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Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 20

So guys this is sat back again. Sorry for the late update and I am very much disappointed with the number of comments. And nextly, I didn’t post my ff since a week, and I felt no one of you missed my ff, no one even asked me about my ff, I got really very much disappointed, so this is my decision to stop this ff by this episode, I know I am going to miss you guys, but I can understand that my ff is becoming boring and you guys are not liking it
And all the ff writers, I am really sorry for no comments or late comments, please understand me and if you can please forgive me. I will try to comment. And this week, I will have exams, so I will try my best to comment, but I may comment short. All the ff and os writers, please forgive me and guys if you can, please send me the link of your episodes through private message boxes if you can, so that it will be easy.
And the new ff writers, a great welcome to the ishqbaaz ff family. And all my dear friends, viewers and readers, thanks a lot for your support. I really love you guys. And I cant reply your comments sorry for that. But I will try my best to make this episode interesting
Now for the recap of the previous episode
Sarah describes about her accident, and anita and ishita missing, Shivaay romances with Annika, dadi gives a deadline to Annika over fixing her marriage date, dadi advices Shivaay to propose Annika, om over a confusion about his relationship with ishana,calls love angel
Om’s room
(om contacts love angel, sowmya on podcast)
LA: HELLO this is love angel back again to solve all the love tangles of your life, guys these days love is becoming a common problem and a great confusion among people. Many get confused over crush and love. It is expression which is being lacked among people, and making them more apart. So guys, whatever you have in your heart, express it to your dear ones. And if you have confusion, contact me.
(Shivaay listens to this in his room while om listens to this in his room)
Shivaay(in his mind): yes, what the love angel said is exactly right. That is what making me and Annika less closer. Annika just wait till tomorrow, I am coming for you
Om’s room
Om: (calls love angel)
Hello love angel
La: hello, may I know your name
Om: om………….(cautious about his identity) I am omprem
la: wow, nice name, truly good. So what problem you have
Om: actually, I have got a great interaction with a girl. She is very good. At first we always used to fight. But now we are the best friends forever.
La: wow, that’s a great bond
Om: ha, and she is very caring ,good and she can read my mind too
La: oh wow, man then why are you waiting, aren’t you in love with her
Om: just don’t know
La: keep your hand near your chest and imagine your best friend and count your heartbeat
(om does as directed)
La: how is it?
Om: it is beating faster than normal
La: looks like you will never lie
Om: I said the truth, is it anything wrong
La: people usually cover their truth by saying something else
Om: oh thanks for the compliment, I don’t want to tell lie, as I want to know what is actually happening with me
La: hmmm, I know you guys wont believe me or trust me, but I am saying it is called true love. Only some hearts beat like that, god will pair only few people, so don’t misunderstand your relation, go for it
Om: what do you mean, I am loving her, what the wuck, and no,…….no………………..nothing like that
La: it is hard to accept the bitter truth, but why are not able to fell the most sweetest truth that you are in love
(om gets still more confused)

Om: oohk, thanks ……..hmmmm…………….fine ………..bye love angel
(he immediately cuts the call)
Sowmya in her room
Sowmya: boys are always like this, they never accept and girls will never tell out, that’s why starting stage of any relation is always filled with confusion. This fellow is so strange, he never lies but he is not accepting
Om in his room
Om: what the wuck, oh my god this love angel, what is she telling, I couldn’t get, for what she is telling me to go for, her advice is poisoning my mind, I don’t know what is happing between me and ishana, this strange connection, I am not getting any name for it. Why this thought is bothering me a lot. I will think about it later, I have so many works to do
In dadi’s room
(Shivaay tells something to dadi and dadi smiles. Dadi tells that she will do it. Shivaay smiles and goes)
In annika’s room
(Annika gets ready as it is Diwali day, with floral printed long blouse(red and white) and her lehanga completely crème white with floral impressions and her dupatta is orange net with some floral designs not prints, like stitching and pearls at the border of her dupatta, she is wearing gold jhumkas and hair side partitioned, she is looking gorgeous(one of the dresses designed by me))
(sahil comes there)

