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#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Marriage or Revenge #Dark FF #Part 4

Hello peeps… Thanks a lot for all of your lovely support and I already started mission replying to each comment and hope I’ll complete it soon and Yeah back with next update…. And no but before update I would like to clear one thing nope two thing almost reader are complaining regarding update is short but if I’ll make update lengthier then thrill charm of update will lost and another very few ask me to not show Shivay’s character like this but trust me with the passing of update his character will change and as of now his character’s intense love, obsession is required so… Hope you all get my point and if not then feel free to let me know by comment and PM… Kitna sara bol diya now Enjoy update…


Part four

Feeling his rough touch on her milky bare back Anika come to her normal sense and she tried to remove his hand from her back as his touch is sending chill to her spine but before she can remove his hand Shivay hold her hand and wit full delicacy he twist her hand and lean over her and in his deep husky voice he once again speak in her ears

Shivay: Anika I want you to stop and break this marriage…


This time with all her stamina she succeeded in free her hand from grip and push him lil which bring distance between their bodies which not liked by Shivay and before he can do anything Anika speak

Anika: Are you out of your mind Mr.Oberoi??? Seems like you are not in your sense… And do not you dare repeat that word… (With full anger in her voice)

Despite of her anger and her dislike for his proximity to her Shivay come close to her and roughly he caresses her lips and speaks

Shivay: Yeah Anika I am out of my mind and my senses after seeing you. And now you are driving me crazy with passing of each moment…

And his hand started moving towards her neckline and forcefully Anika remove his hand and speak

Anika: Just stop this nonsense and leave from here now Mr.Oberoi… (In rage with full anger in her voice)

Listening her such tone Shivay loose his control over his anger and he roughly hold her by her shoulder and trap her between him and nearer wall and speak

Shivay: Listen, me carefully, I am mad for you now and from now only I am the one who can stand with you can call you mine so just stop this bl**dy marriage with that looser Daksh. And I you are mine now that’s final….

As soon as his words register in her mind Anika loose her senses and stamina to fight back with demon standing in front of him but soon she recover because she do not like to be weak in front of any one and she retort back to him

Anika: I am not any property whom you can call yours and You madness for me is your problem so dealt with it and now I’ll call everyone and do not you dare threaten me by giving what they look because now I am not bother with that because I do not wanted to tolerate you and your nonsense any more…

Anika is in shocked with her own self because she never ever shouted on any one like this but today she is screaming on devil in front of him… And soon Shivay left her hand settle on her bed and looking at her he speak

Shivay: I like this wild kitten hidden inside you, now you totally spellbound me and I am eager to know more layers of yours you are hiding…. (With naughty smirk)

Anika feel disgusting with his smirk and she tries to cover herself with Dupatta of her bridal ware which firstly come in her eye sight. Seeing her hiding herself with that dupatta shivay stand up and started walking in her direction and seeing him coming towards her Anika feared little but she pretend to be normal and coming to her Shivay tries to take off Dupatta from her body and speak

Shivay: This dupatta is of someone else’s name so keep it away from your body. I do not like it…

Anika: And I do not care for your liking…

Shivay: Stop answering back.

And he holds her hand and twist it this time bit roughly and Anika hissed due to pain and seeing this Shivay continue.

Shivay: Anika, I feel same pain when you are dreaming and missing someone else so do not do this and break this marriage… (With pleading look but anger is there in his tone)

Anika: I won’t and just leave my hand you are hurting me…

Shivay: I told you na I do not want to leave you I damn want you and keep one thing every yeas and no of your will gonna affect your life from now..

Saying this he lost all his sense and control over his lust and lean over her and before she can respond he slammed his lips on her tightly And feeling his rough lips over her rosy lips she pressed her lips hard restricting him to move further and struggling to press him away from her but Shivay aggressively pull her more close to him leaving no space between their body not even for air to pass and his lips and tongue are struggling to enter inside her mouth to taste evry corner but she is not allowing so irritated Shivay hardly bit her lower lips and same time pinch her on her waist and she ouched due to pain and taking benefit of this he entered his tongue inside her mouth and starts tasting every corner and same time his hands are roamng over her milky bare back and waist randomly and seductively and Anika is feeling disgusting and lifeless dur to his touch and she lose all her stamina and sense to fight back and she give up and waiting for him to stop this all. And taking his sweet time he pulled back when he is out of breath and caressing her cheek he speak

Shivay: You taste heavenly and be ready to Shivay Sing Oberoi’s bride…

And he leaves from there leaving crying Anika behind…

So howz update is??? Enjoyed it or not??? And any guess or assumption for Shivay’s next action… Plzzzzz leave your feedback whether its positive or negative and dearsilent reader plz don’t shy feel free to comment…

And yeah writers plz msg me your updates link I love to read all your works…

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