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Hello guys em back again with another episode
Thanks to those who commented i just can’t explain how much happy i was When i read all ur comments
Some were asking if em ending to those
@em not ending yet But soon It will end Happy ending 🙂 but not so soon
Some were asking who is mystery lady and why she Kidnapped anika
@soon it will revealed who and why
Some silent readers Commented to add more rumaya and priveer scenes
@soon i will add
Some comments why Shivaay is so senti and no shivika fight
@they are in trauma so After they get out of that Their fights and nok jhoks will be there
Thanks fr ur support and Just wait Thiis is going to be awesome i think so 😉

Episode 11


Episode starts with
Everyone getting ready

Ishu in O’s room (because om is already ready and isn’t in his room)
She wears the dress given by om

Prinku in her room

Somu in Rudy’s room ( that’s her room)

Anika is in Shivaay’s room
Nurse helps her chnage the dress
After changing Her dress anika sits on the chair infront of dressing table
Shivaay combs Her hair And make her wear some jewelry and Rest she does by herself

@shivaay Staring her through table’s mirror
Anika notices this and looks down Shyly
@Shivaay Anika U r looking soo beautiful and kisses her on her shoulder @anika billu ji koi dekh lega
@Shivaay toh dekhne do na and is about to kiss her again
Just then sahil comes there
Ap log ready ni huye dadi bula rahi hai
@shivaay yeah champ we are ready Just coming
@sahil ok em going jaldi ao
They nods he leaves
@anika chaliye billu ji maybe pooja ka mohrat nikal rha ho
@shivaah yeah lets go
@anika lekin billu ji aesa dress pooja ke liye theek toh nahi lagrha
@shivaay not a big deal just come
She stands he gives her support by holding her by her waist and hand
They both leaves the room

Couples reach there

Ishkara comes
They both are holding eachothers hand

PRIVEER Too comes hands in hands

Shivika comes shivvay holding anika (u know)

Now rumaya ( guess what)
Soumaya and rudra coming and sees (3couples)
@rudra somu give me ur hand
@somu shockingly hain?
@rudra ary somu just style ke liye rishta ni mang rha
@somu no way
And tries to go from there angirly just then slips rudra holds her by hand
Somu looks at him
@rudra isi liye bol rha tha hath dedo and laughs
@somu is quite
And they both also comes hand in hand
Dadi sees all
Nazar na lagy inko
They all reach there (lights are too dim nothing can be seen clearly from far)

Girls look at eachother and at boys too and is shocked

they all are wearing same dresses 😂
Boys gifted them same dressS (dress- Gown Black and red mix Down red shade and full black with frint some white stones and backless with one sided strip with black sandels and white long earrings and open hair straighte hairs (somu too have long hair) )
Boys ( Black full black suit 3 piece with red tie and black shoes)
they all are looking (patakhe 😜)

They all smiles seeing eachother
@anika wah aj sab ek jaise kapre phen kar aye hai Yeh idea kiska tha?
@rudy bhabi yeh Cool dashing Rudy ka idea tha (and does his step logic wala)
@ anika wah ek dum khirki tod idea hai
Everyone laughs

Shivaay holds anika closer and lights go off
She hugs him tight and closes her eyes
shivaay too hugs her back
@shivaay abi thek ho jayegi light Dont worry
And after sometime lights on
@Shivaay anika now u can open ur eyes
anika opens her eyes slowly
And is amused and appalled seeing
Hall full of balloons and decorations
Happy birthday anika written with ribbons on wall
And cake (biggest cake with anika’s pic on it) infront of her on table and crowd of people ,media
Everyone wishing her happy birthday
anika is amused and tears roll down her eyes shivaay wipes her tears
@shivaay anika it’s time to celebrate not to cry so be happy
She nods
@rudy bhabhi jldi kato na cake mujhy buhut bhook lg rhi ha sbha se thek se kch khya nahi ha
@somu ha di jldi na
@rudy moti jhooth mat bol sbha se kitna tou kha gyi hai
@somu cry baby it’s non of your business
@ISHKARA don’t start again u people
@shivika, PRIVEER laughs
Dadi asks her to cut cake
(as she is unable to hold knife tightly with her injured hand Shivaay helps)
Shivaay holds the knife and anika holds his hand and they cuts the cake everyone sings happy birthday song and wishes her she feeds cake first to Shivaay, sahil, dadii, omru, ishu, ranveer, prinku, somu, pinky, janvi, tej, shakti, and then to mr. Mrs randhawa

Everyone gives her so much gifts

rudy gives her a CD as a gift

Somu gives her some bangles

prinku gives her a frame

Ishveer gives her lost pendant back
Anika is happy seeing her pendant back and thanks them

@shivaay anika I’ve surprise for u actually wwe have a surprise for u
@anika kesa surprise?
@om I’ll show u
he hands her a painting and ask her to see it
That’s a family photo of randhawa there is anika Too
@anika o yeh to ishveer ki family pic hai what em doing there?
@shivaay anika tmhe yaad hai tmne mujhe apni long lost family ka btya tha bhen or bhai ka ishveer are ur siblings
she’s appalled hearing this
@anika apko kese pata ke yeh meri family hai
@ishveer shows them there pendants and she’s amused And tears roll down her eyes ishu wipes her tears di don’t cry and hug her ranveer too joins them
@Anika mom dad and tries to go to them! but they come to her and hug her leela kisses her on her forehead and they all hug together family hug
song plays – lafzoo ka yeh (ishqbaaz song u all know)

after that they announce to media that anika is non other then mr randhawa’s long lost daughter ishwari

function is over

elders give blessings to her and leaves
@sahil hugs anika and says di me b jarha mujhe bhut neend arhi And leaves

