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Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 10)

Hi evryone.
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Last part shivay made anika wear ta pendant. And anika gets to know bua gave sahil to a couple for adoption.anika toally worried.shivay hugs and composes her.here it goes,
Anika phone beeps and she breaks apart from ta hug.its message from ta teacher abt ta couple adress.

Anika: got adress….
And she comes to ta road to take rickshaw.shivay comes to her “ let’s go in car”
Anika: I will go by myself
Shivay: anika just pause our fight to sometime for sahil.let’s go
Anika looks at him and nods

Then they sit in car and with help of GPRS they locate ta address and are on the way.anika is totally worried.and msgs Mr.x. ( let us call him by a name varma) she msgs varma to know ta details of couple.but she didn’t get reply. Meanwhile our shivay to calls khanna to get.details.later khanna calls back and shivay puts it on speaker.
Khanna: sir he is CEO of a reputated company.and the couple are childless since 4 years.they were trying to adopt a child..they do donations to orphanages n Ngos.
Listening this anika relaxes to know at least they r good people not like bua.
Finally shivika reach that place.its somewhat located out of city.very decent area with empty roads.many classy houses.

Shivay: where is their house?and looking at all houses
Anika gets down n starts walking. Searching ta couple house with name plates
Shivay: anika wait.
He too gets down and follows her.
Finally they reach ta house.anika enters and before she step in she listens couple convo.shivay too.
Husband: sahil beta we don’t know u have sis.we thought its just ur bua.don’t cry we will take u to her.plz eat something and his wife makes him eat with her hands by love.which is seen by anika who is peeping inside.
Husband : u finished just get ready , we will go. Sahil smiles and goes to wash face.anika seeing this takes back her step.shivay assures her by keeping his hand on her shoulders.she goes inside.
Anika: I am anika.

Husband: namaste beta! U r sahils sis anika na?? Sry beta we didn’t know he have a sis.we’re really sry.
Anika: its ok. I am not blood related to him.he is connected to me by heart.
This statement shocks shivay. He thought sahil is her real brother as she always cared for him to ta core.
Anika: can I just talk to him personally.
And the couple shows ta way to room and they come back to living area.
Anika enters ta room.with shivay standing at entrance only.
Sahil see her comes running to hug her.anika kneel downs and hugs him.
Shivay sees him with walking sticks and remembers how he insulted him once without knowing ta fact.and regrets.
Sahil: didi take me.I just want u.
Anika wiping his tears “ I am always there for u” and makes him sit on bed.and she sits on floor on knees in front of him.
Anika: sahil just tell me something.did they treated u well?
Sahil: ha didi they r very good and I really felt like they r my parents but….
Anika: but?

Sahil: I want you too. Anika smiles at him
Anika: sahil I am there for u and will be always there for u.but evryone needs mom n dad.without them we r incomplete.ask me how it feels without mom…..but see my sahil is so fortunate he got such a sweet parents.they r very good sahil.ur life will be completed.
Sahil: but didi l love u a lot.
Anika: I know.and I love you too.u r very special to me.we will talk daily na.whenever u want I will come to meet u.we will play enjoy.
Shivay watching this become emotional.
Sahil still makes upset face.now anika tickles him a lot and finally he laughs and hugs her tightly.

Sahil: u will meet me whnever I want na? Pinky promise?
Anika: pinky promise.but for 10 days I can’t meet u.but later I will meet u whenever u want n also whenever I want.
Saying this he kisses him on cheek
Sahil: y r u spioling my handsome face?
Anika: dramebaaz! And again hugs him.
Then they all come to living area.
Anika: plz give him all ur love.
Shivay: and ya if anything wrong happens I won’t spare u.shivay singh oberoy will always keep a eye on you.

Anika gives a angry look to shivay.
Husband: after 4 years of wait, we got son.we will give him happiness of this whole world.
Anika: thank you
She takes a book near by writes something and gives ta paper to sahil to read it later.
She again hugs sahil.sahil whispers” when we meet after 10 days make sure ur love story with SSO completed.”
Anika: shut up.Take care. Shivay too hugs him and says “ sry champ”
Sahil: for hurting my anika didi?
Shivay: for hurting u also.
Sahil: its OK.” Bade bade deshomein yesi choti choti baate hote rehte hai Mr.SSO”
Shivay smiles at him.

