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Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 16)

Hi evryone
Thanks for ur sweet comments.and I am sry for late update.my mom got fracture on her feet.she slipped from steps.she is fine now taking bed rest.this happened yesterday so I didnt get time to type. Really sry for that.
Guys I am assuming kunwar amar as avikam n Charlie chauhan as avishi.

In last part anika past (her mom death ) is revealed. Shivay too felt pain knowing her past.shivika moment.anika crown ceremony.royal couple dance.avikam tells ta youngsters n ram tat he n anika r now couple.anika to says yes.here it goes,


Shivay looking at anika in confusion n angry.
Shivay: anika this is really a bad joke just stopt it.
Anika looking at him (helpless): its not joke shivay !!
Rudra: didi! R u angry with shivay bhayya? I thought everything is sought out.
Ram: what’s all this anu ?
Avikam: uncle shivay n anika are not officially couple.y all of u are bursting on us?
Rudra pulls shivay to side and says “ see u didn’t say I love you to bhabi tats y this all happening.”
Shivay: just shut up rudra. Its nothing like that I said her.
Om: when ? OK then did she say to u too?
Shivay: ha….(and he realises) she never said I love u but I know yaar.its must be a prank.and I am really pissed off with this joke.
Om: seriously u think anika will do such a prank?
Shivay: no….I think tat avikam is forcing her to do this.
Rudra: but they all are good friends na?
Shivay: I just want to talk to anika.
And he comes to anika.but before he can talk,
Avikam: guys we r going out for date.we will see you soon.
Evryone jaws are wide opened.
Shivomru: what ta wuck!!!!! Date?
( shivay anger is reaching peaks and he is staring angrily at anika)
Ram comes to anika and takes her aside
Ram: what ta hell is happening? U love shivay n Morever avikam n u? Seriously?we all know avikam and avishi love each other since childhood.
Anika shouts: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
And cries like a kid.
Ram: oye whats this?
Anika: unke love story meri love story ki band bajarahi hai.
Ram: huh?
Anika: and its bcoz of ur blank promise tradition.
Ram: huh?explain in detail.
Anika: bcoz of u we all got habituated of giving blank promises when we are unable to give gifts on occasions. And last friendship day we all gave balnkpromises to each other.
Ram: so?
Anika:so what!! Avishi feels tat she don’t deserve avikam.she can’t hear n talk and avikam passion is music.she is feeling that she will give him immense pain being in his life.avikam n I know her insecurities all ta time but we thought she will get out of this.they never expressed their love na,when I was not here avikam proposed her but she rejected.he tied a lot to convince her.but avishi wants to be just friend to him ignoring her feelings..and now avikam want to makr her feel jealous
Ram: hold on….so he used balnk promise to convince u? Oh god!!?? If its not abt shivay na then I would be very happy on this plan. But…..
Anika: but shivay is there .he is my life.and I know him he will kill me in his anger.
And she makes a puppy face.
Anika: I can’t handle this ram.uniting these both na I am gonna be in danger.I will just talk to him.
They both come back to group.evryone are giving her a serious look.anika gives them a unwilling smile.
Anika: shi….
Avikam: baby we r getting late.I already made a beautiful arrangement for lunch in heaven restaurant.Lets go baby.
Anika gives him a smile filled with anger. But lookin at avishi they leave in arm in arm.
Shivay n avishi r burning in anger.
Shivay immediately leaves next to follow them.so do avishi.
Evryone: what ta hell is happening?
Ram(in saracasm):my dear people! Its game played by god which is named as fate.
And he leaves inside.
Evryone: huh? And they all look at each other.