Sahil: didi, you are looking dhamakedhaar
Annika: thank you sahil, dadi gave me this dress
Sahil: jiju and myself yesterday went for shopping and jiju bought this dress, I don’t no that this dress is for you
Annika: what? I mean what do you mean, that billuji bought this dress for me
Sahil: ha di, this dress is so costly also, some lakhs I think, and these pearls are real
Annika:(in her mind) I know sahil, that billuji can go to any extent of spending money for his loved ones, then why is he not expressing me, and why did dadi tell that today is the deadline for fixing my marriage date, I have to think a lot, I have to know whether Shivaay is truly loving me or not. How to decide, I just donno, I just cant know
In sowmya’s room
(sowmya wears a baby pink lehanga with a white long top, she looks flawless and amazing, she wears floral printed dupatta for it(another one by me, but I couldn’t write down clearly) just then Rudra comes wearing dashing white and pink sherwani, he looks so hot and cool)
(they get surprised that they both wore the same coloured dress. They smile at each other)
Rudra: sowmya, I think something is wrong, today I am finding you soooooo cute
Sowmya: me too, today I am finding me soooooooooooooo cute
(Rudra pout his face as he thought she is admiring him. )
Sowmya: ok Rudra. You are looking so dashing today, please change the expression now
Rudra: actually sowmya, you are so good and beautiful than romi
Sowmya: I know that, and what happened to you today, you are talking too strange
(Rudra gets lost in her beauty. He comes to senses. Sowmya smiles looking at this. She blushes for a moment)
Sowmya: ok let’s go down now
Rudra: ha, we have to move now
(they both go down)
(everybody assemble there except Shivika and Ishkara, Shivaay went out and anish are on the way)
(om was wearing a blue and red kurtapyjama and he was looking spectaculous,)
(and then ishana and Annika)
(as we all know Annika is looking magnificent and now for ishana, she wears blue and red saree, red blouse with reddish orange impression of pure velvet and the saree being sea blue was gorget , she was min blowing, om could not take eyes off her, she was looking mesmerizing to the core. Everybody are happy for them and sarah gets teary eyed looking at them. They take the blessings of elders. And when Annika takes dadi’s blessings, dadi looks her with a smirk and Annika keeps worried look)
Dadi: Annika you know na,
Annika: ha dadi, but ……………..
Dadi: no buts and ifs, today is the last date
Annika: fine dadi,(in her mind: anyways I have to marry billuji, but is going too earlier, that’s all, it will be a marriage without the agreement of hearts and with two souls, let me finalize the date) dadi, ………………..
Dadi: Annika, it will be tough I know, I think it is better you go to the temple nearby so that you will get peace of mind
Annika(in her mind): what dadi is telling, I think it is absolutely right, let me think twice before making a decision, I will go
Annika : ok dadi, I will go to the nearby temple
(she goes, dadi smiles)

(she goes to the nearby temple)
In the temple
(Annika goes to the god and prays)
Annika: god, people say that you know everything, then please tell me whether billuji is loving me or not, am I having a place in his heart after his family or not, please tell me, I am just going crazy with this confusion
(pandit comes)
Pandit: may you get a good married life
(that sentence really made Annika still more tensed)
(suddenly because of strong breeze, the diyas flame goes off, Annika takes the matchstick and starts lighting the diyas)
(she suddenly feels someone beside her, someone whom she is very much familiar with, her heart, her soul, she know that he is he, she turns to check, she finds Shivaay lighting the diyas along with her and he is smiling all through, )
(she notices him in her colours, orange and white sherwani with orange floral print on his top and golden border to his pyjama. )
(finally Annika breaks the eye contact and stands up and Shivaay also stands)
Annika: billuji, why are you here?
Shivaay: Annika, I am here to pray god
Annika: ooh, ok then
(she starts to leave but Shivaay holds her hands and pulls her towards him, she ges shocked by his action,)
Annika: billuji, what are you doing, this is not your house, everybody will be seeing, please leave me
Shivaay: let them see, nothing is going to happen, you are mine right
Annika:( she knew his first words but his last words surprised her) what do you mean?
But now please leave me, dadi will be waiting for me
Shivaay: we can go together, and nothing will happen if you be here for some more time
(Annika tries to leave but Shivaay holds her hands )
Shivaay: Annika I need to tell you something
(Shivaay starts)
When I was young, my mom used to tell me to get her a good bahu like her, I promised her that. When I first met you, I have the least interest in love, I used to not care about the love, I used to think love betrays all and I loved the deals, and those are what destroyed me and actually betrayed me.
(Annika constantly stares at him)
Om and Rudra used to say you were perfect for me, in every sense, we both have an equal and fair say in every decision and that is what required for a best relationship. I just realized how stupid I was for believing my surname and bloodline theory and not accepting you with my heart.
(she thinks now she used to miss billuji while preparing for his marriage. She becomes tear eyed)
But when I married you, I entered the true world, the world which showed me a way to love, a way to express, a way to smile and finally the best way to live. I thought om, Rudra, dadi and ishu are enough for my life , but my life is completely incomplete without you. I just cant imagine my life without you. I don’t know how to what to say. I just cant kneel down like other guys do, but I can ask you and tell you Annika
(he takes out the diamond studded ring and places in front of her)
(Annika was stunned, in fact surprised, very much. She is very very happy that moment. That moment, she got all her questions answered. She felt like an angel in the sky. She becomes teary eyed)
(she plans something, she decides to reject now)

