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Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 7)

Hi friends…again sorry for the late update….I was busy in some work….Well, now there will be no more sorry’s and late updates bcoz I’ll update it daily from now on.
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Recap: Anika and Ishana meet.


Scene 1(in the hospital): It’s around 12 am at midnight…Om is sleeping in his ward….Shivaye is sitting outside in the chair, He’s thinks about the happy moments he spent with Anika…Shivaye goes back in the flashback.

Flashback scene 8 years ago: Shivaye is looking in the mirror making awkward faces…..He takes deep breaths.
Shivaye(to himself): Okay Shivaye Singh Oberoi…..it’s not a big deal… u can do it…yes, u can do it….yes, u can definitely do it….uh…uh..no, I can’t.
Ishana was standing behind Shivaye…She turns him back….
Ishana(putting her hands on Shivaye’s shouders): Shivaye, why are u so panicked??? It’s not a big deal…U can handle it….don’t worry so much.
Shivaye: Ishana, why don’t u understand??? I…I…can’t propose to Anika.
Om, Rudra and Soumya were sitting on the bed….They all laugh seeing Shivaye
Shivaye(to omru and Soumya): Just shut up u all.

Rudra: I can’t believe it…the great Shivaye Singh Oberoi is afraid of something…..it’s unbelievable…it’s laughable.
Om: Rudra, I’m not even able to make any shayari on this epic situation.
Omand Rudra completely lose it and roll in laughter.
Ishana: Guys…will u all stop laughing….Just see the the condition of Shivaye… He really needs help….Plz call a doctor for him.
Everyone laughs excluding Shivaye….Shivaye gets angry.
Shivaye(shouting): Just keep quiet all of u.
Everyone gets silent seeing Shivaye angry.

Shivaye: What do u all think???? I can’t propose Anika for marriage…I can and I will..Just wait and watch.
Rudra: I still can’t believe it.
Rudra starts laughing but sees that everyone is silent….Rudra’s laughter stops.
Rudra: what happened???
All(to Rudra): Rudra….shut up.
Rudra: what’s this??? when all were laughing then no one was saying shut up….and when I’m laughing then everyone has to say shut up??? …
Soumya: Crybay…u should know when top shut ur mouth duffer Oberoi.
Rudra: Sumo…..U should also know when to shut ur mouth, like now.
Soumya: you…..
Om: Okay Okay..stop both of u.
Shivaye: Okay..everyone stop now…I’m going to meet Anika.
Om: Shivaye, If u want…we all can come with u.
Rudra: yeah bhaiya…we’ll send reiki to u from a distance.
Shivaye: No thankyou.
Om: Shivaye, wait a second.

Shivaye: what???
Om goes near Shivaye and hugs him.
Rudra: what about me??
Shivaye(to Rudra): Should we have to give invitation to u???
Rudra runs towards Shivom…Obros share a group hug….Ishana and Soumya look and smile.
Rudra(to Ishana and Soumya): Should we have to give an invitation both of u too???
Ishana and Soumya go there and hug.
Om: Shivaye, It’s said that we should do our every work by heart…U loved Anika by heart without thinking about society, blood lineage, family background…now u should also propose Anika by heart….It doesn’t matters how grand it is….but be sure that the words u say should be from heart.
Shivaye(to Om): It’ll be great if u apply this advice in ur life too
Om and Ishana get shy and smile.
Shivaye: Fine…now I should leave…bye.
Shivaye leaves.

Om: What do all think??? Will he be able to propose???
Ishana: Ummm…I don’t think so…
Rudra: I also think the same….bhaiya can only do tadibaazi in front of us….In front of Anika didi, he’s fuski bomb….I wanted to give training to bhaiya on how to propose Anika di but yhe said that” Shivaye Singh Oberoi doesn’t needs anyone’s help”…otherwise u all know na that I’m an expert in the matters of girls.
Soumya: yeah of course….and u r also an expert in matters of devis like Romi.
Rudra: Uh…sometimes mistakes can happen.
Soumya: sometimes????
Rudra: sumo…just shut up.
Soumya: U shut up
Ishana: guys…plz stop it….we r discussing something serious.
Om: Shivaye always says that he can handle each and everything…but this??? I don’t think so.

Soumya: What if bade bhaiya did something stupid in front of Anika didi???
Ishana: I think we should go behind Shivaye
Om: Yeah…u r right..we should go there
Rudra: But bhaiya has said not to go with him.
Soumya: Crybaby, when the last time u listened to bade bhaiya???
Rudra: Sumo..just shut up.
Ishana: will u guys stop fighting??? Lets go.

Scene 2: Shivaye is sitting at the restaurant waiting for Anika.
Shivaye: I called Anika at 8’O clock….It’s 8: 30 and she’s still not here….This girl can never be punctual…..Oh God!!!!! I can’t handle it anymore…when will she come…. AC is on then why am I sweating…and fhat the wuck!!!! Why am I sweating???? And why on earth I’m talking to myself???? Shivaye Singh Oberoi…U’ve definitely gone crazy.
Om, Rudra, Ishana and Soumya are sitting at the nearby table…They are looking at Shivaye by hiding their face.
Rudra: What happened to Bhaiya??? Why is he talking to himself???

