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#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Marriage or Revenge #Dark FF #Part 3

Hello peeps…🙋🙋🙋 How are you all???? Peeps I am nervous and feeling very low after seeing number of comments on my updates and yeah If you peeps don’t like to read then let me know I’ll stop writing and updating….

Part Three


Shivay is following Anika like he is under some spell but that spell broken by Anika’s word

Anika: Daksh I am really sorry, I was busy applying Helena in my hand and every one there is teasing me so I didn’t receive your call at that time and you know now I am going to my room and will talk with you peacefully…

As soon as someone else’s name come out from Anika’s lips and register in Shivay’s mins he clutch his finger and become angry on the person who is on another side of call but controlling his anger he keep following her…. And he continue listening one side conversation of Anika as he is not able to hear another side person’s voice….

But soon his nostrils flairs in anger after hearing Anika

Anika: I miss you Daksh.

Now all his control on his own anger is about to break but soon he heard.

Anika: Bye I need to change in something simple this Saree is so heavy…(After a pause) No chance I am disconnecting call bye….

Till the time her face become more adorable due to the blush, And on another side Shivay’s thought started running in wild direction hearing her that she is changing… 😜😜😜😜

Anika who is unaware of the fact that she is being followed by someone start murmuring some song and enter inside her room and kept her phone on her bed and she take out her white hello kitty PJ and she unpinned her saree and throw on her bed and she try to untie the strips of her blouse and same time taking care of her heena as she don’t want it to get spoiled but she is not able to untie it and Shivay who is seeing her struggle from door enter inside and he pull Anika by putting his one hand on her milky bare waist and by his another hand he untie her blouse strip…. (Okay I am too blushing like hell right now)

Anika is stunned by his sudden touch and a shiver run through her spines and she hide her back by her black hair and turn around and shocked to see Shivay there and she stammer and speak

Anika: Wo, what are you doing here in my room????

Shivay instead of answering anything he move one more step closer to her and seeing him coming closer to her she step back and their this game continue Anika trap between Shivay and wall and she now try to escape from side but Shivay block her way by his hands and once again tie her strip as he don’t want any unwanted accident to happen and he bring his face closer neck and he bring his lips near to her ear and slowly but in deep dusky voice he speak

Shivay: I am talking to you but you cut in between so to complete that conversation I followed you here…

Till now Anika’s breath become heavy due to his close proximity and the at he speak in her ears and she try to push him away and by putting all her force she succeeded somehow and she replied

Anika: Listen Shivay Singh Oberoi I am not interested in having any conversation with you and will you please leave my room now????

Shivay: I don’t like your attitude and I am the one who will decide that conversation will happen or not???? (Once again coming close to her)

Anika: Listen I am tolerating you just because you are our guest and if you won’t walk out of my room then I’ll scream loudly… (And she move towards door of her room)

Shivay pull her by her waist and once again untying her strips he speak

Shivay: Don’t you dare threaten me and any way now you are not in condition to shout else who ever come here will doubt you too along with me, (while smirking) and I want you to stop and break this marriage….

Anika stunned hearing him and she choke d and Shivay longingly caresses her back…ðŸ˜�ðŸ˜�ðŸ˜�

So that’s it… Done with update…. Hope ouball like it… Now plz drop your valuable comments whether its negative or positive and I seriously wanted to know whether to continue it or just stop… I’ll respect my readers majority decision whatever it is… Waiting for all of your response and decision….☺☺☺☺ So what do you peeps think will Anika stop this marriage???😃😃😃


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