Shivaay: Annika, please, till now I am very patient till now waiting every second, but now I cant wait anymore, I am very impatient, please tell it Annika, please reply fast and don’t say no
Annika: billuji………….
Shivaay: (he drags Annika closer) don’t tell no Annika, I cant bear to hear that
Annika: billuji, can you please give me some more time, I need………….
(Shivaay fumes in anger and leaves her and starts)
(he hold her shoulders tight with his hands and is filled with anger)
Shivaay: how much more time Annika, just tell me how much more time, I know I expressed now, why is it a problem for you. The one who can never express came in front of you with utmost difficulty, and told you that he loves you and you are saying you need more time. What do you mean by it Annika
What the hell are you thinking, am I treating you bad, I am treating you like mine, like my possession, like my family, like my queen and you are saying you need more time
You are sooooo mean Annika, you used to say that I cant express but it is wrong, you are not able to express, you are so weak in expressing
I know I scolded you before about khoon and khandan,but I told you sorry, what can I do more
Annika: I just asked you time……………….
Shivaay: you didn’t ask me just time Annika, you asked me more precious thing than that, you asked a wait from the most impatient man, you asked for the postponement of the most awaited moment, our marriage and you are saying you just asked me time. I am going Annika, I am very much hurt
Annika: billuji wait,……………………….
(he leaves from there)
(he drives the car very rashly)
In the mansion
(Annika reaches there, dadi sees her and Annika gives a smile back to dadi, dadi understands that Shivaay had proposed)
(Annika without interacting with anybody directly rushes to her room)
(she opens her cupboard and takes out the pendant and bangles given by mallika)
Annika: this is the moment which I am waiting for billuji, thank god you have made it true and mallika the time has come, these bangles are the symbol of love for me. And billuji, I really loved the proposal, perhaps it is the best proposal in the world. You have proposed and everything should be equal in a relationship, so it is time for me also to propose you. So the mr impatient Singh Oberoi, you need to be patient for a small surprise from me
(saying this she wears the pendant and the bangles, she smiles and she is very happy and is getting ready to propose Shivaay)
(here Shivaay is seen driving the car rashly, in fact very rashly with full speed)
Shivaay: I thought she will accept, how can she be so mean. She needs time its seem, and that is what we don’t have or we cant have. I am loving her, I am going crazy for her, but still she is not able to understand me, how come
(then suddenly a truck comes infront of him, he just then observed it and turns the steering side, and he gets hit to a tree,)

Sorry guys this is my last episode
I know the comments are very less and no good response
I call everybody my di or bhayya or my best friend, but no one really asked for me or my ff. I am really hurt to the core, I just cant express to you guys
I am very sorry but I have a really complete story but I couldn’t complete because of very bad response
And that is the reason for this super late ff
Actually there is so much spice to be added, but I am stooping here for this reason, I thought to make you all happy with this happy, but no I couldn’t. I am really sorry
Bye guys I really miss you

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