Anika hugs sahils mom and they leave from there.
Anika walks fastly and suddenly stops.reminisces all happy moments with sahil.tears roll down from her eyes.she talks to herself in mind” sahil i thought i will take you to my family and will make you part of it when this 10 days over.I wl miss you a lot.but I am happy u got such a sweet parents.and they got their son.”
Shivay who was behind her looks at her lost somewhere.
Shivay: anika I can.make sahil stay back with u if u want.
Anika: sahil needs them more than me.I am fine.
And they silently reach the car.but anika crosses it and tries to get a rickshaw but ta road is totally empty.shivay too comes to her and says “ Anika “
Anika: don’t think I will come with u

Shivay : u r going be Mrs.shivay Singh oberoy.with whom else u will go?
Anika: stop it and what’s oberoy oberoy.there also u were showing tadi of ur oberoy tag.
With this shivay leans towards her anika was infront of car and with shivay sudden leaning she too leans back holding car with her hands to maintain balance.shivay is so close to her.he moves his left hand around her waist.and tucks her hair streaks back with his right hand and still holding her face.
Shivay: I was showing tadi from ur side as ur going to be Mrs.shivay Singh oberoy.
He comes more closer to her face.anikas heart beat raising to mountains.
He was abt to kiss her on lips but she pushes him on nick time and take few steps away.then a rickshaw comes and she stops it.but shivay comes behind her and gives rickshaw wala a serious look and he leaves fast.anika notices this and gives him a angry look.shivay holds her hand and gently drags her to car and makes her sit inside and be for she gets out he sits at driving seat and locks the door and gives her a victorious smile.
Shivay: let’s go for a long drive.I know its morning but this area is so beautiful.so?
Anika: u know what? Let’s go to mental asylum.I will admit u there.
Shivay gives her a plane look and starts driving.
Anika: u were saying big big words yesterday but just know u made rikshawwala leave with ur attitude.
Shivay: its ur fault.
Anika: what?

Shivay: I said just say yes , marry me change my life but u r so stubborn.see this is all happening bcoz of u.
Anika: ( in angry tone) will u stop ta car bill…..Mr.oberoy.
Shivay: u can’t call me Mr.oberoy long like u can’t remove ta chain.
Anika looks at her chain n tries to remove but again she fails .
Shivay: u were saying u can’t meet sahil 10 days why? And I thought sahil is ur blood relation.ur love for each other is beyond words.u said ram is ur blood relation how? Who is he?
Anika: y should I answer u?
Shivay: u said i can’t accept ur world.how can u know tat without saying abt ur unknown life to me?

Anika: stop it billuji.just make urself understand.I already said clearly tat We r never going to be together.so please stop all this stupidity.I will never forgive u.
Shivay: OK fine ( in serious tone)
And speedens his car.
Anika: what r u doing?( in a shaking tone)
Shivay: until u say yes I will not stop.lets just die together.
And speeds ta car more.
Anika: OK carry on, y will u think of omru in ur madness.
Listening this he slow downs ta car.he calm downs himself
After 10 minutes of silence drive
Shivay: I never expressed my feelings to anyone and I proposed u with so many emotions.saying yes is far away u didn’t even appreciated me.so rude…
Anika: huh?
And smile appears on her face with his stupid jokes.she smiles looking away.
Shivay: at least u can smile on my face in return.
Anika stops smiling.shivay starts smiling.
Shivay: sahil is more sweet than u .and ….

Anika: sweet word from ur mouth don’t looks good.
And before he can say something she starts the radio
“kate nahi kat thi ye dil ki baat ….
Lo aaj me kehta hun …..I love youuuu” plays
Anika eyes widens.shivay bursts out into laugh.anika gets more embarrassed and changes the channel.
Loveangel: do you want to know how to make ur partner melt?
Now anika stops the radio
Shivay is laughing more now
Anika: this soumya na….
Shivay: what ? Sowmya? It’s love angel.
Anika: love angel is sowmya( she relaises tat she spilled beans and hits her head)
Shivay: what soumya! Love angel! (He remembers tat he had talked to her on radio abt anika)
Oh shit!!?
Anika: now what happened?
Shivay: I talked to her abt u in past.
Anika: what???

Shivay: let it be.all know abt us now.
Anika gives him a angry loo.
Again after 30 minutes of drive.anika is totally feeling good with shivay behind her.but she is feeling hungry too.since yesterday she didn’t eat anything.
Anika: will you stop car?
Shivay: give me one valid reason.
Anika: I am hungry.
Shivay suddenly stops ta car and looks at her.he closes his suit more tightly and says” anika!! We r not married dont get wild thoughts now “
Anika: what?????????? And shouts “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………”
Shivay again laughs aloud.

Precap: Shivay anika together solve om murder case mystery.

Guys again sry for short update.but I hope u like it.plz just comment me.
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