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Ishqbaaz OS by Fama shot 2

Hi guys am so happy that you people like the os and am on cloud reading the comment plz plz continue to give 10mins of your busy time to read and give your valuable comments.

Here goes the next part..


After the marriage is completed Pinky asked to Anika: Tia…the shadi is completed so remove your veil now.

Rudra: I don’t even want to see this lady baba’s face😙😙. She wants to take my Shivaay bhaiya from me and she succeeded😂😂😂😂

He make a crybaby face to Dadi and Om

Dadi: what if the bride is not Tia but your Anika didi. Will you still cursed her for taking your brother.

Rudra: ha Dadi how I badly wished that Anika didi was marrying my brother instead of this lady baba, then I wouldn’t be angry.

Om: Rudra.. Have you seen Anika since she went to get Shivaay and Tia?

Rudra: no she didn’t come back maybe she is heartbroken after seeing Shivaay marrying Tia.

He does his logic step after completing his sentence to Om while Dadi went to Shivika.

Om: you are really dumb.

Om also leave Rudra alone wondering where Anika is?

Dadi: Shivaay ask your bride to remove the veil now as the marriage is complete.

Dadi suspiciously looks at the bride from the head to the toe. Suddenly Anika take off her veil everyone become shocked excluding Dadi and Om, Rudra too is shocked but happy to see his didi becoming his bhabhi now.

Pinky: oh my mata! Shivaay what happens. Where is Tia and how did this girl come to the mandap. Shivaay am sure that this girl did something. All low class girls are like that they trapped rich people into marriage. Shivaay answer me.

Shivaay: mom she is not a middle class girl now but your bahu, she is now the daughter in law of Oberoi family and I marry her because……… I realised that I didn’t love Tia but Anika.

Anika got stunned with shivaay’s statement how badly she was wishing that, it was the truth then she wouldn’t have to sign a paper for a marriage.

Shivaay (to the guests) can you all leave now the marriage is over.

After the guests leave the Oberoi mansion. It is now only the family.

S: mom……Tia can’t marry me.

Pin: why can’t she marrys my diamond like son?

S: Tia has left a note(he show the note to the family) that she can’t marry me and to save my family I will have to marry her(pointing towards Anika) but we are divorcing tomorrow, she has already signed the contract paper.

Dadi: billu do you have an idea of what you just said. Are you even in your senses? Till date I have never seen that a marriage happens today and the next day the divorce happen, moreover till date no one in Oberoi family has ever get divorced and you will not be the first to do that. Hence I heartily accepted Anika as this house’s bahu. Dadi went to Anika

R: I also heartily accept Anika didi as my bhabhi.

Om: shut up Rudra this is not the time for your silly jokes.

Tej: maa…how can you think that a low class girl like her will become the bahu of this house, we call her a family that doesn’t mean that she will be our bahu.

D: I have accepted Anika as my bahu. And how could you forget that she is the one who saved you (tej) and shakti from that cd scandal. She saved shivaay’s life not once but many times.

Pin: mummy ji …I agree that she saved our family but that doesn’t mean that she will be my bahu.

D: I have said my decision so bas I don’t want any argument on this marriage topic.

P: lekin mummy ji I will never accept this girl as my bahu.

Pinky walks off to her room followed by Jhanvi to calm her. Tej and shakti also leave from there.

Shivika went to their room leaving Dadi Omru saumya and prinku.

In Shivika’s room

A: where is my brother? Anika asked Shivaay with a tone full of anger and hatred.

S: don’t worry your brother will be fine.

A: you must be happy that you ruined my life, you insulted me in front if your family.(she said crying) where are the divorce papers? I need to signed them before morning I don’t even want to see your face.

S: I think you have forgotten what Dadi said she said she “accept you as her bahu” which means we are not getting divorce tomorrow.

A: wow Shivaay Singh Oberoi! What did you think that Anika is a toy and you can play with the toy any how you like right. You have to give me the divorce papers as I have to sign them and go home.

S : you will not sign the papers that is it no argument.

A: I think you are out of your mind. Anika went to get the papers from a drawer but Shivaay snatched them from her and tore the papers in pieces.

S: I think you have forgotten that Sahil is still with my men and if you don’t agree to what I said then you won’t be able to see your innocent brother.

Anika get shocked with shivaay’s word and sat on the bed crying terribly thinking of her moments with Shivaay and his recent misbehaviour towards her.

Oh Jaana song plays

In the morning- OBeroi mansion

Shivaay brings Sahil to the house. Pinky met Shivaay

Pin: Shivaay you said that you will divorced Anika today. So where are the divided papers and what is her brother doing here?

A: mom..… you know that Dadi’s health is not good it won’t be right to give her stress so Anika is staying here as my wife for sometime. He walked away before pinky could say anything more

Om and Dadi in her room. Shivaay came there.

S:Thank you Dadi

D: kyun thank you. You just have to apologise to Anika and until you apologised for all your mistakes from the first day you met I won’t talk to you.

Dadi and her billu were chatting leaving confused Om wondering what they are talking about.


After Shivaay came to Tia’s room and find the note stick in the mirror he was shocked, he immediately call Omru but they are unavailable he then called Dadi to come to Tia’s room

D: what happen Shivaay the auspicious time for the wedding is passing by. Where is Tia?

S: she doesn’t want to marry.

D: aree what are you saying billu?

S: yes Dadi she didn’t want to marry me so she went away. I have called Mr Aggarwal to let her daughter to sit in the mandap as Tia. I have to save my family’s reputation at any cost.

D: billu I have seen love for Anika in your those kanji why didn’t you want to accept that. No Aggarwal daughter will come to this house for the marriage. You have to marry Anika that’s it. After sometime I will asked Anika to come and call you, be polite and give her a marriage proposal and sure she also loves you. Dadi left from there

S: what the heck? I can’t marry her. She has no family name no blood lineage. He called someone

S: called Mr Aggarwal and asked him to come here with his daughter I have a deal for them.

FB ends

And shot two ends.

Guys am really happy that you people read this boring os and also gave your precious comments it really means a lot to me

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