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Ishqbaaz OS by Fama

Hi ishqbaaz family, I have been wanting to write and os on ishgbaaz current track but not able to muster the courage so today I am finally trying to share my imagination with you people. I hope you will support me by reading it and also commenting on it.
I am starting with where today’s ended and the precap for Monday episode, hope you will like it.

Ready Steady read…
So Shivaay succeeded in convincing Mrs Aggarwal to make her daughter sit in Tia’s place for marriage and then divorce the second day.
Downstairs- the family is worried that the auspicious time for the wedding is passing and Shitia are not down yet.
Dadi: Anika can you check on Billu , I don’t know why they are not yet here.
Anika: sure Dadi.
Anika went towards Tia’s room instead of calling shivaay (she wants to avoid him)
A: Tia… everyone is waiting for you downstairs the time is passing.
The girl whom Shivaay hired to married him turns to Anika, Anika gets shocked seeing the girl instead of Tia in a bridal dress.
A: who are you, what are you doing here in bridal wear and where is Tia? Anika asked in one breathe.


S: she is here to marry me and we are getting divorce after the marriage… any problem? Shivaay asked Anika with attitude. Anika gets shocked with Shivaay’s statement but chose to ignore shivaay’s stupidity.
A: well….Dadi asked me to call you for your marriage but it seems like you are ready to destroy a girl’s life using your so-called power and surname(to the girl) why are you destroying your life, marrying him. Shivaay got angry with anika’s statement.
S:JUST SHUT UP okay….shivaay shouted at anika but she didn’t seem to be affected by his anger.
A:By going to the wedding dais with a man you don’t even know taking the seven nuptial rounds,the seven promises, the sindhoor that you will apply by his name, the nuptial chain you will wear in his name will not be fake. After the divorce tomorrow, you will always be a divorcee no matter who marries you again, the marriage will always be your second marriage, money will not give you back your real identity.
The girl got convinced by Anika’s words and give back shivaay’s cheque to him, she went to the change to change the bridal wear.

The girl: i am sorry Mr Oberio but I don’t want the deal. The girl works off leaving shivika alone and shivaay fuming with anger, somewhere in Anika’s heart she felt happy that her billu ji won’t get married now but at the same time she is feeling bad.
S: you are going to the mandap right now and marry me or else…
A: or else what! What would you possible do? How could you possible think of something of something like marriage vo bi between you and me.
S: wow…so you don’t know what shivaay singh oberoi can do right. He twists anika’s hand.
A: I can never agree to marry you, you are not even worth of my chameli because you are a stone that has no emotions and no respect for a woman and you have no idea of what a woman’s dignity means.

S: i am glad to know that you know the word “dignity” but unfortunately you didn’t know the meaning because if you do, you wouldn’t have slept with a man for….
Anika slap him hard before he could complete his sentence. A: this slap is for pointing a finger on a woman’s character. (Another slap on his other cheek) A: this one is for thinking that I…. she was about to slap him again when shivaay tighten his grip on her hand(I mean when he hold her hand)
S: (holding her hand) don’t you dare think of slapping shivaay singh oberoi……anyways I have a good deal for you check this out..
Shivaay shows Anika a video of Sahil in a dark room terribly crying out Anika’s name. Anika got shocked after watching sahil’s state in that video, and collapsed on the floor.
A:why are you doing this?

S: very simply wear the wedding dress, cover your face with a veil and follow me to the mandap or let your brother died….choose one.
Shivaay smirk at her, Sahil’s crying voice echoes in her mind she stands up and face shivaay
A: okay I am ready to marry you but on one condition….
S: and that is I have to free your brother first. Right! Anika nods her head n positive.
Shivika went downstairs and complete the marriage with Anika’s face covered and silently weeping under the veil thinking of how the family members will react after knowing the truth.

Guys I wanted to make it an os but it seems like I won’t be able to
So please spare some time and read this boring os and please please please I request you to give your valuable comments so I can type the next part of the os.


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