Avikam n anika r going in one car followed by 2 cars of avishi n shivay.
In car:
Anika: kutte!!! Gadhe!!!! Duffer!!! Assss!!!!!
Avikam: relax yaar.
Anika: I will kill u.if this is ta plan u should have told me before atleast I would have informed shivay he will kill me.
Avikam: it was not in my hands I tried a lot to convince her but couldn’t.and today during royal dance ,when partners are swapped I noticed her upset. Then I thought now only jealousy can make her say yes.if I get any random girl she will definetly not believe.so…
Anika: so what?she is not believing now also.
Avikam: but she has many questions to ask me n I will make her answer mine.see she Is following us.
Anika: my angry man is also following us burning in jealous. (Makes a crying face)
Avikam: just call him n inform na
Anika: wow what an idea my phone is not with me.
Avikam: mine is battery dead.
Anika beats him angrily.
Avikam: arey yaar u explain him later na
Anika: do u know shivay? I know.he will not listen to me
They reach restaurant.
Avikam: just keep smiling.
Anika gives him a serious look.he comes down and open car door.they enter restaurant arm in arm and act like they don’t know shivay n avishi following them.
One big room with romantic atmosphere is ready for them.anika whisphers in avikam ear “ u will pay for this idiot”
Avikam sees avishi pepig inside.
Avikam: awww u r so romantic baby!!!!
(And he signals anika to see avishi)
Meanwhile shivay is also watching them from some other side.
Shivay POV: how dare he ? He is calling my anika baby and he is trying to come close to her.I am sure anika might be in some problem.but why is she smiling and is so happy?
Avikam n anika sit on chairs.
Avikam: baby I am so happy u said yes.I was so stupid to love avishi in past.but I am happy we r together now.
Anika: me too very happy.
Food is arrived.avikam all ta while making anika eat by his own hands. Shivay is feeling to punch him but he is confused looking at anika smiling.
Avikam sees avishi burning in anger.
Avikam: baby I will be back
And he leaves from there.shivay tries to go to anika.but a waiter hits him accidently.and he gets stuck there.he sees avishi following avikam.he too follows them.
Here avishi pulls avikam.shivay hides n listens their convo.
Avikam: what r u doing here?
Avishi talks through hand moments.( deaf n dumb na)
Avikam: I already said na I am on date.
Avikam: why will I lie? We r really couple.
Avikam: ya I loved u but u didn’t.u only said we are just friends.so I am moving on.
Avikam: did anika ever said u she loves shivay? We all got to know na how shivay hurt her.so she was just playing tit for tat.
Avikam: ofc yaar we don’t have love this time.but we both r hurt in love.Morever we know evrthing abt each other.so we want to live together.
Avikam: who r u to decide tat a relation is baseless without love.I don’t care.we r happy with each other .if I love her or not its our problem.not yours.
And he comes back to anika.
Shivay who heard their convo is furious.
Now avikam starts dancing with Anika.
They dance so close on romantic music track.
Avishi couldn’t take this more and comes to them.
Anika seeing avishi goes from there.avishi crying talks to her.
Avikam:how many times I have to repeat avishi.if i don’t lve her what’s ur problem?how come u know tat I dont love her.may be I am falling in love with anika.
Avishi: …………
Avikam: how can u know what my heart is feeling ? Ha?
And holds her shoulders tightly pulling her close.
Avishi:………….(coz I love you)
Avikam eyes become wet after this.
Avikam: what did u said?
Avishi:…….( I love you tats why I know u love me not anika.u both r doing wrong )
Avikam: u didn’t want to be with me then what can I do?
Avishi:………( bcoz I am not right for you)
Avikam: who r u to decide it? Its my choice .u can see love for u in my eyes, Cant u see my pain? I love your heart ta way u are.if u want me to be happy forever be with me if u want me to die………
Avishi stops him saying and hugs him tightly.
Avishi:……( sry I will not leave you ever)
Avikam hug her crying and they share a passionate kiss.
Avishi:……..(we have to talk to anika)
Avikam: no need that was all drama.
Avishi is shocked and runs after him to beat him.

Here after anika leaving seeing avishi,shivay drags her and pins her to wall.
Anika: shivay…..
Shivay holds her shoulders so tightly with his red eyes.
Anika looking into his eyes: shivay let me explain.
Shivay: I don’t want to hear anything.u r mine just mine.no one can snatch you from me .I will kill tat person.and don’t u dare to say tat all moments happened btw us is a drama.I will not believe u.did u get tat?
He holds her more tightly tat she is getting hurt.
Anika: shivay just listen to me.avikam…
Shivay: don’t take his name.how dare he touch you n dance with u?
Anika: shi……
Shivay: only I have right on you.did u get it?
Anika: shi…
But shivay is not stopping and again bursting out.anika then suddenly kisses him on his lips to make him stop.
Shivay shocked n surprised.
Anika breaking apart: will u listen to me now?
Shivay still lost with anika kiss.she explains evrthing abt avishi n avikam.
Shivay: u should have told me before..
Anika: he didn’t give me time n my phone was not with me and u like always didn’t listen to me.
Shivay: what can I do after listening all tat.I …I….
Anika: jealousy Singh oberoy!!!!
Shivay: what? ? I am not jealousy.
Anika laughs :then what was all tat u were saying ?
Shivay pulls her closer by waist.
Shivay: leave tat what was tat u did? Tat day u named me badtameez Singh oberoy but today u kissed me?
Anika blushed and hides her face in his arms.
Anika: u were not listening to me.so to make u calm i …..ki…….
Shivay( in teasing tone) : u know very well to calm me na?
Anika : shivay!!!
And she pushes him and runs outside.Shivay to runs after her.

At parking:
Avishi n avikam to come.
Anika: finally god!!! This stupid girl got some sense.avishi yaar for ur love I have to bear ta consequences(looking at shivay)
Avikam: sry yaar shivay.I didnt have any other idea.
Shivay nods assuring it’s OK but in his mind he want to punch avikam??

Both couples return home in different cars.all ta way shivay holding anika hand while driving .
As soon as all ta youngsters are looking at them with confusion.
Then ram comes n explains everything.
Rudra hugs anika and says” time god bhabi I thought u became paraya dhan.”
Anika smiles at him.
Then a servant comes n informs them tat dadu is calling.they all go inside.all elders are standing there including oberoys and avikam father.
Dadu: anu come Here.
Anika goes to him.
Dadu: anu finally I found a groom for you.
Anika is hell shocked.shivay became frozen.all youngsters cupped their mouths.
Rudra whispers in om ears: arey yaar all are in separating shivika only.were tia ,daksh,avikam less tat dadaji found groom for anika bhabi?
Om: now what will happen?

Really sry for late update.I wanted to show jealousy Singh oberoy in one part so I did wrote this.but from next it will be shivika only.plz do comment if u like this episode.just an emoji if u don’t have time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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