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Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 7

Hi guys. Priyali back with my ff. I won’t ask for anymore comments coz I’m just gonna stop after like 10 more episodes. I sincerely thank all who did comment. Enough of my bakbaks and let’s get on to the episode.
Recap: ishu faints while dancing.
Coming to the present episode……….
Om takes ishu in his arms and brings her onto the bed. Ivanku and anshu sit beside their chachi. Om calls the Doctor. Meanwhile, Shivika break their hug. They both decide to go to ivanku and anshu’s room to spend time with them.
**At ivanku and anshu’s room**
Shivika reach there and see ishu fainted in the bed. Anika immediately rushes to her and sits down beside her. “ kya hua isse?” shivaay asks om . “Dk. She fainted while dancing …. I have called the doctor so Anika don’t worry.” om says. Anika is worriedly looking at ishu…

****10 mins later.******
The doctor arrives and asks everyone what happened. She sits beside ishu and checks her.
D: aap sabko to mithaiya bantni chaiye…. Nothing to be worried about.. it’s a happy news.. Mrs ishana is pregnant!
Ivanku and anshu both are very happy and they hug each other. Anika is very happy and she has tears of joy in her eyes. Ishu wakes up suddenly and her Anika di hugs her tightly. Ishu reciprocates but is wondering what happened. After breaking the hug, Anika kisses ishu on her forehead and says “ congrats behna.. tu maa bane vali hai!!” Anika says. Ishu is happily surprised and tears of joy run down her cheeks too. Anshu signs too shivaay and ivanku to leave ishkara alone in the room. Shivaay says “ come doctor, mein aapko bahar tak drop karta hoon.” Anika also gets the signal and says oye Tum dono, ivanku and anshu, chalo mere saath. Anshu and ivanku and Anika leave the room and shivaay is not there as well.


Om goes and sits beside ishu… he says thank u mujhe itni badi khushi dene ke liye.. ishu smiles and side- hugs om.
Om: agar ladka hua to uska naam…
He cannot complete the sentence because ishu puts her hand over his mouth.
I: not now.. jab delivery ka time aayega, toh hum dono aapne haatho par aapne pasand ke naam likhege. After our child is born, we will show the names to each other.
O: OK .
Om and ishana then go out of ivanshu’s room.

**** shivika’s room.*******
Shivaay is smiling and listening to music . Anika comes there and smiles seeing him smile. Suddenly shivaay grabs Anika’s hand and pulls her towards him. He starts dancing (ballroom) and looks at anika’s stunned expression. He says I’m sooo happy today!! Anika understands and she says mee too. They continue chatting about ishkara’s future baby. Suddenly, shivaay trips over the carpet and he loses his balance. Shivika fall onto the bed. ( Anika on top.) They both have an eyelock while oh jaana plays in the background.

So guys that’s it for today…. I won’t request for anyone to comment…

With lots of love,

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