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Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 1)

Hii guy’s hajira here i m late actually i m taekwondo instructor so there is a championship state championship so i m busy with my students teaching them its on sunday my
4 students won i m very very happy and ya taekondo is nothing but karate it’s like karate some difference r there leave it i hope…u like this episode

Ishana is dance teacher and she have her own dance academy.
They three teach in school not in collage(7th,8th.9th,10th)


One room is shown 3 boys r sleeping Zzzz……
one women enter and said
women: oh my mata(i think u get to know who is she) u 3 r sleeping till now get up boys get up
boy one: ya mom
pinky: what ya mom get up Shivomru get up
(They 3 r our shivomru)
rudy: ya choti ma we r geeting up
pinky: get up or u will get late for ur work/collage.
They three get up in jerk
shivomru: oh no we will really gonna late today
They three get up from bed and goes from there

One beautiful girl is shown her eye r shown
Girl: get up or i’ll through water on ur face
one boy covering her face with blanket
boy: di 15 minutes more
girl: no from half an hour u r saying the same get up….(she think something & smirk)
girl: ok sleep if roll no 22(i don’t know proper roll no) ask me na where is sahil then i’ll say he want to sleep so he didn’t came ok na sahil
sahil: anika didi wait i m coming
he get up and went from there
anika smile

after sometime
one girl is shown her eyes r shown she is in hurry
girl: oh no u will gone today u r late
suddenly she collide with someone and she fall down
girl: ouch
one man is looking at her
she smile and stand
girl: sorry sir actually na there is to much traffic so i m late or i’ll come one time only
mr.malhotra(he is who played the role of ishana’s father i don’t know her name): no miss.ishana it’s not traffic fault it’s ur fault who wake up late and after wards u will
blame traffic u can’t be puntual
ishana: sir if i’ll be punctual then wo will be late if i will beacem punctual then u will miss late ishana
he smile and said
mr.malh: ok go
mr.malhotra to himself: she is mad how she became teacher
he smile and goes from there

om is in 10th standand teaching them
om: ok girl u undertand now draw
one girl to her friend
(her name take it as priya{i m not getting any other name}to naina{same i m not getting any other name})
Priya: he is so handsome na i can’t take my eyes from her
naina: u na impossible concentrate on what he is teaching not how he is looking etc etc
girl sitting next to naina (take her as sana)
sana: no naina priya is right he is really handsome yar
(boys listen & them feel jealous)
naina: u both shutup
om saw them talking & said
Om: what going there
one boy get up & said
Boy: sir they r praising u u r very handsome etc etc
They three look at her angrily
naina: no sir he is lying
om: ok leave that and concentrate what i m teaching ok
all: ok sir
Period bell rang
Period End

he came out of class and saw anika standing
om: hii anika
Ani: hii om how r u ???
om: i m always fine
ani: u know what
om: i know
ani: what u know(giving her question mark look)
om: that as always late latif is late today also
ani: u know
om: ya i saw sir is scolding her
ishana came from back
ishana: talking about whom
aniom look at eo and said: about u
ishana: i know u r saying that today also i m late
aniom: ya
ishana: actually what happened na guy’s i m feeling sleepy and sleep and when i get up it’s last stop i take another bus and came(it’s happen with me)
ani: hmmm why u sleep in bus who said u to sleep (my friends ask me like this only)
ishana: arey yar y human will sleep if they will feeling sleep they will sleep na silly question ani
om: ok leave that we r getting late for our classes
ishani(ishana+anika): ya we should leave
they bid by to eo and goes to there respective classes

Precap: Don’t know not yet decided.

comment below
it is boring ???
u all like it or not ???
Hope so u like it………
Love u guy’s
i’ll be back soon
tata by by…..tc
? ? ?

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