@rudy anika bhabi just function khatam hua hai humari party abhi baki hai so lets celebrate ur birthday in our way
they all complies and gathers at pool side
@shivaay tum sab kuch ek jaisa karlo me anika ko room me lekar jarha its medicine time and they leaves

in Shivaay’s room there are dim light
he makes her sit on the couch and ask her to close her eyes she complies he turn on the full lights and ask her to Open eyes now
she is amused and appalled seeing room He changed the wallpaper of his room from building to their pictures full of their pictures
she hugs him and says thanku for such a wonderful gift it’s just a memorable day for me and kisses him on his cheek
then she notices Empty place right On top of bed
@anika yeh khali ku hai?
@shivaay idhar humari wedding pic lagy gi
she smiles and hug eachother

after sometime they return

there’s LED set and Cushions set to sit with fruit punch

@anika wah rudy tum toh bare chant nikle aj hum idr movie dekhe gy?
@rudy no bhabi wh CD Jo apko di thi we will play that
They all sit in pairs
Rudy plays the video
its All memories of anika (with her parents when she was kid and her moments fights with shivaay)
they all laugh watching Video
amd appreciate rudy
After video They all drink fruit punch
@shivaay rudra tune isme kuch garbar toh nai ki na
@om nai shivaay humne apni ankho ke samne bnwaya ha
rudy smirks evilly Fb( after he finishes making fruit punch he goes to take ice he adds ice in a bowl and alcohol and back toO them they all leaves as fruit punch was ready rudy Adds alcohol mixed ice) fb ends
they all drink and chat

@anika wese meri birthday ka kaise pata chala
@om ishveer ne btya
fb( ishu tells them that tomorrow is anika’s birthday they all get happy rudy we should celebrate it with dhoom dham
sOmu yeah he’s right we should Celebrate it
shivaay we will give her surprise of family return and they all distribute works) fb ends
@anika again appreciate rudy and everyone

they are now in hangover and dance on song kaala chashma now fulLy hangover

@Shivaay anika tmhe pata ha aj tum buhut hot lagri ho
@anika sachi bill….. no billu just shivaay
@shivaay so cute just call me again
@anika Shivaay shivaay and smiles
@ shivaay how cutely u say shivaay dill karta hai aise hi sunta rahu Apna naam tumhare munh se
@anika smiles and says shivaayyy
@shivaay hann
@anika kuch nahi bas yuhi
@shivaay gets closer to her and says anika
i love u and kiss her on her forehead She says i love u too shivaay
He then kisses on ‘cheeks then nose then on her lips she too kiss him back they are kissing eachother And broke the kiss after getting out of breath he lifts her in his arms and heads to his room and laid her on bed and he too get on bed and kisses her shoulder and looks at her she has fallen asleep (as they all didn’t sleep last Night)
he lay down on bed beside her and keep staring her plays with her hair and he too falls asleep

ISHKARA are dancing couple dance
ishu hugs om and they bith are dancing while hugging and suddenly both falls down on floor with om on top of ishu
they look into eachothers eye and in that Lostness they liP kiss eachother then om lifts her up in his arms and takes her to his room and on bed they again kiss eachother immensely and after kiss they fall asleep hugging eachother

ranveer is laying with his head in prinku’s lap both are taking
prinku kisses Ranveer on his forehead and then cheeks
ranveer says prinku and she bent down close to his face to hear him he kisses her on lips she backs of
Ranveer sits and pull her closer to him and again goes near her lips and is about to kiss her
Prinku koi dekh lega
ranveer dekhne do and pulls her more closer
and kisses her on shoulder now she is lost in him he kisses hee on lips and she too kisses back they kiss about 1 minute and breaks the kiss
prinku mjhy neend arhi hai
ranveer mujhy bhi
prinku lets sleep they both Goes to prinku’s room and sleep on bed hugging eachother

@rudy somu tmhe ek baat kahu
@somu ha bolo
@rudy tm buhut cutee or sweet somu
@she is amused and says tm b cute ho rudy
@rudy ek or baat kahu
@somu han
@rudy me na buhuy khush hu ke tmhara reeyan se breakup ho gaya kyunke me tmhe kisi ke sath share ni krskta
@somu me b kuch btau
@rudy ha ku ni
@somu me b khush ke tmhara romi se peecha chutha jb b me tmhe uske sath dekhti thi na mjhy buhut bura lagta tha

@rudy kyun?
@somu pagl kyunke me tmse pyaar karti hu.. lekin tmhe ku khushi?
@ rudy kyunke me bhi tmse pyaar karta hu or mein apni somu kisi reeyan weeyan se share ni krna chahta
they both laughs
Rudy so aj se me or tm bf gf
and hugs eachother
and goes to somu roon
on bed somu laid on bed
rudy kisses her on forehead and says
sojao meri pyaari somu She closes her eyes. he too sleeps there beside her

screen freezes on their sleeping faces

precap: Confession of rumaya mystery lady hints

thanks for reading



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