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Ishqbaaz by aqsa part 2

Om starts running towards mandir and shouts” doctor sab ko bula rahein hain shivaay ko hosh a gaya” every one is happy but the real problem is that nobody is ready to face shivaay because they knows his first question will be where is anika.is she ok ,and they have no answer of his question
They enterd in his roon and as everyone knows his first question is where is my panika i hope bullet didnt harm her so much. They tried there best to ignore his questions but they cant
Finally om speaks ” shivaay anika ko abhi tak hosh nahi aya ” but i know that she will be fine soon
Acha sun toh rest kar hum atay hain ok .shivaay was tensed and he tried to stand from bed but he cant .after some time shivaay gathers his strenght and ordered om that he want to meet anikas docter as per his order om help him to stand

Shivaay knocks the door and enter and starts shouting
How is she doctor how is my anika is she alright
Doctor” mr oberoi mai app logon ko kisi dhokay main nahi rakhna chata laikin unki halath nazok ho rahi hai our woh coma say bhi nahi bahar a rahi hai now we have to take risk of operation ”
By hearing his words shivaay breaks down and tears starts rolling down from his eyes and he hugs om tightly
We ran out of room and says dadi ” yaad hai app nay mujhay kaha tha kay zindagi ous kay saath nahi guzari jati jis kay saath reh saktay hai magar us kay saath guzari jaati hai gis kay bina nahibreh saktay tab main yeh janta tha kay main yia kay saath reh sakta hoon our aj main yeh jaan gaya hoon kay main anika kay bina nahi reh sakta”
By hearing his words dadi also starts crying


So this is part 2 hope you like it❤❤❤❤

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