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Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Prologue

Hey guys this is Priyali. I am gonna start a ff so this is a prologue. Do tell me how it is . Now let’s get on with the prologue.

ivanka singh oberoi: She loves singing and loves all her family members …. She is in college now with her sister anshika
Anshika singh oberoi: She is just like her ishana Chachi. Loves dancing and loves her sister ivanka. She is her papa Ki pari.


Omkara singh oberoi : husband of ishana. He is as he is in the show.
Ishana singh oberoi: wife of Omkara. She loves all her family members esp anshika.

Shivaay singh oberoi: now a kind hearted business man. Loves both his daughters a lot and will do anything for them.

Anika singh oberoi: wife of shivaay. Loves him and her daughters.

All the other characters are the same in the show. Do lemme know if I should continue . Drop in your comments!!

With lots of love,


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