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Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 3)

Hii guy’s i m back with my boring episode and in advance i’ll say u that this is short one coz my sister is having exibition so i m helping her i don’t like someone wait for
me or my ff so let’s start……here u go…….

if u want to know om love riddima or not then keep reading
i want to give u one shock guess what…………….leave yar i’lll say that later coz i m in hurry now ? ? ?


anishkara school:
It’s 3:00
bell ring tigggggggggg
students rushes out with smile on there face atlast they r going home (i also feel same)
isha: ani let’s go
ani: wait ishu om didn’t came yet
isha: hmmm look he came
actually he is coming with riddhima they r talking smiling
ishan feel sad
anika see ishana sad and said

ani: ishu see gola(i think u know gola if u don’t know then i’ll say it’s made by ice with different flavour syrups {mouth watering})come we will eat
isha: no i don’t want to eat
ani: please ishu i want to eat
isha: then go and eat
ani: no i don’t to eat alone please ishu please
ishu: ok ok come lets go
the both smile

they both r eating gola
anika is standing and eating one car came in full speed and there is a muddy water and its splash on anika
now anika is angry anika
ani: u idiot can’t u see and drive duffer
suddenly car stop
one man getting down from car her shoes shown he is wearing goggles her face is not shown yet
he came anika and that man r face to face
he remove her goggles her eyes r shown kanji ankh(i dont want to say now who is he then also i’ll say)he is shivaay sigh oberio in short SSO
shiv: what u said
ani: i said idiot duffer and…..

shivaay interrupted
shiv: who is idiot ??
ani: u
shiv: u know whom u r talking to
ani: who r u ??? don’t expect i’ll ask this question i’ll not ask i don’t to know who r u ?? from where u came from etc etc
ishana is just waching them
shiv: u know what i know u types of girls middle class
ani: i know i m middle class but i m much better then u now say sorry to me
shiv: y i should say sorry
ani: coz u spoil my dress
shiv: i’ll not say sorry
ani: y
shiv: simply and i don’t wanna waste my time on u i m having other works to do so
he do her signature step and is about to go
whwn anika stop her and said

ani: wait
shivaay turn back
shiv: wh….just then one voice came
Dhash…….shivaay is angry
anika is smiling
then they look at each other angrily
and ishana is shock

What anika did ???
y shivaay is angry ???
Y ishana is shock ???

Thanks for reading
sorry for short post next will be long one pakka
sorry for no ishkara no rumya scene
i know u want to see ishkara scenes but i didn’t started shivika story till now so this is totally shivika
hopr u like it…………….

and please can i get atlease 15 comments
please please
Love u guys
? ? ?

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