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Ishqbaaz ff- dastaan do dilon ki (episode-1)

Hi frndzzz………. I m after my first ffs intro im back with my ff’ s first episode…..
Thnxx to all for commenting on my post ……….
Im really happy that u all liked the post.
I hope u surely enjoy and get fulfledge entertained by my articles.
Also plz don’ t forvet to comment as i need to know how u felt the episodes ……. like u did in my intro post…..
I just want u to comment it can be any ……
Splly suggestion are more welcomed………
Last time someone suggested me to keep more priveer scenes to so i will sure look into it and would make changes in my story accordingly..

So enough of bak bak back to the story

Im picking the story base from the original show as i told u earlier from the day when shivaay take a harsh step and proposes tia for wedding…….
This proved the turning point in shivika love story….
After that day shivika came closer and also departed by chance so here i go on with my story…


But on Om ‘ s past to be projected as it is none….

Scene in oberoi mansion:
Shivaay lookings towards anika proposes tia …..
And asks her to marry him soon
Shivaay was looking towards anika and anika was teary by eyes but she controlled her self becoz she show to any one….
Later she leaves from their for marraige arrangments..
Dadi, rudy , om , somu looked really vry vry upset as they were aware that shivaay dont like tia and likes anika but shivaay running from his feelings proposes tia….

After coming towards the way to her alotted room in corridor her eyes become teary and she loses her control and dadi notices that and cones towards anika

Anika( to himself): what is wrong with me why im so upset and why my eyes have these all tears. I knew from day one that tia and billuji is going to get married then why im so upset with billuji’ s decision…mujhe iti michmichy kyun ho rhi hai…
Pta nhi anika tujhe kya ho gya hai lagta hai billuji ka asar tujh mein ane laga hai….
Dadi comes to anika and see her upset face…..
Dadi : puttar…….tu thik hai [are u okay my child]Anika : yes dadi im absolutely fine mujhe kya hona hai ..
Dadi : then why r u upset?
Anika : uhhh……ummm…… actually billuji ne ek dum se announce kardiya isi liye todha kam ka tension hai aur kuch bhi nhi[ suddenly billuji has announced wedding i have just work tension nothing else]Dadi: i alright puttar… im there to help u all of us are there to help u…..
Anika : dadi aap kitti achi hai[ dadi u r really nyc]Dadi: kk puttar… i need to go u take care….
Anika : kk dadi


Scene shifting to shivaay’ s room where shivaay is sitting and omru comes to him
Shivaay : hey om what u guys are doing here …
Om : nothing shivaay just tumhe dekhne aya tha r u okay
Rudra: haan bhaiya r u fine u took so much big decision to marry that lady baba…. aur aap toh praya dhan hona ki iti kya zaldi hai
Om and shivaay : shut up rudra
Shivaay : im okay what happened to me im absolutely fine
Om: nhi tumhe aaj suddenly ita bada decision liya na isiliye puch rha tha ki tu is decision se khush toh hai naa…..
Shivaay :um….uh….. ya ..aa….im happy ….
But a sigh of sadness across shiv’ s face which is noticed by o but o does not say anything and both omru leaves shivaay ……

Scene shifts to oberoi mansion corridor…….
Shivaay walking towards anika and anika walking towards shivaay they were both looking somewhere else ….. they notice each other after a while when they are about to collide …. they stop and they have a long eyelock…. when it breaks the sadness and disatisfaction is seen in both’ s eyes as they glare at each other suddenly papers in anika’ s diary falls down .They both bend to pick the papers and and up placing shivaay’ s hand on anika’s mistakenly…….
When they are getting up they collide their head with each other and then suddenly shivaay lightly hits anika’s head again……
Anika with weird expression breaking the silence…..

Anika: yeh aap kya kar rha hai billu ji it is hurting me why u it my head again…
Shivaay: tumhe ne toh ek baar mujhse kha tha ki ek baar takar karne se singhe nikal hai
Anika : waah billu ji aap toh bde hi chaint ho
Shivaay : anika wat language u r using
They both smile…..suddenly a glare is raised they become srious again and shivaay’ s heart become to beat up vry hard and fast…..he notices it and thinks what wrong with him why he so densed…..
Later they both leave first shivaay turns and sees anika and then anika turns and sees shivaay and they both leave…..

Scene shifts to oberoi mansion hall where ranveer arrives and greets everyone their shivaay comes and hugs him…
Shivaay : hi ranveer how r u
Ranveer: im fine how r u
Shivaay: im good
Shivay leaves leaves excusing himself as a call arrives….
Decoration was going on…..
Ranveer eyes were rolling and finding prinku
He sees her and just keeps staring prinku and prinku suddenly slips and a basket of flower’s also is mitakenly dropped by a worker and ranveer catches her in his arms and petals of roses are showered over them which make the scene more romantic they both loose their sense and keep on gazing at each other like no one is present in this world except them…..

A hanging is seen incidentally falling………..shivaay shouts anika……..every one gets shocked………

Sry guys for this long and such a boring episode but it was starting of story
If u felt it really boring plzz comment…..
And sry ti say to ishkara and rumya lovers that i ll surely start their story in upcoming few episodes………

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