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Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 5

Hey guys. Priyali back with my ff. I’m really disappointed with the number of comments. If it continues this way, I might just stop writing bcoz I don’t think people are interested in my ff. I want at least 20 comments ( excluding my thanks ones) on this epi. One more thing, I have been requests to make my episodes longer and I have already said that I have limited time to type this ff. So any more comments of making my ff longer I will not entertain. Without further ado, let’s go to the episode.

Shivomruishanu are still in the group hug. Shivkara say “ Rudra, Pele ye hug emotional tha. Ab awkward ho gaya hai.”
They all break the group hug and get back to work. Anika goes to the cupboard to get flour. As she has some difficulty, shivaay goes to help her but she says I’ll do it don’t worry. Shivaay refuses and continues to help her. While Shivika are arguing, their hands smack the flour and the box comes down with a whoosh!! The flour falls on them both and their clothes get dirty. They both stare daggers at each other before continuing their argument that whose fault it was that the flour fell. “ Shivika!!!” omruish shout. “what?” Shivika reply.
O: go change first. Ladai baad mei Karna.
A&s: fine


******Anika and shivaay go to their room and change.*******
Anika comes out of the shower and starts drying her hair. Shivaay also comes there and the water from Anika’s hair falls on him. He smiles to himself and says,” isse zyada der gussa rehna possible hi nahi”. He goes to Anika and puts his hand on her waist and turns her around. She is a bit surprised and holds shoulder for support. She stares at him with a frown on her face. “ leave me” Anika says. “ no” shivaay says. Not until you forgive me. He leaves her and says and holds his ears and goes on his knees.
Sorry Anika(making a puppy face). Anika starts to melt and says “ on one condition, u will never help me in the kitchen again.” OK . But I’ll still cook . Shivaay replies. Shivaay and Anika then leave their room and go to the dining table. Ishu already made the parathas and ivanku and anshu are eating them. “ maa, dress kyun change kiya??” ivanku asks. Kuch nahi. Tum khaao it doesn’t matter. Anika says. Anshu and ivanku continue eating. Shivika, ishkara and Rudra join them and start eating as well. “Arrey wah ishu, kya parathe banaye hai, maaza aa gaya!!!” om says. Thank u … our sweet and now a bit red ishu replies. Om and Rudra leave the table after breakfast and go somewhere. Shivaay too leaves for work. “Anika di, mein itni bore ho gayi hoon . Chalo shopping chalte hai!!!!!!” ishu requests. Haan why not!! Anu replies . Ivanku and anshu come there. Kahan ja rahe ho? Ivanku asks. Shopping , wanna come? Ishu asks . Yeah hum bhi bore ho rahe hai. I&a reply.

*******iiaa leave for shopping*******
They reach the mall and go to several clothing stores. They buy only a few clothes because u know us girls, we are too picky about what we wear. They than go to the spa. Anshu just wants a simple manicure while ivanku wants a pedicure. Ishu and anshu get their facials done and they leave for home. On the way, they spot a gol gappe vala stall and they stop for a snack. After eating, they are about to leave again but this time a hand stops them. A man ( drunkard) comes and looks at ivanku and says wooowww!! Anika and anshu and ivanku and ishu all get super angry👿👿. Anika slaps him and beats him with chameli!!(u can imagine right?) While ishu and ivanku beat him up with their bare hands as they know how to slap. . Anshu calls the police and soon the police arrived and takes the drunkard away. Anika hugs ivanku and ishu hugs anshu( remember the prologue I said that anshu was her chachi’s girl?) . “ wow mom. We didn’t know that chappal itni kaam aa sakti hai!” anshu and ivanku say. Anika says “ arrey Tumhe pata nahi meine ase kitne dekhe hai! Do minute mein seedha kar diya tha”.

********* at OM *************
Anshu and ivanku go to their room.

I:Anshika di, Vo dress pehnkar dikaho!!

A: Ivanku , par dress pehnkar dikhayi to thi!
I: plsss na!
OK OK ruk.

******* in anika’s room ***********
Anika is sorting her shopping. She folds her clothes neatly. When she is putting her clothes in her cupboard, her hands brush against a leather cover. She looks through and finds a album. She finds many photos of shivaay and her inside it. As she looks through them, the curve on her face remains constant.

So that’s it for today. I’m soon gonna show Anika and shivaay, like how shivaay proposed, how their marriage was and all. Excited? Tell me ! Plzplz comment ! Your time starts now!
With lots of love,

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