Ishana: Rudra, shhh…talk in low voice…otherwise Shivaye will hear us.
Om: Shivaye is already sweating…don’t know how he will propose Anika.
Anika enters the restaurant…Shivaye sees her…..wind blows in the background……O Jaana song plays….Shivaye’s mouth opens wide looking at Anika….Anika sits on the chair….Shivaye is still looking at her….Omru, Ishana and Soumya are looking at Shivaye and Anika what from a distance hiding their face from them. Anika looks at Shivaye and finds him gazing at her.
Anika: What happened Shivaye??? Why are u looking at me like this???
Shivaye: Uh..ummm..ummm..uh….I’m looking at u??? uh no..no.
Anika: what??? Shivaye….are u okay???
Shivaye: ha, yeah..uh…yeah of course…of course…I’m completely okay.
Anika: And why are u sweating so much??? Are u having fever.
Shivaye: uh…hai…what??? Uh..umm..fever….uh no… not at all…I.I’m completely fine.
Anika touches Shivaye’s forehead to check his temperature…..Shivaye starts shivering by Anika’s touch.
Anika: Ur temperature is normal but Shivaye, why are u shivering ???
Shivaye: Shivering??? Who’s shivering??? I’m completely fine.
Anika: Shivaye, are u mad??? Do u think I’m blind??? U were shivering in front of my eyes…Shivaye, I think we should go to a doctor right now.
Shivaye: Uh, doctor??? Why??? Uh…what happened to u???
Anika: u idiot…I’m talking about u.
Shivaye: Me??? Why ??? I’m completely fine
Anika: Are u sure???
Shivaye: yeah, of course….what do u think??? And btw I called u for dinner at 8:00pm and its 8:30 now…where were u??? u can never be on time.
Anika: I’m soory Shivaye….actually I was helping Sahil in his maths homework so…
Shivaye: Okay fine….lets give the order now.
Shivaye and Anika give the order to to the waiter. Waiter brings the food.
Anika: Btw…why u suddenly thought of bringing me here????
Shivaye’s lips gets sealed..He again starts shivering.
Anika: Shivaye??? What happened??? Why again started shivering???
Shivaye: hai??? What??? Yeah…yeah….

Om,Rudra, Ishana and Soumya were nearby looking at the whole drama.

Rudra: what is Bhaiya doing??? Why is he shivering???
Om: I don’t think he’ll be able to propose Anika.
Ishana: I have an idea.
Om: what ???
Ishana: Just wait and watch.
Ishana gives money to a waiter instructing him to drop food on Shivaye’s clothes…The waiter does the same.
Shivaye(to the waiter); Fhat the wuck!!!! Are u blind??? I’ll talk to the manager and make u fire from the job.
Anika: Shivaye…it’s okay….it was a mistake…leave him.
Shivaye looks at Anika.
Shivaye: yeah fine…I have to go to the washroom.

Shivaye gores to the washroom…Om and Rudra enter there.
Shivaye(surprised): Omru??/? what r u both doing here???
Rudra: Leave that bhaiya….what are doing here???
Om: Shivaye…Why are u so freaked out???
Shivaye: I’m not freaked out…I…
Om: Shivaye…why are u so scared???
Shivaye: Om…I can’t do it.
Om: Shivaye…u can do it and u will do it….just go and say that I love u Anika. That’s it.
Shivaye: It’s not that easy Om.
Om: Nothing is easy in love Shivaye….u both love each other but still afraid to confess….Now it’s time to face ur feelings Shivaye.
Shivaye: Fine
OBros hug each other…Shivaye goes back and sits with Anika on the table. Omru, Ishana and Soumya look at them from a distance.

Shivaye:Umm… Anika, I’ve to say something to u..
Anika: yeah..what??
Shivaye: umm…Anika…I…I…..umm..
Anika(confused): I…I…what???
Shivaye: Anika..I….uh….

Omru, Ishana and Soumya saying from a distance:
Rudra: c’mon bhaiya…say it….
Soumya: c’mon bade bhaiya…bol do..
Ishana: yeah…shivaye…c‘mon
Om: Shivaye, just say it.

Shivaye: Uh…Anika…I…how is ur canteem business going on???
Anika: canteen business??? When did u started taking interest in my canteen business???
Shivaye: Uh….Anika…I have to say this…I
Anika: Shivaye… just leave it.
Shivaye: huh…what????
Anika: c’mon get up.
Shivaye: huh…why??? What happened???
Anika: I said na… get up…
Shivaye gets up looking confused….Omru, Ishana and Soumya also got confused…Anika stands up and kneels down infront of Shivaye..Everyone gets shocked including the people around.
Shivaye: Anika???what are u doing?? Just get up…it’s so embaressing
Anika: Proposing someone is’nt ur cup of tea….so I thought that I should do it myself….So Shivaye Singh Oberoi….I love u…will u marry me???
ShivOmRu, Ishana and Soumya were looking at Anika with shocking expressions.
Anika: Will u say it fast…my leg is paining.
Shivaye: uh…yeah yes.

Anika: u can’t ebven propose.
Shivaye smiles looking at Anika….Anika gets up and hugs Shivaye…O jaana song plays.
Anika looks at Omru, Ishana and Soumya and Says” why u all are standing there??? Come here. All go and there and hug each other.

Flashback ends. Shivaye is still sitting on the chair.
Shivaye: Those memories were so sweet Anika….a storm came in our life and changed everything.

Precap: Shivaye slaps Ishana.

Thamks guys…episode was quite ong..hope u all didn’t got bored.

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