much I want to say her that she is the one but breaking mybown heart I like to sooth her so I lied…

Now all I can wish is will she ever love me the way she loved Dhruv???

Anika turn page further but now pages are blank and she now feeling understood and feel the pain which Shivay felt all this while she ignired him and his feeling after their marriage and soon she decide that she will correct her mistake and dailled Shivay’ number on second ring he pick up and speak

Shivay: Yeah Anima any thing happened???

Anika: Shivay once you’ve promised your self that you’ll make me fall for you right???

As soon as words register in Shivay’s mind he concluded that she’d read his dairy but to hide he replied

Shivay: Anika, I really not understanding what are you saying???

Anika: Billuji stop lying I already had read your dairy and all I wanted to ask is can’t you promise yourself the same promise once again???

Listening her Shivayvis happy beyond word he smiled and speak

Shivay: For you I can do anything… I live you my Panika… And yeah you do not need to force yourself for accepting this all take your time and answer me.

Anika: Billuji, you know I too was feeling same for you before Dhruv proposed me but you never said your feelings and rest you know…

Before she can complete her sentence her room”s door open with a thud and Shivay run in her direction and speak with tear in eyes…

Shiavy: I am sorry, I love you a lot at that time and now too.

Anika stand up and hugged him and speak

Anika: I love you too billuji…

And Shivay kiss her forehead and bend down and kiss her eight month baby bump and speak

Shivay: Baby your papa loves you and your mumma a lot plz come soon baby..

Happy tears bream in Anika’s eyes and by her one hand she caresses Shivay’s hair and by another she caresses her baby bump and Shivay put his hand on her hand and he too caresses and a content smile form on ShivIka’s lips feeling baby’s kick who make them feel his/her presence in his/her parents happy moment… 😍😍😍😍

Okay I done with writing… Hope you all like ii… Eagerly waiting for all of yours feedback….☺☺☺

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