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Ishqbaaz: Our Incomplete love story………( Episode 1 ) By Muskan

Hii guy’s i m back with episode 1 i m happy u like it & i get positive comments keep supporting…… hope so u like this episode

shivika is married and i m ishkara fan but they r no more in the show


Episode start:

Scene 1:
Oberio mansion:
One women is shown talking on phone
Women: u get any information
POC(person on call): no mam
women: what 3 years 3 years & u can’t find a 8 year boy
Poc: sorry mam
women: leave i’ll search by myself

POC: ok mam
she cut the call and then one man is standing he ask
Man: u get any information (that women is anika)
Anika: no om i didn’t get any information
om: it’s ok we get to know soon
anika: don’t know how is sahil he alive or….. (tears fall from her eyes)
om: he is fine we will find her soon don’t take tension
she smile and said
anika: hmm i think ur right
om: i know i m always right
they both smile
shivaay see this from far and think
shiv(think): it’s all bcoz of me if that time i m with her this will not happen

Scene 2:
one girl is shown shouting
girl: sahil get up or i’ll beat u get up
sahil: arey ishu di i want to sleep
(that girl is ishana)
ishana: ok i m going u sleep
sahil: wait didi i m getting up
ishana: good get up i think today i’ll get late to my dance class bcoz of u
sahil: arey didi if u r late then i’ll also get late
ishana: leave come for breakfast i m waiting
sahil: ok didi
They both had there breakfast ishana drop sahil and she go for her dance class

scene 3:
Back to oberio mansion:
shivaay is in kitchen making breakfast anika enter and see her
shiv: get to know about sahil
anika: no i din’t get any information about sahil don’t know anyone is with her or not
shiv: sor..r..y it’s all bcoz of me….(anika interrupt)
anika: i know it’s all bcoz of u only and how much time u will sorry ur sorry will not bring my brother back so leave it

she says and goes from there
shivaay says to himself: i know anika my sorry will not bring ur brother back but i promise u i’ll surely bring ur brother back pinky promise
he smile

Precap: Rumya fight & soumya’s birthday

sorry for grammatical mistakes
Hope u like it
keep supporting
love u guy’s
🙂 🙂 🙂

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