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Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 2)

Hii guy’s i m back and i read everyones ff but can’t comment sorry for that u give me ur precious time but i cant give actually i m very busy with my studies my taekwondo
class so i can’t comment i love everyones ff u all r very very nice writer superb guy’s and i’ll try to write long one and i’ll try to add more ishkara scenes let’s start

anishkara school :
It’s lunch time teachers r sitting in staff room and having there lunch ishana enter
ishana: sorry everyone i m late
anika is about to say something
Mr.mal: u can’t be panctual ishana
isha: sorry sir
mr.mal: should i ask something ishana
isha: ya sir ask
mr.mal: in ur marriage u will be punctual na
everyone giggle
isha: yes sir if i’ll be not punctual then my groom will wait for me and i don’t like (she look at om and he is just smiling)
om: come and had ur lunch
isha: no
om: y
isha: no actually i didn’t bought coz of sir


mr.malhotra give her angry look
om: hmmm come we will go to canteen actually i also didn’t bought
ishana get happy and said: yes yes
anika: i’ll also come can i join u ??
om: ya y not
ishana make sad face
isha: ok come
They leave from there

Rumya’s collage:
soumya is having her paratha rudra enter
rudy: what yar ??
som: what
rudy: u don’t have other thing to eat
som: no coz i love my paratha’s
rudy: hmm u eat
som: u want to eat
rudy: no i don’t want to eat u continue
just then romi enter
romi: Hii rudra
rudy: hii romi how r u
romi: i m fine
they start talking
somuya fumes in anger and goes from there

back to anishkara school:
They enter in canteen
They sit
ani: what u will eat
ishkara: chole puri (they look at eo and share an eyelock)
ani: ok i’ll bought
they break there yeslock
isha: ok
she is looking at om and he is looking at phone
she is just staring at her
just then riddima see them and said
rid: Hii om hii ishana
om: hii riddhima
ishana(think)she break my and om’s moment i hate u riddhima i just hate u she make face
rid: what r u doing here
isha: y u came here
rid: to eat
isha: ya we also came to eat only
rid: ohh sorry

she give her fake smile
anika enter
ani: hii riddhima
rid: hii anika what r u doing here ??
ishana cough
rid: i mean to say u r with them
isha: ya she is with us
om: riddhima have a seat
rid: ya y not
ishana fumes in anger but she control
Ridhkara start talking ishana feel jealous anika look at ishana
ani: ishana eat
isha: ya
she is about to eat
riddhima compliment om
rid: om u look very handsome in ur long hair (she touch her hair)
ishana is out of control she can’t control any more
ishana get up and said
isha(in angry tone): i m done
ani: but u didn’t eat
isha: no i don’t want to eat i m not feeling hungry anymore
ishana is about to go
ani: wait ishu i m also coming
isha: ok come fast
anika get up and take her thing
They r going
riddhima get up and said
rid: ok om i m also going ok by… om
he also also get up and they hug each other
ishana turn and saw them hugging and she feel sad
anika look at her
ani: ishana y u didn’t had anything
isha: simply
ani: i know something is there which ur hidding from me say me i’ll not say to anyone
pinky promise
ishana smile and said: nothing is there
ani: no i know u very welll please……..say me (she make puppy face)
isha: ok i’ll say
isha: actually i like om no i think i love om and i feel jealous when riddhima compliment her hug her
ani: hmmmm it’s small thing and u r hiding this from me i want to say something but don’t feel sad after listening that ok
isha: ok say

ani: keep distance from om
isha: what
ani: i know ur reaction so only i don’t want to say
isha: ok say sorry
ani: coz if he love somebody else in her life somebidy is there he don’t love u then…. u know what will happen u feel bad so only i m saying this dear i know it’s difficult
for u but u should to do that or…….
isha: i understand i think u r right from tomorrow no from now only i’ll start keeping distance from him (she have tearly eyes) Thanks for the advice ani thanks
she said and leave from there
anika: sorry ishu i can’t say that om and riddhima love each other so only i said u like this dear i don’t want to hurt u

Precap: Shivika meet and……….(read y urself)

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Love u guy’s
i’ll be back soon
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